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How to use the Bollinger Band when Daytrading Bitcoin

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Today we are taking a look at the bollinger band, and how to implement it to make speculative predictions on the bitcoin price.
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nion456789 (4 months ago)
Smashed the like.....
Amsterdam Holland (4 months ago)
Yeah very interesting the daytrading tutorials. Theoretically one could start with trading $10 of BTC and end up as a billionaire
zakir hussain (4 months ago)
VERY HAPPY U POSTED THIS VIDEO BRO..ITS GOOD AND VERY HELPFUL..AND MAKE MORE VIDEOS LIKE THESE ON DIFFERENT INDICATORS AND HOW TO USE THEM..dont reocrd and post large day trading vids ..they are damn boring..instead of that just trade and post how u traded and what strategy u used any leverage u used etc..in a short vid of about 15 minutes can do ..explain us how much u invested ..what settings u use for risk to reward ratio and what profits u did or how much loss u took and hit stop loss in case idea went wrong etc..this will be very helpful..many people entering crypto everyday and they want this knowledge ..pls take care of noise coming from the surroundings in middle of vid mostly of ur girlfriend talking to someone and also the info poping up in vids are informative and needs some more time to read it fully without pausing vid..thank u..great vid as usual.
Bitcoin Daytrader (3 months ago)
Thanks Zakir, for your feedback, I hope that my video's are a little bit better now, I have worked on the Surrounding Sound issue, and the time for Text in the videos.
denrussia (4 months ago)
want live trade stream)
denrussia (4 months ago)
you was right) +300$ btc)

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