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Installing btcrecover for Mac OSX

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Learn how to Brute Force Bitcoin Wallets on a Mac, we are installing all the dependencies for btcrecover. Tutorial on how to hack a wallet, generate the private key.
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datans1 (3 months ago)
I get sudo: pip: command not found when I try to install pycrypto
Bitcoin Daytrader (3 months ago)
That means that pip (from python) is not installed apparently, at 2:30 I saw something that might help. sudo apt-get install python-pip and then try sudo pip install pycrypto I hope this helps you out, keep me updated
Cant wait how to do it for Ubuntu :)
Bitcoin Daytrader (7 months ago)
pfff holy moly. Probably something wrong with Ubuntu that automatically installed on VDS on web serviece I use. But in the end after one hour dancing around right way to install pip and use all commands from Instruction for btcrecover - It works!
2.7.8? Oh really.. Ok, tnen yeah, probably didnt install one of necessary scrypt. Thanks! I will try again then.
Bitcoin Daytrader (7 months ago)
But btcrecover works fine when --listpass does work, because it is a python based programm. You only need python 2.7.8+ so you should be fine with both .12 and .14. Maybe you did not install all the requirements for your wallet, you need scrypt, protobuff, pycrypto and for some wallets coincurve & pysha3. If you have all these installed it might be that the wallet you are trying to brute-force is not supported.
Well yeah probably dont need. I tried do by this instruction. Yes its good. Just have problem with Python, there is difficult to change 2.7.12 Python to 2.7.14, or not just it. listpass is work, but cant start recover password, cuz few errors. But its I think more about Ubuntu skills, not about btcrecover-master, so out of topic I think. So now I just change Ubuntu to Windows and start search my password there :).
Luch DaGod (8 months ago)
Wussup Omar I have watched your video 23+ times and still cant configure this please help. I will pay you for your help.
Bitcoin Daytrader (8 months ago)
I'm sorry to hear that, I could always try to help you using chrome remote desktop.
Raja S (9 months ago)
How i find private key? [email protected]
N. Moua (9 months ago)
Hello, thanks for Making these videos. I'm curious how I can get my dogecoin private key and how to import it to a new wallet to use? I'm using the 2013 dogecoin bitcoin core wallet
Bitcoin Daytrader (9 months ago)
If you have any questions or need any advise you can always email me at [email protected]
Raja S (9 months ago)
Bitcoin Daytrader, please contact me bro
Bitcoin Daytrader (9 months ago)
Hi Raja,thanks for watching my video! The way to find the private keys depends on the wallet you are using, btcrecover is only to try out passwords and eventually tell you which one will decrypt the wallet.

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