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Trading Volume Areas using Candlestick charts

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Learn to trade volume.
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Elkeen Eng (4 years ago)
@mikethemoneymaker. I find your comment very interesting, however I don't quite understand it. Would you mind making an explanation on Babypips' thread so we people interested on Volume can get a better picture on how to use it effectively. An annotated chart would be of great help. Thanks.
Traders Club (4 years ago)
What comment exactly? 
Justin Thomas (4 years ago)
What trading platform do you use and what is the lower indicator used to quantity volume?
mikethemoneymaker (4 years ago)
Watched this from a link at @BabyPips website on May27th 2014 and thought I would add my 2 Pips worth of opinion as well. I know you are mostly talking about how volume is the hint with price levels of support/resist being important too but I would add for future viewers of this video (and maybe yourself) to get even more "Granular" or more "Focused In" on price by noticing the "Rollover" of price first on the GBP/JPY with a slight increase of volume before yet another retest of that near term same price level. This Rollover price level -- often -- more times than not in known and well understood securities can be a more advantageous Entry position with less risk and a clear place for any Stops, therefore allowing an earlier 2nd add in this short example of GP/JPY upon that small failed retest. I hope this description makes sense -- plus I could not get the video to show clear enough screen resolutions to view actual prices but the first Rollover in price is clear...again I understand your main point is on Volume -- job well done in that regard.
Richard Evans (5 months ago)

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