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Double Bottom Reversal Chart Pattern

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A tutorial video designed to teach you how to spot the Double Bottom Reversal Chart Pattern. Subscribe To This Channel For More Technical Analysis & Stock Trading Ideas: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=PSAadmin Follow Us On Facebook Here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/PerfectStockAlertcom/254535414596023
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Richard Gauthier (1 year ago)
very well explained...much appreciated
Mark Sherwood (1 year ago)
if u extend the trend line down does the double bottom not connect with it providing support..... nice video thx
EcheChanga (2 years ago)
exactly the verbage i am looking for great explanation
yao yao (2 years ago)
Also, when you draw lines to connect highs and lows, do you use the highest point, lowest point, close or open price of the daily or weekly candlesticks? Thank you.
yao yao (2 years ago)
Hi, Christine. When you draw lines to connect high and low points. You only include the major ones not every high and low points. Can you do a video to show beginners which high and low points should be connected, which should be ignored? Thank you.
Very informative video!  Thanks!
Perfect Stock Alert (7 years ago)
@wiseguyny007 Thank you very much. I am glad to be back.
wiseguyny007 (7 years ago)
WOW! Christian, you're back!!! I was gonna email u and beg u to come back, dude seriously, ur one of the best out there, forget the negative comments, I saw how great ur system was and compared it to others, apart from a few mistakes you were "perfect". I got stuck short in Oct 2010 but managed to turn it around into a profit, I believe God taught me a lot back then and maybe you too. We all get humbled sometimes but it's for our own good, that's how we learn and grow! Anyway, welcome back bro!

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