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How To Trade With The Help Of Volume | Best Intraday Strategy 2017

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How To Trade With The Help Of Volume | Best Intraday Strategy 2017 Register Now To Open Zerodha Account - https://zerodha.com/iframe-form/?id=ZMPTJI If You are Going To Open Zerodha Trading Account Through Us You Will Get a 10 free Training Videos Worth 20000 INR. Join our Telegram Group Now - https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEmuzDbI2wMNayrj3g Best Intraday Trading Strategy In Hindi 2017 | Pin Bar Strategy How To Choose Stock For Intraday - https://youtu.be/wtEazcxjJwk How to know trend of the stock - https://youtu.be/jr6rrMU02_Q For Further Details You Can Call Me or Whatsapp Me - 7208242357 How To Open Demat Account - https://youtu.be/p1DTlJJbTGs To Know More Like Our Page - https://www.facebook.com/Infinite-Money-2155337651359721/ Subscribe For More Videos - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRY3RBsL7MqYH8ZH7OH2fOA?sub_confirmation=1 Mail Me on - [email protected] song source - Licence: Boost by Joakim Karud http://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/6z227WiJeJM
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Text Comments (44)
rikta chakraborty (1 month ago)
thank you sir for showing us live trade , hope it will work for us also
Deepak Joshi (3 months ago)
Sir script select kaise kare aur kya time pe kare pls tell us
abdul rehman (4 months ago)
Good info.. Thanks
Harsh Shah (4 months ago)
Hi but jab candle down Jati hain Aur volume up dikh raha hain to kya Karne ka
romeomax101 (4 months ago)
The title is English. The video is not. Smh
Shamsher Singh (5 months ago)
Sir mujhe account khulwana hai
popular Trends (5 months ago)
Please register on the given link ..In the description box or else you can whatsapp me
Total Loan Solutions (5 months ago)
nice video...
DATTA G SHETTI (5 months ago)
Why not Tradeplus?
The Beast (6 months ago)
Sir aap kitne bje tk trade lete ho)?
Ik kudi Punjab di (7 months ago)
Sir blue chip stocks zyada benefit de sakte hain is mein ???? Plz batayiegaaaa
Ik kudi Punjab di (7 months ago)
Sir ek cheez bata dijiye ise bolinger band ke saath dekh sakte hain ??? Support nd resistance ke saath ??? Will wait for ur warm reply 🙏🏻😊
Ik kudi Punjab di (7 months ago)
Wao thank u very much for this very very informative video u r such a genius personality 🙏🏻 lots of love
RANJEET SINGH rajput (7 months ago)
r1 wagerah kaise lgayenge cash mein
ishu raj (7 months ago)
Hello Sir, plz tell me which chart or website you are using in this example.
Atul Singh (8 months ago)
Thank you
Jagjivan Machhar (8 months ago)
But question is buyer are at what price? Operator creating false buyer at lower price, suddenly they remove buy position when people trapped .This is my experience.
Jagjivan Machhar (8 months ago)
You are right.
popular Trends (8 months ago)
+Jagjivan Machhar it means you are at wrong script.It happens when stock is illiquid and deliverables are less. Look for the stocks From Nifty 50.for better result
ashish chanchal (8 months ago)
kvi kvi aisa v hota ki buyers already jyada rhte,fir v price decrease hota..aise m kya kru
Nice video
imvalentine (8 months ago)
main tere se milunga bhai... Thank-you Ma-ster🙏👍👌🦇🤡🦇😎🤣🦉🐣🕊️🍻🥂🕺💃😘😍🕊️🕊️🕊️
Sumit Banerjee (9 months ago)
First time dekha kisi ne example k sath koi strategy btaya. Excellent work bro
sumeet bagul (10 months ago)
Sir send me the of Telegram group
Soma Shekara (10 months ago)
Sir IAM your subscriber can I invest in intraday share
ravinder singh dhingra (10 months ago)
Sir I just clicked on zerodha link and shared my information. Please advise how soon can I open my account and I follow your instructions religiously on telegram channel. I am looking forward to receive your 20 videos CD pack as I want to take 90 day profit challenge of zerodha. I’m sure with your guidance I can easily break it
Amit Rumane (10 months ago)
Volume..loud n clear..!! : )
DS jaggo (10 months ago)
Nice video sir
david laroy fisher (10 months ago)
Hello everyone here ,I feel good writing about my story about binary option trade .Ever since I started trading binary I never made a difference not until i came in contact with Mr Bronislava Numan that I will keep on thanking for all he has done for me .i advice you my fellow traders to contact him if you are having any problem on binary option trade .here is his contact bronislavanuman(@)gmail .com
venkatt Swame soma (10 months ago)
what is binary options, can we trade in India
Sean Hoberts (10 months ago)
I have so much trust in Mr Numan because of the consistency of his strategy
Bruce Shelton (10 months ago)
He is so amazing
Helen dowell (10 months ago)
I made $12,000 just a week i let him manage my account. Numan you are the best
Nanda Kumar (10 months ago)
how did you choose hcl,zeel ..how did you understood this scripts are having huge difference in buyers and sellers volumes? is it any screener?
popular Trends (10 months ago)
+Nanda Kumar These stocks were from top gainers and top losers.I keep on tracking those stocks charts with volume depth.you will find atleast 2 stocks that will have huge difference between buyers and sellers. You will have to take lil efforts to track manually but it will payoff ✔️
Akshay Jade (10 months ago)
Nice video sir but how to choose future stock for this because for normal and f&o stock price variation is there
Bhanudas Pingale (10 months ago)
But how to find out this buyers sellers ratio
Babita Walia (10 months ago)
Seems great ...WL test on the live market
Pradnil Donde (10 months ago)
what were those levels R1 R2....Fibonacci retracement? and how to use those levels??
Roju Anjana (10 months ago)
My name A Anjaneyulu
Babita Walia (10 months ago)
Right...air hw can v get the confirmation?
popular Trends (10 months ago)
+Babita Walia difference in the Volume is the Key Confirmation.For More Details there will be more buyers Builtup at right support level and more sellers Builtup at right resistance level. So always have look at the Volume when ever price value comes near resistance or support. THAT'S WHERE MORE VOLUME AND ACTION TAKES PLACE.So go with momentum And Grab Your Profits!
Babita Walia (10 months ago)
Hw v WL.knw it WL.CME down...as at times tgere is sudden change in buyers and sellers .
Kishanrao Kadam (10 months ago)
Babita Walia how can I join in your group
popular Trends (10 months ago)
+Babita Walia so I have mentioned it's a STRATEGY for small Target with big quantity.Sudden Change in Volume that's what we wanted as it will have vice versa price action as I have I mentioned in the Video.

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