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VTS Aggressive Vol Strategy - Volatility Investing - SVXY / XIV

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The VTS Aggressive Vol Strategy is designed as an optional replacement to our main Tactical Volatility Strategy, for those with higher risk tolerance. Take control of your financial future ! Visit the website and claim your FREE 2 Week Trial: http://volatilitytradingstrategies.com/ Take control of your financial future ! Visit my website: http://volatilitytradingstrategies.com/ Claim your FREE 2 Week Trial: http://volatilitytradingstrategies.com/index.php/subscribe/ Join the Awesome VTS Newsletter for a FREE 1 Month trial: http://volatilitytradingstrategies.com/index.php/awesome-vts-newsletter-sign-page/ Enjoy my Daily Blog: http://volatilitytradingstrategies.com/index.php/daily-blog/ My Main Blog: http://volatilitytradingstrategies.com/index.php/blog-2/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/VolatilityVIX Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brent-osachoff-04034a71/ Explore Invest In Vol - The Volatility Advisor: https://www.investinvol.com/ ...
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potzysk2 (10 months ago)
Is Aggressive an expansion of Tactical into holding positions on more days?  That is, when Tactical is holding a position, Aggressive will also be holding the same position, and the only difference is that sometimes when Tactical is holding cash, Aggressive will be in a position?  Thanks.
Money Talk (10 months ago)
There's a lot of overlap which is why I never released it before this year. From 2013 - mid 2015 yes pretty much every time the main Tactical Volatility was in a position, the Aggressive Vol was also. Then there's about 25% or so of additional positions for the Aggressive Vol strategy. However they aren't the same strategy with the tickers switched out, it is possible for Aggressive to be in cash when Tactical is in a trade, but just the way volatility markets tend to move that won't happen often. Because I don't do any market predictions and nobody knows what's going to happen going forward, I think having 3 strategies that cover 3 levels of risk tolerance will be valuable and people can choose what suits them best. Of course it's possible that markets continue to rage higher and volatility remains suppressed so I wanted to have a strategy for people who like a higher frequency of trades. I personally don't mind cash positions at all, even a full year I don't mind at all because I'm focused on 30 years, but some people like to trade more so this strategy will allow for that. But it's still not "aggressive" compared to a lot of things out there. It'll still move to cash when volatility is elevated and still tries to avoid drawdowns.
potzysk2 (10 months ago)
Why the switch from XIV to SXVY? They have pretty much identical performance. Just to emphasize that the strategies are different? Thanks.
Money Talk (10 months ago)
That's because there may be a few more active traders in our community that will want to trade multiple strategies side by side, so having different tickers for each strategy makes that easier. VTS Tactical Volatility: XIV, VXX VTS Conservative Vol: ZIV, VXZ VTS Aggressive Vol: SVXY, VIXY It's just easier to have different tickers for different strategies, and fortunately the volatility world is blowing up recently so there's no shortage of ETPs out there to choose from.
James Bradley (10 months ago)
Interesting great option/choice trading strategy!
NavShay (10 months ago)
Awesome new product Brent, are subscribers to total portfolio gonna get access to this?
James Bradley (10 months ago)
That is great to hear! Awesome value, thank you.
Money Talk (10 months ago)
Yes the VTS Conservative and the VTS Aggressive will be included for all subscription levels. I would imagine most people will trade the main VTS Tactical Volatility, but for anyone who wants to replace it to match their own risk tolerance it'll be available for everyone.

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