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Brute-force your online blockchain.info wallet with btcrecover

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Learn how to Brute Force Blockchain Bitcoin Wallets, we are downloading the wallet from blockchain.info and brute-forcing it all with btcrecover. Tutorial on how to hack a wallet, generate the private key.
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Mandy Kennedy (23 days ago)
Hi, Clarification please, is the first password the one that was initially set up when Blockchain account was created and the 2nd password was the one it was changed to upon creation of account on the advice of blockchain? I know the password i changed it to had an @ sign in it so is this the 2nd password you refer to . Could you please simply the token creation again?
Mandy Kennedy (22 days ago)
Coolio Thanks for that, I only have one password and also I know that a 59 or 67 or 1859 or 1967 and a @ sign is in there, therefore in the lines on the token file do I include %2d for a 2 digit number
Bitcoin Daytrader (23 days ago)
If you would download the Wallet.aes.json from the extract-scripts now (with your wallet ID), than the FirstPassword is the password you would use to login to your online wallet on the blockchain.info website, The second password is the one you can set in the security options when you are logged in. If the second pass is set then that is the one you would need to be able to spend the bitcoin from your account (or make big security changes on the online wallet) Have you seen my tutorial on token building? It should contain most of the important tips on token building including the relative position of tokens and the wildcards that are most commonly used. typos.txt: https://youtu.be/maQyIC_eV0s token.txt https://youtu.be/MKd4I5fMoNE
Sean Finnigan (1 month ago)
Hello, I am trying to get into an old wallet and had no luck only 'password search exhausted'. Now I made a new account with a token list I know the password is definitely in but I still get the same error? Can you please advise?
Алекс Алыбин (2 months ago)
Hello, please, advise. How can i modify the token file if i don't remember the exact length of my password, however i do remember how it starts? Thank you in advance.
Bitcoin Daytrader (1 month ago)
Hey Алекс Алыбин, I'm sorry for my late reply, I don;t know if you still need the information, but maybe my video on token building might help you out: https://youtu.be/MKd4I5fMoNE I hope you already have or can get your password back soon!!
Awungabeh Sheila (2 months ago)
Hello. I lost my blockchain wallet password and I can't recover the 12 digit recovery phrase. How do I go about it
Silver Crypto (2 months ago)
@bitcoin daytrader I followed the instructions and installed btcrecover. ( Thanks btw great job) Now I'm lost because I need to recover a bip 39 wallet (ledger) What are my next steps after installing btcrecover properly? Do you have a video for ledger? Please advise and if I can successfully recover my btc I will send you some. Thanks in advance.
Bitcoin Daytrader (2 months ago)
Hey Silver, I think you missed one of my video's because I have one on the subject: https://youtu.be/XXw6dP7OPR4 When entering the command to start the seedrecover.py add the line --mnemonic-length 24 To let seedrecover.py know that it should try 24 instead of the default 12 (I mention this also in my tutorial) Let me know how it went my friend.
Silver Crypto (2 months ago)
Bitcoin Daytrader Yes, i have a 24 word phrase. But it will not work. I think I must have written a word down incorrectly. I will be more than happy to wait for a response. Video on this subject would be good as I assume others might be in similar position. Much appreciated!!
Bitcoin Daytrader (2 months ago)
Hi Silver Crypto, I will have to look into that, I do not have a Ledger wallet or any BIP39 wallets, I need to get myself one first before I am able to know what to do. Do you still have your Mnemonic Code? (12-24 word backup phrase). I know that there is an option in btcrecover that searches for BIP-39 passwords instead of from a wallet, than the only thing you have to include in the command is --bip39, so your command may look something like C:\Python27\python btcrecover.py --bip39 --tokenlist token.txt etc. But I have no experience with the --bip39 so I have no clue if you need to use --wallet wallet.dat or that it wil prompt for extra information. I hope this helps you out, if not you need to give me more time to be able to figure it out and maybe make a video on the subject.
Ginny Sinclair (3 months ago)
Can I do this if all I have is the public and private key?
Cyrpto Miner (17 days ago)
+Bitcoin Daytrader Hi how are you?
Ginny Sinclair (3 months ago)
Bitcoin Daytrader Thank you so much for responding. Please check your email for the full story.
Bitcoin Daytrader (3 months ago)
If you have a private key from an address, then you do not need to do this. This is for situations where you can not login to your wallet on the blockchain.com website, or when you are unable to send funds due to the second password.
Rahul Soni (3 months ago)
I have a other person's import address...( watch only)..... can I find that wallet private key
Dodo Love (4 days ago)
I am waiting u necessary 🙏🙏
Dodo Love (4 days ago)
Really ,I want open import address ,can u help me please? necessary I am waiting u
Алексей Л (4 months ago)
Hi, thanks you for the videos. My problem: I Downloaded the wallet.aes.json. I tride to see my second password. But when i Entered the first password -Error: cant decript wallet( wrong main password?) ... What can itbe? For interest i tride to find first pass.. and it didint work too((
Алексей Л (3 months ago)
Ok. I launched all. My first password looks like this pass1212121212128( password fits the wallet and i know him) I removed the last digit 8 too try how btcrecover works. Tokenlist: + ^pass121212121212 %d (looking for digit 8) And it did work :'( http://prntscr.com/jwlo2w Runs but does not Brute-force it.
Bitcoin Daytrader (3 months ago)
Ahhh I see, it is a small mistake, When you run: btcrecover.py --wallet wallet.aes.json it says first that it found on the first line of the tokenfile the option #--listpass later the error message tells you the following: --wallet (or --data-extract, --bip39 or --listpass) Exactly one is required.. This means that while in your tokenfile on line one you have #--listpass you also tell btcrecover.py --wallet which means that you actually have btcrecover.py --listpass --wallet wallet.aes.json You should remove --listpass from your tokenlist (or --wallet wallet.aes.json ) then it will work for sure. I'm sorry that my Advanced Tokenfile Tutorial confused you a little bit, I have had the same mistake a couple of times too Good luck my friend!
Алексей Л (3 months ago)
Hello. 3 days Im trying to figure out what the problem is. Im Re-Downloaded the wallet.aes.json about 10 times! When i launched --listpass there was this: http://prntscr.com/jwgcim I think, btcrecover does not see the wallet. And no matter where I put it. In btcrecover-master or or to a folder wallets http://prntscr.com/jwgfq6
Bitcoin Daytrader (4 months ago)
Hi Алексей, Thank you for using my tutorials, It looks like you have entered the wrong password. What you could try is check if you can login to the blockchain.info website with your blockchain ID, remember that password (its the first password) Re-Download your wallet.aes.json with that same ID and now you should have the wallet encrypted with the first password. You can try to only write the right password in your token.txt file and test btcrecover.py --wallet wallet.aes.json --tokenlist token.txt without the --secondpass option. If this did not work please let me know. If it did work you can now continue on the second password. Good luck my friend!
GEMS TRADE (4 months ago)
Hello sir how to bruteforce brain wallet
ZEscaleira (4 months ago)
HI there can you help a friend in need? I doo real i have a problem with my Blcockchainwallet PM me
H N (5 months ago)
Hey mate ! thanks for video. The only thing i remember About my password is that I made a really weird and complicated one lol. I currently have an i3 if I upgrade to i7 will it help alot? Any way to crack this with GPUs? Thanks
Medo Swefy (6 months ago)
Hello friend, I have a purse of 70 btc , but I lost your private key. If you can open it, I will give you half and another purse of 2,400 btc , send me on , [email protected]
Bitcoin Daytrader (6 months ago)
Hey Medo, I'm sorry but there is no such thing as an "address >> privkey" generator, and probably nobody can program that in the next thousand years with the technology we have have today. If we would run such software, the mathematics you program in the language C++ would calculate for centuries to figure out 1 PrivKey for only 1 bitcoin address. It is mathematically impossible.
Michael J (6 months ago)
i lost my cell service as i was overseas....i have 2fa enabled .. how can i get around this as all the info is the same..
Michael J (5 months ago)
i have.. said im screwed..
Bitcoin Daytrader (6 months ago)
Hi Michael, I don't know exactly how it works but it is a security system from the blockchain website, so I think you should contact the support to be honest.
Crista Nigel (6 months ago)
Melanie houghton (6 months ago)
Hi, I have bitcoin in a watch only account, that a scammer has put it in . I’ve received some software to open my bitcoin wallet on Blockchain. I have software on my computer called Bitcoin Private keys recover , but apparently I need 0.05 bitcoin in my Blockchain wallet to make it work. Is this correct?
Bitcoin Daytrader (6 months ago)
Hi Melanie, Thanks for your view and subscription! I'm sorry to inform you that it is mathematically impossible to generate a private key from only an address, any software claiming to be able to do so is a scam. The math is irreversible, kinda like this: Just to make it easy a private key would be for instance: 1608 we use math to get the address, where the formula is first 2 numbers times second 2 numbers, the public address would be 16x08=0128 Now try to reverse the formula without knowing 16 or 08 there are so many answers that end up with 128: 0264 and 6402, 0432 and 3204, 1608 and 0816, as you see it will be almost impossible to do so... And now try this for a private key with 64 characters. Don't believe these programs, if it would be possible everybody would use that on the biggest wallets ;)
Awal Issah (6 months ago)
Hello, Thanks for this video, I am getting this error message, would it run perfectly with this error? problem below btcrecover.py: warning: can't find PyCrypto, using aespython instead Wallet difficulty: 5,000 PBKDF2-SHA1 iterations
Abbas Mastan (7 months ago)
hello dear i want to recover my btc wallet privite key plz help me
Nnamani Franklin (7 months ago)
how can generate private key to enable me spend my bitcoin....
Bitcoin Daytrader (7 months ago)
It is 100% impossible to generate a private key, you could only decrypt a local wallet or backup file that already contains a encrypted private key
Ovex Tech (7 months ago)
hello i have emailed you please check and advice.
Bitcoin Daytrader (7 months ago)
I've just double checked but did not receive an email from you, could you send it again to [email protected]?
Ovex Tech (7 months ago)
Bitcoin Daytrader (7 months ago)
Hi Ovex, I've just checked my mail and can't find your email yet, maybe because you use a different name on emails. What is your question about?
wolle bol (7 months ago)
Great video, very clear and understandable! forgot completely my password, lets see how many days my computer will need to find it...
wolle bol (7 months ago)
when python displays: "Counting passwords ... 150,900,000 ETA: 3 days and counting" => is it actually just counting passwords (to start the brute force attack later) or has it already tested 150 million passwords by that time? Just curious as it doesn't seem possible to pause python, is it?
Subandi Suherman (8 months ago)
waww... cool man
Michael Kelly (8 months ago)
Worked great, unfortunately my wallet contained nothing :( Thanks anyway!
Bitcoin Daytrader (7 months ago)
Hey Michael, thank you for using my tutorial mate, it's a bummer that your wallet was empty.
hello guy it's possible to get private key with you
Dodo Love (4 days ago)
Can u help me to get a private key to import address
Mina Tawfik (8 months ago)
i can remember my password was a characters but i can't remember it was a space between or not is that possible to recover and how can i do that
Dwayne Sean (8 months ago)
hi can you bruteforce my address for me as i need my bitcoin back, [email protected] message me pls
Bitcoin Daytrader (8 months ago)
I'm sorry but I can not do that for you, because I do not know parts of your password, but I've build these tutorials to teach you how to do it yourself.
Franka Sonne (8 months ago)
Hi, would you like to make a video about nightminer-master in python
Bitcoin Daytrader (8 months ago)
Hey Frank, Thank you for the suggestion. I might do that in the future, but for now I'm focused on developing a new coin to understand the blockchain technology. The nightminer does not look to complicated, you run it in CMD like we do with btcrecover, download the nightminer master, enter the directory in cmd and run the program with python. You do need an account on a mining pool like mmpool.org and connect using the commands in CMD. in the nightminer-master folder in cmd: C:\Python27\python nightminer.py -o stratum+tcp://mmpool.org:3333 -u user -p passwd Where -o = url -u = username -p = password: the miningpool stratum url is written like stratum+tcp://mmpool.org:3333 Normal websites have http://www. stratum urls have stratum+tcp:// You need an account on a mining pool website like http://mmpool.org/ I don't know if this script needs python2.7 or python3.6 but you can always install python 3.6 on C:\Python36> and switch 27 to 36 in the command in CMD
Franka Sonne (8 months ago)
Hi, Could download the backup from Blockchain, but it was not in the Git / Python folder but I found it with Search. I have a problem with the btcrecover-token-auto.txt. I did not recognize 2 characters on the screen. In cmd I have error messages btcrecover.py: warning: can not find PyCrypto, using aespython instead btcrecover.py: error: on line 17: invalid wildcard (%) syntax (use %% to escape a%) can you please help me, maybe you can send me the file [email protected]
Bitcoin Daytrader (8 months ago)
And another thing, your error tels you that you did not install pycrypto, maybe check that too just in case.
Bitcoin Daytrader (8 months ago)
Franka Sonne thank for your view! Maybe you could use the information from my last video, where we go in depth about building a token.txt with wildcards.
Stephen Koichie (9 months ago)
How do you get a private key from an imported block chain address..
Sandeep Yadav (7 months ago)
Can i hack someone's private key with his blockchain info wallet?? Is there any trick? Brain wallet can or not??
Bitcoin Daytrader (9 months ago)
Hi Stephen, You need at least to download the wallet.aes.json from the blockchain website like I show you in the tutorial. In the encrypted wallet file is your private key, but you need to decrypt it first using the password of the blockchain account. When you do have the wallet file and the password I think (don't know for sure) that you can decrypt it using openssl or the bitcoinj wallet-tool like I did in my decrypting android wallet video.
lulu lulu (9 months ago)
hi man good job I lost my email for connection to blockchain wallet. Is there any way around this? Thank you what is the sound 9 minutes
Bitcoin Daytrader (9 months ago)
Hi Lulululu, I actually don't know if there is a way around the email, it is the security from the blockchain website. And that sound is a collaboration dubstep track that I made with two friends, hope you enjoyed it ;)
Gulzar Muhammad (9 months ago)
Sajjad Ali (9 months ago)
contact me at [email protected]
Gulzar Muhammad (9 months ago)
how can you help me
Sajjad Ali (9 months ago)
hey you can contact me I will help you in recovering your second password.
Gulzar Muhammad (9 months ago)
sir my i think password like Password123, can you help me with team Viewer please
Bitcoin Daytrader (9 months ago)
Hi Gulzar, A tokenlist is a list of parts of your password that you remember. You could also put wildcards in the tokenlist to add to the parts. First lets imagine that your password is Password1234 then your tokenlist in token.txt should be something like Pass word 1234 Now btcrecover will try: wordPass1234, word1234Pass, 1234Password, 1234wordPass, Pass1234word and Password1234 But if you forgot the number part you could add a wildcard for digits %4d where % is the wildcard sign and 4d means 4 digits in a row. A tokenlist that will also get Password1234 would be Pass word %4d Where we first had 1234 we have now %4d and %4d = 4 numbers like 0000 till 9999 Now btcrecover will try: Password0000 to Password9999 I hope this helps you out creating your token.txt
Frank Melchior (9 months ago)
Hi Daytrader, I have a few dogecoins on a wallet. My Passwort: [known Token1][unknownLetter1][known Token2][unknowenLetter2] [known Token1] How can I set up the token.txt to search only for the unknownToken 1 and 2? I would be so grateful for any help! BrFrank BTW: You are doing a great work with your worthly Videos. All the best for you!
Frank Melchior (9 months ago)
Thanks, that helps a lot!
Bitcoin Daytrader (9 months ago)
Hi Frank, we can do that by writing a token.txt as follow: ^r1^knowntoken1 ^r2^%P ^r3^knowntoken2 ^r4^%P ^r5^knowntoken1 Where ^r1^ means Relative position 1 ^r2^ position 2, and %P means pretty much any button on your keyboard This will generate around 80K different passwords For more information on the token file check: https://github.com/gurnec/btcrecover/blob/master/TUTORIAL.md Regards
Frank Melchior (9 months ago)
UnknowLetter means any character of the Keyboard.
Awwal Kako (9 months ago)
Hi you doing good job. I can't remember my phrase its 16 words, I downloaded the wallet and now I don't know what to do pls can you help me. Mercy.
Dodo Love (4 days ago)
+Sajjad Ali I need ur helping please? Can u help me to open the import address ?
Sajjad Ali (9 months ago)
awwal kako you can contact me in recovering your btc thanks.
danmerBR (9 months ago)
Thank you. Very interesting video. How many iterations would %8in generate ? Thats going to take a while......
Bitcoin Daytrader (9 months ago)
Hi Danmer, Thank for watching my tutorial, lets calculate it for fun ;) there are 10 digits, 26 lower and 26 uppercase letters, so 62 total different characters. If we use 8 characters than that would be 62*62*62*62*62*62*62*62 = 2.1834*10^14 that is: 218.340.000.000.000 possibilities My pc can do a 2 million per hour depending on the wallet type, so I think my pc would need one hundred million hours XD With a multibit classic .key file it would be a lot less since my pc can do 1 million per minute. Regards!!!
social media (10 months ago)
hellow i can't remmembre my second password but its 8 numbre how to recovre
Sajjad Ali (7 months ago)
you can email me at [email protected]
Nnamani Franklin (7 months ago)
send me massage on my email [email protected]
Nnamani Franklin (7 months ago)
how can I connect you
Sajjad Ali (9 months ago)
i have a solution for you please do contact with me.
Ijomone Sylvester (9 months ago)
How about to generate lost private key
Raja S (10 months ago)
You can recover my balance, [email protected]
Justus Stern (8 months ago)
Oh, i could really need you help, too !
Sajjad Ali (9 months ago)
i will help you in recovering your balance

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