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5 ETFs I'm Buying In 2018

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In this video, I'll show you the five primary ETFs that I will continue to invest in throughout 2018. Every month I invest a portion of my income into one of the five ETFs mentioned in this video. Please be aware that I am not a financial adviser, I am not explicitly telling you to invest your money. Please invest at your own risk! Please remember that I am not a financial advisor and I am simply expressing my ideas and opinions in this video. Please invest at your own risk!
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Nate O'Brien (9 months ago)
2 Things: 1. Don't forget I'm giving away $10 to a random comment on every video for the month of January! 2. Join the FREE Facebook group that I created for investors to share their ideas! https://www.facebook.com/groups/theyounginvestors/
PandemicGameplay (1 month ago)
What do you think of municipal bonds vs. TIPS vs. total bond funds? I assume municipal bonds are safer than foreign bonds and are also federal tax free?
juss (1 month ago)
Hahaha investing for dummies!
Nate O'Brien (1 month ago)
Gotta start somewhere!
Studmuffin (1 month ago)
I use likes to have away to go back and look at a video
Dave Gibson (1 month ago)
Found your video really informative. Will subscribe. Do you have a video for new/beginner market speculators, relevant to 2018?
gokul raj (2 months ago)
Bro I am from india how should I invest in American ETF. Put some light on that
taco lion 369 (2 months ago)
What do you think about using Schwab ?? Anyone ?
GiantAnteatersRkool (3 months ago)
Why do you choose long term bond fund (as opposed to intermediate or short term) during an environment of rising interest rates?
salv236 (3 months ago)
Hi nate, Great video, i dont think that vanguard is available in Europe i have been looking at a particular ETF from blackrock ticker symbol IWDA, what are your thoughts?
salv236 (1 month ago)
irondg thanks, i found out over 1 month ago that degiro offers vanguard ive bought into the etf so far so good ☺️
irondg (1 month ago)
You can use a stockbroker like Degiro to buy Vanguard's ETF's if its not not available in your country.
David Carmosino (4 months ago)
Hi. Why do you prefer ETFs over individual stock picking? Would you ever buy a blue chip stock?
salv236 (4 months ago)
Thanks for sharing your input on ETFs, I wanted your opinion on the ETFs from.blackrock that tracks the s&p
LOKHighest (5 months ago)
Do you reinvest your funds in vanguard??
Silverdot Haxor (5 months ago)
List the ticker symbols!
Jay Cooler (6 months ago)
I have a sep IRA. I'm trying to invest in ETFs without the use of an agent.Can u go into a little more detail on self directing your retirement funds.Love the video .Thanks
Will (6 months ago)
Hi Nate. Just wondering if you own any mutual funds? Or do you just stick to ETF's?
Ariel Hartman (6 months ago)
Wow mate your talking to fast lol
Nate O'Brien (6 months ago)
Sorry. I hate when people talk too slow!!!
I S (6 months ago)
Ok So? After your video the VOO started dropping big, did you sold it already or are you still in?
Nate O'Brien (28 days ago)
Spot on Anthony
Anthony Perez (28 days ago)
Funny. Looking at it now and it is doing fine. This is why you can't time the market.
Nate O'Brien (6 months ago)
I won't sell VOO for another 30-40 years
tonjo77 (6 months ago)
Hi- what do y'all think about Schwab Intelligent Portfolios?
samurai7411 (6 months ago)
What platform do you use?
Nate O'Brien (6 months ago)
I use Vanguard!!!
Yusuf Sagri (6 months ago)
Good insight, I enjoyed. what is considered a good diversification? 5ETFs is too much. Let's say I were to go use the 5ETFs as a guideline then how would I allocate my investment of $100 (as an example) .?
Ermir Pjetri (7 months ago)
Great video, lots of good choices. Do you recommend voo over voog?
Canine 7 (7 months ago)
Would you still by etfs including Voo at these record highs or is it better to wait.
Nate O'Brien (7 months ago)
I use dollar cost averaging. It is extremely difficult to time the markets. Some people avoided stocks in 2016 because the markets were at all time highs. Those people missed out on double digit returns!
Ron Wiebe (7 months ago)
Hi - what are your qualifications to give financial advice - Just wondering
Nate O'Brien (7 months ago)
I would have asked the same question. It's imperative to understand that I'm not giving financial advice but rather sharing investing ideas with anyone and everyone who shares a passion for taking control of their financial future. I create these videos to provide ideas and share my opinions with the world in the hopes that it will help someone. Nothing makes me special. I am not a genius. I have a passion for investing and I welcome you to this channel! Kind regards, Nate
Jonathan Hadsipantelis (7 months ago)
Good video Nate, what's your allocation between actually picking stocks and buying ETFs?
Mike fortrump (8 months ago)
Choose 10 Vanguard funds, invest 10% in each fund, use all future dividends and contributions to rebalance. Rebalance weekly. Commissions are free so rebalancing is not a problem.
Sujatha Alluri (8 months ago)
How many shares do you recommend to buy in etf
King Kong (4 months ago)
Sujatha Alluri One is good .
Tommy (8 months ago)
Short term bonds are less volatile then long term... Long term bonds still go up and down a lot, and theyse etfs pay larger dividends. Warren buffet recommends short term bonds, I would love someones input on this
M (8 months ago)
M (8 months ago)
Thanks, I shall !
Nate O'Brien (8 months ago)
Hey thanks for watching! Just remember to hold for the long term!
RevolutionRequired (8 months ago)
Best commodity ETF?
Adam Dyer (8 months ago)
Also I am very skeptical of GEs come back. They destroyed shareholder value by poor management decisions of excessive company buy backs at above Book value.
Adam Dyer (8 months ago)
Why not SDS or SH? ETFs that short the s&p 500. S&p fell 2% last week. I’m sure around March or April we are going to experience another correction.
zero (8 months ago)
buying mjx on the downward slope.
It's Me (8 months ago)
Look into Ray Dalio's Risk Parity portfolio design. Titled the "All Weather Fund" as it groups its assets in 4 baskets that cover every economic cycle. By balancing risk and not dollar amount, 1 of the economic risk basket may be down, buoyed up by the other 3 baskets. Think this portfolio went down like 3 or 4% during the 2008 crash, loss even less taking dividends into consideration.
vaslui (8 months ago)
How do get Vanguard account what's the cost?? Year
Agustin Jimenez (8 months ago)
Great video. Question: I have a Vanguard brokerage account and I just recently opened an IRA account with Vanguard. Should all investments be in an IRA account, both IRA and regular investing brokerage account or what would be the most tax efficient way to invest?
Al Rocky (2 months ago)
You generally want to max out your IRA @ $5,500 a year before you consider opening a taxable account. You want tax efficient investments in your taxable account, ones that doesn't spit out a lot of dividends and short term capital gains.
Scott Dreyfus (8 months ago)
I like $VOOG better than $VOO. Take a look at $ARKW although it is not a Vanguard fund. It is on a tear.
Calvin Sun (8 months ago)
What do you think will happen to the wynn stock?
Dividend Driven (8 months ago)
Vanguard ETF’s are great investments!
Roman Hernandez (8 months ago)
Are any of these monthly dividends?
Tyrell McCollin (8 months ago)
What you think about eps..wisdom tree
Tommy (8 months ago)
I also own BLV, but that graph seems off. It was up around 7 percent last year, and from my research long maturity dates in bonds are usually the more volatile ones. Short term bonds are less volatile, and better to offset the portfolio
Erik Moore (8 months ago)
Your channel's growth is impressive, Nate. Keep it up! You've got what it takes to go big.
Nate O'Brien (8 months ago)
Thanks so much Erik! That comment means a lot to me! Thanks so much for the support!
Mo E (8 months ago)
Thanks for the info Nate
Nate O'Brien (8 months ago)
Thanks for the support Mo!
sunfun (9 months ago)
agreed robinhood sounds shady
King Kong (4 months ago)
Nate O'Brien (9 months ago)
Don't get me wrong, Robinhood is great, they are insured by the SIPC but I still feel better investing my money with one of the best financial institutions in the world.... Vanguard!
Stay True Warriors (9 months ago)
I like your background ;) Great info. Thanks Nate!
Nate O'Brien (9 months ago)
Haha thanks Lena!
Tc Linn (9 months ago)
Hi Nate, another cool and actionable video! My $0.02, I am more keen on VTI in lieu of VOO. VTI has broader swath of small/medium/large capitalized stocks; therefore, probably slightly lower risk than VOO. It has the same expense ratio as VOO at 0.04%. The long term performance is very similar.
Ivan Santana (9 months ago)
Hi Nate, I am a bit overwhelmed but excited each day to learn new ways to make my money work! But I have checked out websites too like: Wealthfront, Scwhab, and Betterment; Which one is more convenient for a starters? And thanks for your contents, your videos really do help me learn more about what to do with money 👍🏼💲
Drawtensil (9 months ago)
On the vanguard500 train to retirement.
Nate O'Brien (9 months ago)
Haha Yes!
Xavier Zimmerman (9 months ago)
I would enjoy $10
Ian Salcedo (9 months ago)
I personally have Vanguard Institutional Index! Good increase for me so far. I agree with the financial adviser bit as well. Plus you know what they say, Nobody is going to care about your money more than you. Good video Nate!
Nate O'Brien (9 months ago)
I agree, it's always good to know where your money is!
Mohammed Azam (9 months ago)
Fantastic, you are really good in financial planning.
Nate O'Brien (9 months ago)
Thanks so much for that positive comment!
cas818028 (9 months ago)
Smh such an old school mentality crypto is where it is at. Don't waste your time with this bullshit you could have bought and hodl on ethereum and done better than all these.
Brian Bliss (9 months ago)
I love the Vanguard ETFs, although I have a few through different providers that have provided hefty returns. They are easy diversification which is nice! Also, thanks for adding me into the FB group man.
Nate O'Brien (9 months ago)
Thanks for joining the Facebook group! I wanted to have a place where everyone could discuss investments!
Colin Kelly (9 months ago)
Great video Nate!!! Loving the polo
Nate O'Brien (9 months ago)
Thanks man, learning from you with the polo 👊
Luevert Stapleton (9 months ago)
I wasn't thinking about investing in the Vanguard Long Term Bond ETF until I listened to this video. I need an ETF that would cushion me just in case something happens. It doesn't necessarily mean that something will happen. I'm just trying to prepare for the future.
Nate O'Brien (9 months ago)
I will be releasing a video this week on how to prepare your investments for a recession! Make sure you turn on post notifications for this one! You won't be disappointed! Thanks so much for the support!
Apple Crider (9 months ago)
Great ETF picks, really serving to diversify your portfolio! Glad to see those low expense ratios and global exposure! Good to keep in mind this bull market we are in. -Filling in the financial gap channel Subscriber Goal 98/100
Apple Crider (9 months ago)
Nate O'Brien Thanks Nate! It has been a blast getting to 100 and I can’t wait to see where we go in the future!
Nate O'Brien (9 months ago)
Congrats on 100 subs! The first 100 is definitely the hardest! Keep it up!
Jake (9 months ago)
Love the videos nate! Really helping me out as a beginner stock market user. Keep being you!
Nate O'Brien (9 months ago)
Hey Jake thanks so much for that thoughtful comment!
TOTALRESISTANCE1 (9 months ago)
Why do you invest in such a large number of ETFs? They are soo diversified in the first place do you really need more than one? Seems like a bit too much. When does it go from balancing a portfolio to spreading your money too thin over everything possible?
Boo Radley (9 months ago)
Digging the background on this one 👌 Love your videos! Thanks for sharing the knowledge.
Nate O'Brien (9 months ago)
Thanks for the positive feedback! ding some type of studio, the plain black background was getting boring!
CAPS LOCK (9 months ago)
Currently holding NAIL and TQQQ. Been on fire!
Nate O'Brien (9 months ago)
Awesome! I'm looking into them now, thanks for the suggestions!
Bullion Forever (9 months ago)
A tip, if you want dividends to reinvest in your account. Make sure it's reinvesting in settings...I assumed mine auto did and didn't.
Nate O'Brien (9 months ago)
Very true! Thanks for sharing! I love dividend reinvestment programs (DRIP)
Eduardo Cervantes (9 months ago)
Great video and also you are improving with the studder hope soon you can make it stop btw I joined your face book group hope it grows
Nate O'Brien (9 months ago)
Thanks Eduardo! It means a lot to me!
BiggestBullsFan (9 months ago)
What % of your portfolio is in etf? Do you invest in cryptocurrency?
Nate O'Brien (9 months ago)
I keep ETFs to about 10-20 of my portfolio. Most of my investments are in individual stocks. Bought BTC a few times, first time at $3.600 but I only invested a few hundred dollars. For the most part I stay away from cryptocurrencies.
CyborgOwls (9 months ago)
Nice video. Just wondering, what do you think of VF corporation right now?
CyborgOwls (9 months ago)
Nate O'Brien I'll check it out
Nate O'Brien (9 months ago)
Thanks for the positive feedback! I'm not sure if you saw my previous video but I mentioned VFC!!
Buff Dons (9 months ago)
I love how you comment on financial Education. Your videos are way better
Buff Dons (9 months ago)
You go straight to the point and cut out all the drama
Nate O'Brien (9 months ago)
Hey thanks you just made my day! What is it that you like about my videos vs. Financial Education?
David Churchill (9 months ago)
Keep it up, looking into spdr!
Nate O'Brien (9 months ago)
Thanks! I will be uploading much more often!
Brandon Beavis Investing (9 months ago)
Great vid Nate. Totally agreed with your list. :) Just a note, at 3:01 I assume you meant to say 0.04% :p cheers man
Nate O'Brien (9 months ago)
Oops! Thanks so much for correcting me! I definitely meant to say 0.04%!!!!!!!
Honest Finance (9 months ago)
ETF’s are the best way to go. Vanguard and Schwab are really the only ones I look at because of their fees
ErikisOfficial (4 months ago)
Nate O'Brien what do you think of Schwabs 1000 index?
Nate O'Brien (9 months ago)
I totally agree, almost entirely passive!
Neema Neshatian (9 months ago)
Great Video! What are your thoughts on investing in the following Vanguard ETFs VIG or VIGI which has international stocks?
Louis Pham (9 months ago)
I feel like putting money outside of us is a good way for assets allocation
Nate O'Brien (9 months ago)
Aha those dividend ETFs!!!! I've never personally invested in them but I'm going to look into it a little more now, thanks for the suggestions!
Moro Musah (9 months ago)
Good to know
Nate O'Brien (9 months ago)
Thanks for watching!
Ruthless Bone (9 months ago)
I need them 10 bucks to buy another stock lol
Nate O'Brien (9 months ago)
Haha nice I use commentpicker.com... Good luck!
Alex Paterson (9 months ago)
Give me $10 so I can feed my Juul addiction!!!!
Nate O'Brien (9 months ago)
Been collecting those Juul codes
Stanley Atkinson (9 months ago)

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