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Green Amethyst. 36.85 Carat Natural Green Amethyst

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Green Amethyst, 36.85 carats. Origin: Brazil. Free IGI certificate. Visit http://gemsfactory.in/ to order Green Amethyst. Design Custom Jewelry Green Amethyst jewelry can be expensive when you are purchasing finished products. A cheaper option is to buy loose gems of green amethyst. Using green amethyst loose gems you can design your own rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, etc. Individual green amethyst gemstones can be paired with various settings to create your own unique pieces. When you purchase a loose green amethyst gemstone make sure you are using a reputable seller. When selecting loose green amethyst consider the cut and weight of the green amethyst gem to find one that works the best for the piece you are creating. Not sure how to use a green amethyst crystal? Need to figure out a creative way to use your certified green amethyst ? Consider making your own custom jewelry pieces. Here is what you need to consider when using green amethyst for jewelry. Stone When considering the gems you need to ask yourself what is green amethyst and what can it be used for. Not all gems are used in all jewelry pieces. Green Amethyst color needs to be taken into consideration. More importantly look at the tone and saturation. Quality green amethyst will be the deepest color you can find with the darkest tone available. Green Amethysts should be finished following the international gem-cutting standards to ensure it is a high quality gems. Setting The setting also needs to be considered when creating your own jewelry pieces. The style of the setting is one thing to consider. Do you prefer vintage settings? Or are you after something more modern? The metal used to make the setting needs to be taken into account. Green Amethyst don’t necessarily pair well with some precious metals. If you need some inspiration take a look at other green amethyst jewelry pieces. About Gemsfactory Jaipur is the global hub for mining , cutting, grading and trading in gems . Gemsfactory Jaipur, started cutting gemstones in 1962 and has over the years acquired a reputation for converting the world’s loose gemstones into beautiful jewels suitable for varying budget brackets. Once stones are brought to our factory, they are cut using specialized techniques to produce loose stones of different sizes and carats . We certify all our finished crystals to ensure that each stone you buy from us is natural and is cut and finished to international gem-cutting standards. The Gemsfactory team delivers great service to all our customers. We strive to ensure that when you buy from us, you get all the karats you pay for. To add this beautiful natural stone to your jewel collection, go to our factory website at http://gemsfactory.in .
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