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Stop Mountaintop Removal Mining

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Appalachian communities are suffering as a result of mountaintop removal mining. Earthjustice is working through the courts to protect Appalachian communities from this destructive practice and to ensure the Clean Water Act is enforced.
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OMG. I am so sick of this half truth propaganda. No wonder what was once the greatest country in the world is falling flat on its face.
hannahnoelle (6 years ago)
Stfu, ya damn tree huggers!
HungryCats (8 years ago)
You don't like nuclear, but you don't want coal mining from mountaintops either? Good luck ever stopping that.
sp0ttedp0ny330 (8 years ago)
I live in the Appy mtns. in TN. Even after the giant "sludge ponds" broke their banks and destroyed a HUGE area of TN...it STILL goes on...here and in s.w. VA!! Yes for now we need coal as fuel...*sigh* BUT there HAS to be a better way!! Raping the mtns is causing far more problems than people are willing to admit...even when its in their own back yards (literally!!) Pony
x!SaecredChaotix!x (8 years ago)
@coalvein ANOTHER FACT: A single volcano erupting sends more gases that people define as harmful into the atmosphere than almost 100 of human industrialization.
mountainpbp (8 years ago)
Mountaintop Removal destroys the 2nd most bio-diverse ecosystem on the planet, poisons thousands of miles of headwater streams, and directly effects the health of surrounding communities. I'd rather see wind turbines than cemeteries full of headstones marked with the names of innocent victims of this poisonous process of mining. And where is the proof that coal is burned cleanly and efficiently? Where? It is certainly not in the crippled coal fields of Appalachia.
Justin Vali (9 years ago)
You are an idiot.
Justin Vali (9 years ago)
This stuff makes me sick. It really does.
cheesguy3333 (9 years ago)
your guyz videoz always make my cry..:((
cheesguy3333 (9 years ago)
This is so sad.....poor little animals....

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