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An Inspiring Story To Get You Motivated To Work Smart In 2018 - Why You Should Work Smart & Not Hard

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Should you work harder in 2018 or should you work smarter. I hope after watching this video, you will be able to choose for yourself whether you will follow the smart successful path or the hard working path. ----------------------------------------PRACTICAL WISDOM-------------------------------------------- More Awesome Content: The Number 1 Habit For Success In Life - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BD3pjCysxOM 9 Morning Routine Habits And Daily Habits Of Billionaires And Millionaires (Successful People) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6PFesxC8YI 10 Things The Rich Do That The Poor Don't - Why You Are Still Broke - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nr76bupxjco ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sources: [Tai Lopez] – Is Hard Work and Hustle the Secret? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mL4rjxEnbo ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ♫Music By♫ Whitesand - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fZjNKHh9bQ ◉ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/martynlaur ◉ Twitter: https://goo.gl/otEqJC ◉ Instagram: https://goo.gl/JN3LUb (@martynas_lau) ◉ SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/martynaslau ◉ Website: http://martynlaur.com/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Disclaimer: The video used is listed under Creative Commons Which states that it can be used by other channels.
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Text Comments (153)
Sheldon Cooper (7 days ago)
Didn't these people in the projects have welfare benefits or food stamps? I'd much rather buy a lottery ticket than deal coke.
Sheep Shagger (10 days ago)
not bragging but this is common sense and figured this out as a kid, labourers work hard but are poor, gotta work smart AND hard. Thats why i went into finance, saving to invest in property.
ezrhino100 (20 days ago)
people work harder because we have been trained by our schools to be SLAVES. hard work (by itself) is NOT a virtue. by working all the time you will NOT succeed. you will ruin your life and you will hate yourself...
Parallel Burrito (1 month ago)
There are so many people who are of marginal intelligence who got lucky enough to land a great paying job. Those are the people that are always thumbing their nose down at the hard working poor.
Dust Black (2 months ago)
Thank you for this inspiration video😎👍
Jack Hazen (2 months ago)
At 15, I got my first real job, I knew I wanted to work. And I was working for my future. Now at 18, I have saved almost every penny I have made and I have no idea what to do with it. I worked hard to get my money. I actually enjoy work to an extent but I want my money to work for me also. What the heck do I do?
Live Host Global (2 months ago)
Biggest Wake up call of my 2018 life
Joseph Griffin (3 months ago)
Partly ground actress salmon limb light export intelligent monster revenue.
Ariel C. (3 months ago)
Purpose Creates Impact (4 months ago)
Working hard is not the key, working smarter and harder torwards your goals is the key.
Baby Bat Jack (4 months ago)
Right now at 17 I'm working myself to death trying to feed myself and cloth myself and save up enough to get an apartment at a manual labor fast food job where I only make 5 cents over minimum wage. That was their idea of a raise. I vow today to be better and work smarter than I ever have.
1 Step Ahead (4 months ago)
Inspirational stuff!
J Goad (4 months ago)
Wow!!! The most realist video I have ever watched. I’ve been praying to God to help me, guide me, direct me into the right path. I find this. I cried. I’m a single mom of five kids. I now know what I must do. God bless and thank you.
Matthiau Steelez (4 months ago)
im having trouble breaking out of my 9-5 routine =\ this message is so powerful, found it really helpful
Gresia Alexandra (4 months ago)
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 good stuff !!
Goran (4 months ago)
Ok, You said he was drug dealer cos he was poor? He was drug dealer and hungry cos he didnt want to WORK !!!!! If he can sell coke he can work as 16 yrs old in store or something and make money for one hour to buy one day food! Billion of kids around the world would give everything for that opportunity...
Tia Nukuse (4 months ago)
so very true, people need guidance, a compass,.... how to do things, where,what,when and why.... .. love Tai lopez
Tia Nukuse (4 months ago)
so very true, people need guidance, a compass,.... how to do things, where,what,when and why.... .. love Tai lopez
life is good (4 months ago)
My dad's 72 and still working hasn't retired. He's happy doing what he does though he's achieved his own goals love and happiness, money wasn't a part of it.
Studio Sihina (4 months ago)
This video is so powerful.
Bolaji Ajiyo (4 months ago)
Wow! I love this video. Working smart is the topmost way of achieving financial independence. Working hard shouldn't be totally cut off either.
Shay Bryant (5 months ago)
Thank you for this video ❤️❤️❤️
jono_kells_ (5 months ago)
Great video!!!
Pellazget E lashte (5 months ago)
Ok let’s say that this will work but if everyone is going to be successful after this very useful video then from where they gonna get the money. (10 Forbes people has money same with 50 % of the population. And they don’t let no cent to escape to them) then the question is: Everyone wants money and wants them but what to do, where to found them ???? Sorry for my English . Lol
Donald Henderson (5 months ago)
"ain't nobody shooting at nobody cause ever body got enough"
Donald Henderson (5 months ago)
it'll be a perfect world
Donald Henderson (5 months ago)
to help the the kids and the third world country. pay them for it or the people who they do it for pay them.
Ian Gonzalez (5 months ago)
east champion infrastructure repeatedly proud own engagement gym language discourse jump.
statealchemist000 (5 months ago)
I have a modest bank account, a part time night job at Fedex sorting boxes of other people's shit, and a BA in Anthropology. Living with a family member who also can't get ahead and is forced to bust their ass at a job were climbing a latter is not an option. I'm young, educated, and I like to think I have drive to do what is needed and get things done but no opportunity as arisen in my life to show or offer me a better way. I am far more miserable at a young age than is needed of my character. I am existing but not living, how can I change this when no opportunity is around or my level of experience an education is inadequate. I can't go back to school as it is far to taxing on me, my family, and far more expensive than the time in which I was there? What are my options?
dega luh (5 months ago)
So I have 2 jobs, single , providing for my kids, do not spend enough time with them. How can I multiply my pay for working less of the time I do?, all I know is work work work, I do not know how to work smart. To start a business one needs money, to have money you have to work to get it, is a circle one cannot scape. And the money that gets earned pays the food and bills, but if work stops, money stops producing. No money left to risk in starting a business that one doesn't will work fine or will you lose your investment and be left without anything.without be able to provide the basic needs to ones family.
FlamedAccessories (5 months ago)
Anna T (5 months ago)
5 min into the video you're still only trying to get my pity for people who work hard but are unlucky nonetheless. you don't make any point about HOW to work smart instead of hard. watching this video is a waste of time.
LostInPresets (3 months ago)
Ha! People in the comments don't realise that they are inspired more so by the subliminal music than the video and repetitive speech.
Bethlehem Alem (5 months ago)
Listening to this just woke me up. Thank you so much for sharing.
BowDowN!!! 2012 (4 months ago)
it's Take a Village
BowDowN!!! 2012 (4 months ago)
Bethlehem Berhane Amen
how to academy (5 months ago)
This is your choice to work smart or hard. But, if you want to success tan you have to do effective work.
Mr. Blunt (5 months ago)
But working smart is definitely important. Otherwise you'll be at dead end jobs. Sorry to those who are. Tough ass world out there...
Mr. Blunt (5 months ago)
Kinda hard to work smart if you're trying to get buff and ripped. That takes A LOT of hard work. Smart work yes but hard work is definitely part of the equation. Even Arnold said so.
msantoschavez (5 months ago)
So follow up question to that is, who do you work smarter? Where can we find these mentors? If we are living a life where personally there are no advancements, chances are the people we are surrounded by aren’t either. So how do we get out? Who can we go to? Where are they?
Asha Maughn (5 months ago)
Who is this man....I LOVE HIM
Athul Ghosh (5 months ago)
Sorry brother you are wrong... Hard work pays off. Nothing else. In India the condition you mentioned is nothing but poor people who are uneducated due to their circumstances and because of their lack of ability to rise out of such a situation they continue to be so. In India itself there are a lots of people who are well educated and are having a very good career which they are dreamed of since their childhood. So nothing else matters... If you are willing to put your sweat, blood and tears I guarantee you, success is your's
disityp (4 days ago)
Watch the video again. Better twice, and listen carfully this time. This is exactly what he is saying, so don't say he is wrong!
Punky Noords (16 days ago)
Lol. Did you people even watch this??
Athul Ghosh (5 months ago)
Amrita Suresh Mm
Amrita Suresh (5 months ago)
Athul Ghosh Aaaa...sariya sariya. 👍
Athul Ghosh (5 months ago)
Amrita Suresh keralathil ethu paniyedukkunnavanado ullath? Avark 5 minute paniyanam 10 minute cigarette valikkanam... Pne oru 5 minute koodi paniyumbo ravilathe kaappi kudi aayi... Maheshinte prethikarathile mmade Baby chettanepole... Ithokke oru comedy alle amrithe...
THE AZ SHOW (5 months ago)
such a great video, thank you so much for this smart advice
Trick Shot News (5 months ago)
This is very true .....work hard but work smart!
Tonya Brown (5 months ago)
This video,is totally true,u bust ur butt,u get nothing..... u are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.... I WORK,BUT I NO LONGER BUST MY BUTT....
Lora Massegee (5 months ago)
Good stories bad language I don’t Finish videos with that.
calin popescu (5 months ago)
But what would you do if you would be în your 40???
kevinl lee (5 months ago)
I hope he is talking about Gary V... work hard, work hard, pure BS.
Andru Kat (5 months ago)
I think this guy is my mentor.
I have watch many of your videos and thought you were just a rich snob thinking only about yourself. Kinda gave up on watching you. But this video felt like you were talking directly to me. I wish someone would have took me under their wing and guided me with knowledge. There are many people out there that only cares about themselves. Good video and thanks for enlightening me.
Michelle Mercy (5 months ago)
Everything this man says resounds deeply within myself and my community. This world needs direction from good philosophical leaders. We need wisdom.
Akane Sasu (5 months ago)
Thanks for sharing this.
James Russ (5 months ago)
Would like 2 meet you ,an have a gud talk. I have sum great ideas, but need great help to put it into action...
jeff weaver (5 months ago)
Wow powerful!
wow, im impressed. i thought that tai was just a scam artist. excellent speech!!!
Edward Cortez (5 months ago)
Jamila richardson geisler Yeah, so did I?
Jeree Anderson (5 months ago)
5:20 Facts, Brother. ♥️💪🏾
Atlanta718 (5 months ago)
What #tools will get you ahead? Work smarter not harder. Increase #wealth by increasing your #knowledge #Change the #world with #education, #technology and #resources.
Oscar Monroy (6 months ago)
SOLUTION: Change the mindset in neighborhoods, communities, the state, and on a federal level. We have human capital, and natural resources to transform America into a future global powerhouse, and leader! However there are forces in America that are creating destructive propaganda that are destroying generations.
Young Choppa (6 months ago)
Do what u wanna do in life JUST DO IT school will just make you work at a job and that shit will stress you out. By the way im yelling in my mind.But drop our im school right now im 15 you should hustle and look at videos on youtube to see how work smarter some of yall parents are working hard but not getting enough 💰 my mom calls me lazy cause i dont do shit in school and i dont care but im just waiting for my ps4 to get fix so i can start a youtube gaming channel .How the fuck people back then create this amazing things that we still use now without school like if school didnt exist right now i bet people wouldav found cures to dieases and build better technology so do what you wanna do dont let yo parents or nobodey else tell you what you should do cause god put us on this world to be free and other stuff.
Dex Kool (6 months ago)
One beer 🍺one mustard
Amen preach tho
I'm 23 I walk to work I'm trying to pay off debt now never owned credit card
That's bullshii the more u make the more uncle sam takes
Ndasuunye because they have tons of money and they get tax breaks and cheat the system I wouldnt complain much if I owned a mansion and a lambo and a yacht and about every gun know to mankind like a type of scarface movie
Ndasuunye (5 months ago)
weareanonmyous wecannotbestopped billionaires are smart enough to hire a professional accountant to cheat uncle Sam. They never complain about Uncle Sam
Gordon Browning (6 months ago)
Thank you !  Very inspiring video.  Like they say  " IF AT FIRST YOU DON"T SUCCEED TRY, TRY AGAIN !  Just have to get out their and do it and if you secede,   inspire others you know,  that are down on their luck.  Karma can change a persons life dramatically,  in either direction.
rodeo o (6 months ago)
Your Name Here (6 months ago)
Im sorry about your friend leon, but there are tons of people that are in the same environment that do not turn to crime or drugs. I grew up worse than most anyone i know. But there are ways to live and thrive even if you start at the bottom. Its a dog eat dog world, you can never expect anyone to help you, if u are lucky enough to have helpful people who can give u knowledge or opportunities, then thats an extra.
Spongbob YT (6 months ago)
I never realized there was amazing videos out here like this.
Husam E (6 months ago)
this so sad
Derek Lynch (6 months ago)
P.S if your friend was diabetic who needed insulin shots.......it wasn't because of poor diet. Common misunderstanding.
Derek Lynch (6 months ago)
If he is on insulin shots, that is type 1 diabetes. Caused by an auto immune disease which causes the pancreas organ to stop producing the bodies own insulin. Type 2 diabetes on the other hand IS caused by poor lifestyle / diet but you do not need insulin shots with type 2.
Idolizeno1 Tv (6 months ago)
I love the message I’m From and live in Nc too thanks for being an inspiration for others we need more ppl like this but the world doesn’t care no more it’s all about media
Jennifer Carr (6 months ago)
Love u Tai Lopez! This video speaks volume about you! Keep it up!!❤❤
Great Video. Good advice!
Freefit (8 months ago)
Tai Lopez video = hyped garbage. The Adam Del Duca video = pure gold.
C. Militaru (6 months ago)
type big and bold before your statement: *IN MY OPINION*
LHSlash (8 months ago)
All these stories are made up.... Tai should admit it. Don't try to pass them as true stories.
100s of Kiny (5 months ago)
how does that matter, the message is true!
Tom Psillas (6 months ago)
How do you know they are fake? Don't make comments unless you know the facts, otherwise you sound like an idiot.
Charles Graves (7 months ago)
Probably true. But still motivational
Eileen M. Ryan (8 months ago)
LHSlash ...I’l admit these stories all sound too good to be true.
Mtn Flyer (8 months ago)
A good video and a strong message. I hope it reaches many ppl.
Donald Henderson (5 months ago)
Mtn Flyer me to
Vinayaka (8 months ago)
By this reasoning, getting to your goal is more important than how you get there. So you're saying that I shouldn't work hard and study for my exams but work smart and cheat my way through. The end result will be that I'll get an A and that is my goal, cheating will be my "tool". I'm just "borrowing" someone else's smartness. Isn't this just theft, cheating, scam? I do not want to discredit this person but I find fallacy in his reasoning, if I'm misinterpreting the message of this video pleas do tell me.
Arno Griffith Ian Aranas (5 months ago)
You do know that being a cheater isn't smart right? Maybe borrowing your teacher's smartness is.
Ndasuunye (5 months ago)
Cheaters prosper all the time. They don't care, as long as they move forward. You can also cheat smart and be a millionaire. But you can't promote that
Alex Nieves (5 months ago)
Quantum's Edge I say misinterpreting the video. Only in the educational system they teach you not to “cheat” and you work on your own. In the real world it takes a network of people working together to get ahead. You don’t have to learn everything and do everything by yourself. You need help. You need other people to help you and you in turn need to help others. Each has their own unique skills and abilities to add to the equations. People in the real world Work together to get ahead. The flawed education system teaches you to work alone and that collaboration is cheating. Focus More on team collaboration and sharing information.
jesson abadiano (8 months ago)
I'm gonna buy a gun LOL
Life Yang (8 months ago)
I need someone to reach out to me and take me under their wing. I was on welfare my entire childhood life. Currently, I work many overtime hours 6 days a week and I am still poor. I want to get out of poverty so bad. I need someone to hold my hands and help me, and teach me
Bla Bla (5 months ago)
The teachers name is Ramit Sethi. He will teach you to be rich.
heavunlee1 (5 months ago)
"When the student is ready the teacher will appear" - Buddha Siddhartha Guatama Shakyamun
Marilyn Wisbey (6 months ago)
Aw bless you I would ... live in UK🇬🇧
Jon Schnee (6 months ago)
nobody is ever coming to you, you need to reach out to the people who can help you.
YOU ARE LOVED (6 months ago)
InvestorInventors (8 months ago)
This is all true! Working hard doesn’t get you anywhere if you don’t know what you’re working towards or you’re not working smarter! With better education systems, and more people with entrepreneurship mindsets willing to mentor and teach others who are willing to listen, are world would be run more successfully and passionately. Less people would be focused on trying to survive and meet their deadline for the rent or bill, and instead be focused on learning things they want to explore and be financially independent!
J Dee (8 months ago)
Unfortunately you can't help those who don't help themselves. No one wants to grow up to be a dental hygienist. They want to be a reality TV show play sports or become a musician. If you work smart and hard it pays dividends. But no matter what you cannot force self-actualization. By the way a dental hygienist only takes 2 years at a community college and you make $70,000 a year.
Rachumz 2015 (4 months ago)
Michelle Mercy well said.
Michelle Mercy (5 months ago)
J Dee it's education and literacy. These kids see expressed feeling and generated interest in these artists who are free to express themselves. This modivates them, wanting to be heard, they follow that carrot. They need the words to express. Politicians speak a completely different level of English than the general population. Everything begins at home, to survive. To live we require much more.
alex kanyima (6 months ago)
J Dee it depends on the progressing
Aizen Dicen (8 months ago)
Can you teach me how and hire me!?
Hannan Lippmann (8 months ago)
Why are you talking about it? 1cent from all the people are the solution.
MUEMA K (8 months ago)
this is the best video I've seen in my life
Jeremy Sanders (8 months ago)
So true!!
Garido Williams (8 months ago)
Brandon P West (8 months ago)
This video is so powerful. Its all about hard work. Im 24 years old, made my first 168K last year, bought a house, bought my dream car, and continue to improve each year. People tell you that its not possible, or that you cant do it but you actually can if you start a legit business, and start improving your skills and mindset. you cant be negative and look at the world, or look at failure as a bad thing. Failure sucks, but i offers a huge learning lesson.
olamidearibisala (4 months ago)
That's awesome
the0master200 (5 months ago)
Brandon P West what business do you do? I love in a country where it is very complicated to start businesses so I didn't bother learning about it to begin with, what books can I read? What advice do you have regarding this?
Pete Nut (5 months ago)
-Ronnie from jersey shore
Kidanis Cortes (5 months ago)
Congratulations man for real. I've been trying to start a successfull clothing business for 7 years now I'm about to be 30 and I live in Puerto Rico and the huricane left me jobless. Hopefully I can figure out what I'm doing wrong and get a few sales and some traction
Shaian Nouri (5 months ago)
if you did 168k last year you wouldn't be posting youtube videos every day as a full-time job
Frimpong Augustine (8 months ago)
It's true Sir what you are teach, I thought the world was being deceived about working hard instead of working smart_coz without creativity (smartness), hardworking toils only yield none.
Guilherme Coutinho (8 months ago)
I love your videos! keep up
Practical Wisdom (8 months ago)
Lets work SMARTER this year and hopefully achieve our Goals and Dream!
The COACH (5 months ago)
Practical Wisdom Great video this info will be applied immediately
Anmol Interscope (8 months ago)

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