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The Original Lightning Network (Litecoin/Bitcoin)

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You've most probably already used a layer 2 network and not even noticed. Join me for the Discord talk on Lightning and Atomic Swaps: https://www.reddit.com/r/litecoin/comments/7ecj71/introducing_discord_talks_session_1_lightning/ Twitter: ▨ Franklyn - https://twitter.com/MLPFrank Music: ♫ Flofilz - malchance https://soundcloud.com/flofills
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Text Comments (17)
AA2 (11 months ago)
excellent work excellent a e s t h e t i c keep up the great effort thx 100x
Marquis Chan (7 months ago)
We need more videos ! Preferably on competing protocols like eth, Dag etc
Un Banked (8 months ago)
Very good quality videos and great straight forward explanations. Was the choice of a bank icon deliberate or ironic for where your funds are stored and can you please make a video on how path discovery works? Thanks
Jelle Van Sluis (10 months ago)
A+ grade explanation thankyou.
Moon Leah (10 months ago)
I love you Franklyn! Keep up the hard work.
July Cesar (10 months ago)
First time watching your stuff. Well made, yet humble with the coffee mug mic stand. Great job of explaining the lightning system
Piliponful (11 months ago)
Lucy... What a wonderful name you chosen. I'll bet you are the fun of one piece! Dressrosa ark was fucking great. P.S. lol, jk P.S.S great video. You're channel is of exceptional quality.
Bailey Hawker (11 months ago)
Keep it up man. You provide great insights into these complex, emerging technologies.
GoldsteinShekels™ (11 months ago)
Go back to your previous colour grading, something seems off here.
Anon Moto (11 months ago)
i can listen to you all day! that voice.. no homo
Blake Bedford-Palmer (11 months ago)
Can you do another one on Lightning network vs Bigger blocks?
Moon Leah (10 months ago)
Bigger blocks are a miner's coin. Segwit/lightning are a dev's coin. Instant commerce for present day BCH Global scaling for future BTC in L2/L3/L4
Kendel Tabosa (11 months ago)
Mr Kelly (11 months ago)
Good job. So rather than leaving coins on dubious exchanges, you can use lightning to send, store and receive off chain and you'll not have the security risk as it works like a contract and someone cannot take your coins and fail to exchange their Bitcoin, as it will fail and both parties get their money back, like a contract. What's the estimated cost of a lightning transaction?
cryptoLULz (11 months ago)
To use the lightning network you have to open and close the channel. So you have to pay on-chain transaction fee twice. But you can use the LN in the meanwhile and pay 1000 times for very low or zero fees. But you can only transact with the amount you have committed. You "deposit" a bitcoin and then you can use it in Lightning Network, but can't use it to send on-chain until you close the channel. Correct me if i'm wrong.
Douglas Young (11 months ago)
Thanks for the lesson. Until next time.
kranski (11 months ago)

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