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Create a TPO Profile aka Market Profile® Chart with Volume Profile

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This video will show how to make a chart a TPO Profile/Market Profile® Chart and how to also add a Volume Profile (Volume by Price study) if you so choose.
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Dharma Patel (3 months ago)
Thanks, but what software is this?
Infinity Futures (3 months ago)
This is Sierra Chart, offered by Infinity Futures. You can request a trial, free with live data for 30 days here: https://www.infinityfutures.com/practiceaccount.aspx?ref=pzie
robt1975 (4 months ago)
Is it possible for the volume by price study to show up as the actual number of contracts traded instead of a bar? Thank you.
robt1975 (4 months ago)
+Infinity Futures Perfect! Thank you!
Infinity Futures (4 months ago)
Yes, there is a setting in the volume by price study called "Display Volume in Bars" which defaults to none, but can be edited.
AdiL oSaFi (1 year ago)
the range of market profile in gbpusd so wide how i can make it smaller :(
AdiL oSaFi (1 year ago)
thank you ❤
Infinity Futures (1 year ago)
Just increase this value: https://www.sierrachart.com/index.php?page=doc/StudiesReference/TimePriceOpportunityCharts.html#PriceIncrement

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