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Mountaintop-Removal Mining CNN LOVES BIG COAL

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CNN glosses over the seriousness of the issue of Mountaintop-Removal Mining technique as if CNN were speaking on behalf of the coal industry. CNN doesn't bother to get both sides of the story and instead is dismissive of anyone who criticizes Big Coal as being left-wing nutters rather than concerned citizens of the Appalachian area.
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SittingMoose Shaman (7 years ago)
...you may thank Bill Clinton, The Democratic and Republican parties and Bills' coal-pal from Indonesia, Ryoti...Indonesia now ranks as worlds' largest coal exporter... For having passed fed legislation which has effectively corralled all future coal-mining in the states of Utah&Wyoming: Thus causing the industry to (re)focus-nationally-on the Smokey Mountain States for coal. In Utah&Wyo. it's open-pit minin' in the "Bad Lands" mostly. Here... Well, it's... It didn't have to be 'this way'!!!
mountainjustice (9 years ago)
According to the Federal Office of Surface Mining, in a mature healthy forest trees absorb 75 percent of the rainfall. Then there are the mosses and dead leaves on the forest floor that hold water like a sponge and release it slowly into streams. In the area where there have been flash floods near mountaintop removal mines, there are few trees, because the mining removes the trees and compacts the land into a surface like concrete.
mountainjustice (10 years ago)
CNN fails to mention the 10 West Virginians who have been killed by flooding caused by mountaintop removal in 2001 and 2002 - there are no trees left on the mountain to hold back the rainfall, causing flash floods ... all in all a pretty weak story by CNN
uru86 (10 years ago)
The coal industry is a huge advertiser for CNN...its all about the money.

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