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Let's call it my Crypto News

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All about the crash after assets got delisted from Poloniex
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Amsterdam Holland (25 days ago)
It's up to you
Trattor Ritutto (25 days ago)
every day
Bitcoin Daytrader (23 days ago)
Thanks for the reply, I do appreciate it!! I will try my best to create videos more often!
nion456789 (25 days ago)
Smashed the like
Bitcoin Daytrader (23 days ago)
Issa Coulibaly (25 days ago)
Hello my boss is the sequel or what
Issa Coulibaly (23 days ago)
It's yours thank you god keep you
Bitcoin Daytrader (23 days ago)
Thank you for watching my video!! I will try my best to make a series out of this

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