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Using salvagewallet to save a corrupt Bitcoin Wallet file

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Learn how to use the -salvagewallet option with Bitcoin-Core
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zakir hussain (16 days ago)
Show us how lightning works..thank u
Trons (17 days ago)
You're a tremendous help to the community, please never stop making tutorial videos like these.
nion456789 (17 days ago)
Smashed the like
Trattor Ritutto (17 days ago)
new core wallet 0.16.3 😠😠😠 download it
Bitcoin Daytrader (17 days ago)
We even have to download the newest version since there are bugs in the older Bitcoin-core 16.x versions.. These bugs might result in transactions being canceled even-though they were confirmed more then 6 times..
Trattor Ritutto (17 days ago)
+Bitcoin Daytrader 👍
Bitcoin Daytrader (17 days ago)
Yeah I know but I recorded this video before noticing the 16.3 version, but the principle stays the same ;)
Phil Victor Salazar (17 days ago)
hello man iam your new subscribe r ..may ask a question? is the btc generator legit? or they ary scam??
Phil Victor Salazar (17 days ago)
thank you sir for the response god bless man keep sharing
Bitcoin Daytrader (17 days ago)
Thank you for subscribing my friend!! I personally never tried them, but I think they are 100% scams, so I will never even try it... The only real bitcoin generators I know of are mining computers.. Remember that it will cost the newest Antminer ($1500) around a month 24/7 to mine 0.25 btc with a power cost of hundreds of dollars a month. So don't simply think it can be real as they show you on youtube videos ;)

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