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How to Install Linux Ubuntu Virtual Machine

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Using the Oracle VM VirtualBox in Windows 10 we install the Linux Ubuntu-16.04 version on a Virtual Disk Image.
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LOCAL STAR (1 month ago)
Hi bro..I have small doubt..if we install Kali Linux on windows.. Our data will gone (erase) while installation OS...
LOCAL STAR (1 month ago)
Congrats bro..u have started your youtube earnings...u have successfully enabled monetization..
LOCAL STAR (1 month ago)
+Bitcoin Daytrader nothing is different bro as usual same...but ads are displaying on your videos... If u have good traffic u will earn more money...in future it will happens my bro...keep going..
Bitcoin Daytrader (1 month ago)
Thanks man, It happend 2 weeks ago.. At the moment all my videos together are making a total of a dollar a day ;) (so I've made like 12 dollar total) Do you notice anything different compared to before? (like 2 weeks ago)
Nick (1 month ago)
nion456789 (1 month ago)
Smashed the like.....keep making more videos.....:-D
LOCAL STAR (1 month ago)
Learnable video bro#bitcoin daytrader
LOCAL STAR (1 month ago)
+Bitcoin Daytrader thanks for your words bro...am egarly waiting to learn something new from you....one of the best channel on YouTube...
Bitcoin Daytrader (1 month ago)
Thanks mate, I will make a Kali Linux version soon, but I'm still trying to re-figure out how I made my Kali Linux USB.
zakir hussain (1 month ago)
Thanks but most of pc users know this..this is damn basic..pls make a video on python basics..like what is python and it's libraries .how it works etc....and also of trading u did before..
Bitcoin Daytrader (1 month ago)
Hey Zakir, I'm working on my python skills as we speak, I think of going live again to continue on the trading bot for poloniex tomorrow, but I first have to learn a little bit more about Python today. There are still a lot of python basics I have to learn before being able to explain it correct. In the mean time you could always learn the basics too on this website: https://www.sololearn.com/Course/Python/

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