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Short Interest Ratio or Days to Cover Ratio

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A video tutorial by PerfectStockAlert.com designed to teach investors and traders about the Short Ratio, also known as the Short Interest Ratio, or the Days to Cover Ratio. Visit our free website at http://www.PerfectStockAlert.com
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lakecityransom (4 years ago)
lol! Did glass break @ 3:33 or was that your dog getting up with his chain or something.
stangtrax (5 years ago)
So maybe if a stock is in an uptrend and has a low short ratio number, thats means the bulls are in charge. yes or no? Maybe if a stocks trend rolls over you can short it, but if there is a high short ratio you may not want to, because there would be already a lot of bears in it and could cause you to get squeezed trying to get out in days to come? If this is correct I thank you for the time and video.
stangtrax (5 years ago)
Thank you, if I got this right finally day to cover is the average days because of average volume versus the volume of shares the shorts "Bears" have it would take for all of them to get out the shorts? Seems easy after your video, but no one could say it so simple to me. So you could short a stock and hold it for as long as you want as long as there are enough shares of that stock? I use to think days to cover meant the amount of days I could hold the shares if I shorted it, LOL.
Perfect Stock Alert (6 years ago)
You are welcome.

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