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Enable your GPU in btcrecover

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BelekasTV (17 days ago)
Hi, does Multbit Classic *.key files support GPU cracking in btcrecover?
Adrian Mihai (1 month ago)
Hi. how i can put 4 rigs to search for same password? i have more gpu but i can't connect all to same pc
Bitcoin Daytrader (1 month ago)
Hi Adrian, Thank you for using my tutorials!! I'm not sure what you should or could do, because I never had this situation before. What I do know is that you can skip password searches, so for instance PC1 says that it will try 1.000.000 passwords, than you could use PC2 with exactly the same commands & tokenlist but add the argument --skip 250000, on PC3 the same with --skip 500000 and PC4 --skip 750000 this way all pcs try one quarter of the full search. It is not the solution you hoped for, but it might help with your password search. If you do know how to combine 4 rigs let me know because I am curious! Good luck my friend :D
Ahmed Shawky (3 months ago)
thanks man please let me know how can i take to you private please
Karl Aschnikow (5 months ago)
Does it work for multiple GPUs too?
Bitcoin Daytrader (5 months ago)
Yes you can choose GPU(s) on multi-GPU systems with --gpu-names NAME-OR-ID (with --list-gpus you can see the NAME-OR-ID)
fr4gn4tic (6 months ago)
Hi i remeber my Password looks like "abc123" "some word" "2343!" Is it possible to use a wordlist with the beginning word "abc123" "wordlist.txt" "2343!", i know i used a lowercase word between abc123 and 2434!.
fr4gn4tic (5 months ago)
Thanks, i watch all your tutorials and finally got the token file to work. Now i hope i got my Password back ;) We have the same GPU try this out --enable-gpu --global-ws 8192 --local-ws 1024
Bitcoin Daytrader (6 months ago)
Hi Thomas, of course you can my friend, but you are here at an advanced tutorial, I suggest you start at the beginning. You can find all the information you need on my channel. First: make sure you have installed btcrecover the right way: ( https://youtu.be/cTalt-Zo3yk ) Second: learn how to run the program, ( https://youtu.be/V9mCEoOi5vU ) applies to all bitcoin derivative wallets (like litecoin, Multibit, Jaxx, Doge...) Third: When you are able to run btcrecover you should work on your token file: ( https://youtu.be/MKd4I5fMoNE ) This third tutorial teaches you to play with btcrecover and the token file If It takes to long you can alway try it with GPU acceleration as a last resort. Regards!!
Amsterdam Holland (6 months ago)
Bitcoin Daytrader (6 months ago)
Haha, I was not planning on deleting the tutorials, the video's that I made private were my first 2 videos on this channel, they were about my trading strategy on poloniex last year. I talked about " Grinding Poloniex" spreading the rist across all available coins equally and reset everyday. So for instance buy every coin on the website for a total of $10, (or 0.001btc) next day some coins are worth $10 - $16 (0.0016 btc)and some are $10 - $4.(0.0004 btc) If the coin lost value (total worth: $4), you buy $6. Now that coin will go back to a total of $10. If the coin increased in value to $16 (or 0.0016 btc), sell everything above $10 (so sell: 0.0006 btc). You buy your losses back with the profit you made on other coins. When you reset every day to $10 the profit of 10% will cancel out the losses of 10%, but you can never lose more than 100% = $10,- on a coin, but sometimes you can gain more than 300% = $30,- on a coin, so the average wil be positive. This technique works pretty well if 1/2 to 3/4 of all the coins on the exchange websites are in green +%. (in 2017 around 2/3 of the coins were in positive +% every day, so your portfolio would gain value slow but steady) Today the advise would only help you slow and steady lose all your coins, because all coins are on average flat or declining in price. (I think entire 2018 around 2/3 of the coins will be negative -% every day, so you will slowly lose your money) Maybe december or 2019-2020 we can start Grinding Alt coins again. PS. those eyes on my background are my girlfriends ;) https://piknu.com/u/x_x.mary_jizzl That girl with the red headset that helped me unpack my GeForce GPU 1060
Amsterdam Holland (6 months ago)
Maybe I did'nt look good so I guess you didn't delete these videos. I love the "Getting your Private Keys from the Bitcoin Core wallet" video and the "Get your private keys from the Android Bitcoin Wallet" video so please don't delete them. By the way, who is that girl with the beautifull eyes on your desktop wallpaper?
Bitcoin Daytrader (6 months ago)
Amsterdam Holland, did I do that? I only changed my first 2 videos to private a week ago, because they did not fit in the playlist. The videos were old and the quality was terrible compared to the other videos. Thanks for your view mate!
Buy husky dog . Make clips = mil. views(mil . $)
Bitcoin Daytrader (6 months ago)
Ѣ, hey how about a new keyboardcat? xD
nion456789 (6 months ago)
I smashed the like........nice video.....:-)
nion456789 (6 months ago)
Make video on zcash code breakdown........
nion456789 (6 months ago)
Bitcoin Daytrader Ok Thanks Man....:-)
Bitcoin Daytrader (6 months ago)
nion456789, I will try to prepare a video about the subject, but first I will record and edit some other projects.

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