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Emily Seek (52 minutes ago)
Guуs I just fоund free $6673.this аwеsоmе cash gеnеrаtоr:(just go to) makepplmoney.win/?DXfI5v
Stevie Lovelight (4 hours ago)
Nice!!! $460 PROFIT!! GREAT JOB BRUTHA!! 🤣😎👏👏👏
Digitonic1 (4 hours ago)
Leslie Jenkins (7 hours ago)
What State are You in?
Digitonic1 (7 hours ago)
Whitneigh Torres (8 hours ago)
Digitonic1 (7 hours ago)
monicaray1mw (10 hours ago)
I was so excited for you! This is awesome.
Digitonic1 (10 hours ago)
Rob v w85 (1 day ago)
Nice win man. It always feels so good when you hit tickets like that.
Digitonic1 (1 day ago)
Luis Tabuyo (1 day ago)
See what I noticed is if you wanna get a winning scratchoff go to the good neighborhoods and buy them there. It may seem stupid but I win way more often when I buy one at a richer neighborhood than at the middle class neighborhoods or the hood.
Lady Wolf (10 hours ago)
Rebbecca Hail Exactly .. A voice of reason..
Rebbecca Hail (10 hours ago)
You will lose forever, over time. Be real. It’s such a scam on poor people. This guy is probably some millionaire actor.
Rebbecca Hail (10 hours ago)
It’s all rigged. Don’t fool yourself.
miztri (1 day ago)
Luis Tabuyo this is so true
Astridx cherry (1 day ago)
Smart and Lucky!!🙂👏 👏by the way...Your voice is very pleasant. Keep the good luck...Blessings!!
Cindy Rodriguez (12 hours ago)
damn you look good🤤
Digitonic1 (1 day ago)
C.C Chevy Cutlass (2 days ago)
Is thst how u play these im gona start
Digitonic1 (2 days ago)
It's how I play sometimes usually around holidays
Loretta Lucas (2 days ago)
Wow wish i could do that
Loretta Lucas (2 days ago)
Digitonic1 your welcome
Digitonic1 (2 days ago)
Brian Marcus (2 days ago)
Digitonic1 (2 days ago)
keva kinsler (2 days ago)
Good for you! 🤗🤗 Now can you pay my cable bill, please 😁
Jeremiah Waldron (1 day ago)
Well having cable these days is your problem. Get rid of that shit and get with the times lol ask your child they can show you
Digitonic1 (2 days ago)
Thanks Keva sorry it went for six months of Car insurance in 2016 this vid is 2 years old lol
FACE4910 (2 days ago)
All my winners were numbers from 099 and down,also look for the line from the ticket before ,usually it's a winner. If you know someone that worked lottery ,gas stations will and should know this if they paid attention.
FACE4910 (1 day ago)
It'll be an overlay on top of the perforated tear line.unless you know the cashier it may be hard to obtain that info???I forgot Good Luck!!
FACE4910 (1 day ago)
+Danielle Ann Marie you know what I'm talking about.sorry I couldnt explain it. Remember ASK the cashier what the ticket number is on lower the number the better.
Danielle Ann Marie (1 day ago)
the white line on the usually on under or over the tear away?
Loretta Lucas (2 days ago)
So true iworked at a convenient store
keva kinsler (2 days ago)
What are you talking about? 🤔 Are you saying if the previous ticket sold was a winner that's the roll you want to buy multiple tickets from?
Andre Wallace (3 days ago)
Congrats. You hit the jackpot as far as I'm concerned.
Djuana Okocha (2 days ago)
Andre Wallace me too
Digitonic1 (2 days ago)
steve Czarnecki (3 days ago)
I do believe there's usually 300 tickets per roll so how is 44 through 49 the final tix on roll?
Steven Collins (1 day ago)
I think maybe it goes by size of ticket. The roll would be huge on some of the bigger tickets. We have these silly jumbo tickets only come like 10 to the roll.
Marcson GAUDIN (1 day ago)
steve Czarnecki no there's 60 per roll
jeff williams (2 days ago)
steve Czarnecki depends on the cost of the ticket. There's 300 on rolls of dollar tickets
Monique Blazer (2 days ago)
No there isn't 300 in a roll in Ohio,
Digitonic1 (3 days ago)
Nope Steve These are Ohio tickets they run 000 to 049 don't believe me? Call the Ohio Lottery
Noah Glasgow (3 days ago)
Digitonic1 (3 days ago)
Chertel Douglas (3 days ago)
there's a pattern with these scratch offs. it seems as if you for example, buy 10 $1 tickets and win on none, the winner could be coming up or has already been bought. also, if you win big on one ticket, the next one is usually a loser and then the others after are usually the amount you paid for the ticket or loser tickets
Monique Blazer (2 days ago)
They hit 2 in a row
Digitonic1 (3 days ago)
I agree Certel there are defiantly patterns someone has to design the books
W4FPC Ham Radio Club (3 days ago)
Nice take! Definitely worth putting that 60 out. Now the trick is don't dump it all back. Just maybe like 50%, and buy something nice with the profit lol.
Digitonic1 (3 days ago)
good advice man but this vid is two years old I paid car insurance with it
deedeevill7 (3 days ago)
Congrats on your winnings. I am glad that you went back and bought them too. Good job on paying attention on the way the tickets run. Wow.
Digitonic1 (3 days ago)
Thanks deedeevill7
Julian Murphy (3 days ago)
Wow there's hope gud luck enjoy my guy
Digitonic1 (3 days ago)
BriBri Douglass (3 days ago)
What is the trick?!? I did not catch it?!?
Loco Joe (1 day ago)
I didn’t catch it either?
Luis Huizar (1 day ago)
Joy griffith (3 days ago)
Thank you for showing how to look for winning in scratch off tickets , now i know what to look for in scratch ,i must of throw away a lot off winning tickets because i never no what to look for thank you.
Digitonic1 (3 days ago)
You bet Joy thanks for watching
Ruth Cook (4 days ago)
Tammy Hess (4 days ago)
Wow, 250,000 a year for $10.00 is amazing. This definitely did not come from Pennsylvania. Nice!!!!
Jorge Garza (1 day ago)
I think she meant the actual ticket for 10$ is amazing. They cost way more in Texas, or at least my area.
Luis Huizar (1 day ago)
Off Rip (2 days ago)
He didn't win the 250k for a year.
Digitonic1 (3 days ago)
thanks Candice best of luck to you
Candice K. (3 days ago)
Digitonic1 *It's strange that I found your video today bc literally last night here In PA I bought several tkts & won on all but 2& I'm not a lottery person, but for some reason I was drawn to buy some. I can't explain what I'm trying to say ,but it just seems to sycnicrocy to me. I'm glad u won& I know you will soon win the amount you've been hoping for, trust me. Take care*
Diana Love (4 days ago)
my pop bought a $10.00 ticket and won 1 million
Digitonic1 (4 days ago)
sweet yea there out there
Big Daddy Dee (4 days ago)
How many of you were shouting “#40” at the screen? Lol
Big Daddy Dee (2 days ago)
When he was looking at the ticket for the winning number, the only number he had was “40” but he couldn’t find it...
Zachary Martin (3 days ago)
Sorry, I wasn't very clear. When in the video did you miss a 40?
Digitonic1 (3 days ago)
yea I was full of Turkey it was Thanksgiving Day 2016 I was beat
Zachary Martin (3 days ago)
BriBri Douglass (3 days ago)
Big Daddy Dee 🤣🤣🤣felt like I was watching Blues Clues or Sesame Street! 😂
Derrick Tyler (4 days ago)
I'm glad you won I need some of that rabbit's foot!!!
Digitonic1 (4 days ago)
got about 30 of them lol
I cheered when I saw you win ! I’m so happy for you and now I’m going out to get these tickets
Digitonic1 (4 days ago)
There pretty old now this vid is from 2016
jamaca Hendley (4 days ago)
I don't win a damn thing
Digitonic1 (4 days ago)
Yea it's volitile out there sometimes
Ricardo Hernandez (4 days ago)
I never win shit lol
Candice K. (3 days ago)
Ricardo Hernandez *If you really believe in something that u want to happen & picture it in your minds eye that it already is reality then anything is literally possible. This is what the so called EVIL "Elite" scumbags have hidden from HUMANITY. Try& it you'll be amazed. Remember, u have to truly believe or it won't work, u can't have any doubts whatsoever, picture as if it already exists. I know u can do it.*
Ricardo Hernandez (4 days ago)
I really hope so. I really need it. If I do. I'll make sure I hit you up asap
Digitonic1 (4 days ago)
Hope ya find a big one man thanks for watching
marchbabi323 (4 days ago)
I'll scratch all the numbers at the bottom first. Then the ones up top.
Rob v w85 (1 day ago)
marchbabi323 lol I use the same technique.
Shawn McDonald (4 days ago)
You say to buy them all when you see them but you never said which stats you bought them from.
Bella Yunes (3 days ago)
Again na McDonald
Digitonic1 (4 days ago)
These were Ohio tickets from 2016
Bill 457 (4 days ago)
My tickets were 2 dollar win 10 times did good
Bill 457 (4 days ago)
I bought a strip of 10 tickets off the same roll won on a lot of them in a row won about 140
Digitonic1 (4 days ago)
Tim Mcnulty (5 days ago)
I'll remember That! I had something happen similar. Bought 11 losing tickets in a row. Had to buy another. Glad I did. It was for 200.00.
Digitonic1 (4 days ago)
My 1st Thousand dollar winner was after a string of duds like 7 or 8 $20 Tickets I was playing with bonus money I got from work and I was ready to literally puke and a double 500 popped man I was so happy and sick at the same time
patrice moore (5 days ago)
I wish I had the first card you scratched off. I would be happy with that.congratulations
Digitonic1 (4 days ago)
I sure was
trebor trahrebe (5 days ago)
Lucky dog
Digitonic1 (4 days ago)
Yep lucky that time
Charlotte Schreffler (5 days ago)
He didn't say how much he won altogether. But the tickets were probably 10$ tickets.
Networ X (3 days ago)
Yeah he did. At 14:47 he said, "Five hundred and twenty dollars." ( $ 5 2 0 . 0 0 )
C Ch (5 days ago)
He did! He bought 6x $10. Scratch wins $520 - cost = $460 net win.
Digitonic1 (5 days ago)
I believe it was about 520 Charlotte there were2 vids Part 1 and Part 2 it was in 2016
MZZR2U (6 days ago)
I have purchased more than he has, and don't win nothing...must be the neighborhood.......
MZZR2U (2 days ago)
LOL Alan I feel your pain
MZZR2U (2 days ago)
Candice K...thanks for the encouragement.
Candice K. (3 days ago)
MZZR2U *U need to stop thinking/believing that u'll never win. The way things really work are to truly believe in whatever u want to happen & picture it in your minds eye that it has already happened, but u have to truly believe, cant have any doubts or it won't work. Get rid of the words like "Can't, Won't, Don't, Impossible",etc..those are all traps to enslave humanity. Fear is the true EVIL to humanity!! I promise u this is the absolute TRUTH!!*
Alan Moline (4 days ago)
Wish that was true but NOPE. Live in a white area & lose all the time.
Jerry Phillips (6 days ago)
Good for you!
Digitonic1 (6 days ago)
Thanks Jerry
wize2 thewayz (6 days ago)
Can I borrow some money? ;-)
Digitonic1 (6 days ago)
its all gone this vid is 2 years old
tana zinn (6 days ago)
Awesome...I'm happy for you:)
HeavensLuv (7 days ago)
In New York scratch off’s we only usually get one number per lottery scratch of. I notice out of state When I play in South Carolina down in Myrtle Beach I usually have 2 or 4 matching numbers on one scratch off!!
Termo (6 days ago)
HeavensLuv Bullshit I get plenty multiple numbers and multipliers with numbers maybe you don't play enough
Digitonic1 (6 days ago)
HeavensLuv Ohio can have any number of matches
jbanks4life (7 days ago)
Won 100$ today on 10$ and 30 Saturday on 2$
Digitonic1 (6 days ago)
jbanks4life good for you jbanks
Ellaria Tarly (7 days ago)
Digitonic1 (7 days ago)
Hey Ellaria thanks for watching
Toni Searcy (7 days ago)
They r cheap with the lottery
Digitonic1 (7 days ago)
Yep I agree Toni
Teresa Tx./Az. (7 days ago)
Very nice! ✌️
Digitonic1 (7 days ago)
stacy bennett (7 days ago)
I live in a small town in PA. There’s a little corner store across the street from me where people hit big ALL THE TIME! I don’t get it! I don’t play because I have no luck lol, but you should see the wins that come out of this place!
eilliw nodrod (5 days ago)
stacy bennett Then maybe you should play,if they're lucky,why can't you be lucky?
stacy bennett (6 days ago)
It’s called the Coplay News Agency in Coplay, PA. They have winning tickets hung all over the store! I have to start playing!
Paulette Washington (6 days ago)
stacy bennett do you mind sharing the store?
stacy bennett (7 days ago)
There’s been quite a few million dollar winners from this store!!
frans younan (8 days ago)
Shawn Avant (8 days ago)
I never scratch em with a quarter 😂😂😂
cindy ////// (8 days ago)
Finally great job Awesome! Happy to see your doing videos again too.😁
LifeIsGood (8 days ago)
That's awesome! So happy for you😆
Juselah Starrh (8 days ago)
My first scratch off I was 18 and I got 50$
King Sprite (8 days ago)
Juselah Starrh k
Dave Sharkey (9 days ago)
Did you also know here in Florida there are three categories of tickets they sell. 1 for super markets (these win the most)they are the vending machine tickets, 1 for gas stations (these hardly ever win) 1 for small stores like mom and pop stores these are a little better than gas stations. My local gas station lady said the lottery delivery guy told her this. I believe her. I've only won big at super markets. I used to play gas stations all the time but hardly won.
eilliw nodrod (5 days ago)
Digitonic1 How would the lottery delivery guy know which place have the most winners?
Poppy L (6 days ago)
Jason Spencer ...I agree. I think the super markets have more winners because less people buy them. Gas stations have many people in & out and their in your face to buy. As super markets its at the service desk most of the time. Now they have those instant ticket machines
Jason Spencer (6 days ago)
Lol. That is not true at all. Even the lottery has NO idea where the winning tickets are being shipped to.
Digitonic1 (8 days ago)
interesting 1st time I ever heard that
Tasha Davis (9 days ago)
Won a 100 this morning
Tasha Davis (4 days ago)
Faith no... It was a 20 dollar ticket... Funny thing tho... I played the whole 100 back and won another 100 the same day... I was store hoppin that day.. Playing the same kind of ticket
Faith (4 days ago)
was your win with one of these scratch offs?
Digitonic1 (9 days ago)
Awesome good for you Tasha
Dabunny Rabbit (9 days ago)
250000 a year is 4800 a week. not bad money.
eilliw nodrod (5 days ago)
Dabunny Rabbit Even after taxes that's still good money.You can tell your boss to go fuck himself with NO GREASE. HAHAHAHAHA.
Digitonic1 (9 days ago)
Yea that would be a nice score
Richard Chase (9 days ago)
Anyone, besides me, ever consider Lotteries and Lottery tickets could be rigged? We're talking big, big money with some lotteries. Humans have figured out how to rig just about anything, often for a lot less. I just know I've never won big. I've never known anyone to win big. I've been playing my state's lottery for almost 30 years. $164 max win. Quite a few teaser wins. More break-even wins. Even more 'Not A Winner' results. Frankly unknown (and afraid to know) amount spent on tickets and scratch-offs. But still, the dream remains alive. That's worth something. Damned sure better be!
Jeff Johnson (4 days ago)
They don't do it to give away money!
Richard Chase (5 days ago)
Actually that's not unusual with the high-dollar tickets. What is unusual is that he didn't win more with so many winners on one ticket. I kept waiting for some fabulous amount to be revealed. And no, I am not always "happy to win something." I wanna win something to not write home about......
Richard Chase (5 days ago)
Honestly, I don't know. He had just been arrested a few days before I read about it. So there's probably a ways to go yet. Can you believe that crap?! Sadly, I can...
eilliw nodrod (5 days ago)
Richard Chase Did this bum go to jail for what he did?
eilliw nodrod (5 days ago)
larry ballard You can't save up millions,as the commercial says "you gotta be in it,to win it".
Suzanne Campbell (10 days ago)
I would just drop dead right on the spot. I never win anything except a free ticket. Lol.
Digitonic1 (9 days ago)
I've hit 500 so many times I lost track I got 4 vids from 2018 with $500 wins so far
7 visions (10 days ago)
Only in Texas yall
Koriaaa (10 days ago)
Digitonic1 (10 days ago)
Mountain Scratcher (10 days ago)
He is saying way he is was winning. Then a dud then he got a feeling to buy the roll
Sharla E (8 days ago)
When you have 3 or more winning tickets in a row
OfficialBossTate (10 days ago)
NoProGoPronto (10 days ago)
I'm still not understanding. When you see WHAT, buy them all. What exactly should I be looking for? Thanks
Bernadette Duroch (7 days ago)
Winningvstreak, he figured there might be a roll of winners.
NoProGoPronto (8 days ago)
Riahonn Rose - It seems like luck and risk are the only ways to win big. I never buy more than a $5 card at any one time. Can’t win unless you’re ready to lose.
Riahonn Rose (8 days ago)
i wouldn't have i would have just kept buying them in the store and scratch till i won but he still won big!!
NoProGoPronto (8 days ago)
Sharla E - Thanks. That’s the answer I was looking for. That happened to me before, but I never thought to just buy the entire rest of a roll.
Sharla E (8 days ago)
When you have like 3 winning tickets in a row.
Sunday Marie Hanson (10 days ago)
Right on!
Karl Steenbergen (10 days ago)
Bought a $50 ticket 2 days ago and hit for $4000...just luck anyway you look at it!
OfficialBossTate (10 days ago)
Karl Steenbergen it's a Blessing
Digitonic1 (10 days ago)
That's Awesome Karl congrats
Jessica Maya (10 days ago)
I found about $50 of lottery tickets in the trash. I worked at the gas station. So everyone needs to have them scanned before u throw them in the trash. And most people would tip me because they won. She gave me $20 for cashing n her $100 ticket. What some great customers. They loved me.
Nikolas Oliva (10 days ago)
Jessica Maya I picked of a stack of scratched tickets that was thrown in the grocery store found a 10x symbol for 50$ they must have thought it was a regular 10 and tossed it (it was 10 x5 for 50)
annette norris (10 days ago)
Thank you♥️✌🏾✊🏾
Digitonic1 (10 days ago)
You bet annette, thanks for watching
Lazaro Millares (11 days ago)
Ohhh now I get it , you are a Master Joda of the Lottery Scratchers and want to keep us away from the Dark Side. I got it Bro.
deanna curlew (10 days ago)
Lazaro Millares Guуs I just fоund free $1345.this аwеsоmе cash gеnеrаtоr:(just go to) frepplmoney.win/?wFkoa4 its working.
Digitonic1 (10 days ago)
Not quite Luke I am your father
x x (11 days ago)
Cool totally awesome you won
Digitonic1 (10 days ago)
Thanks Paul
Mountain Scratcher (11 days ago)
Nice win
Digitonic1 (11 days ago)
congrats on the win nice too see someone having fun at the expense of the state good job
Digitonic1 (11 days ago)
Billyguns (11 days ago)
Was just wondering why this vid was filed under the 'Comedy' category. Did I miss something?
Digitonic1 (11 days ago)
Most of my vids have a comedic twist to them, this vid was a little dry on comedy. Thanks for watching
Octavia Esparza (12 days ago)
My store the last one is 001 and starts at 59 in Arizona
Shriaz Hennessey (5 days ago)
$30 tickets in Glendale are great won $500 on ticket number 009
felip R (10 days ago)
Octavia Esparza WHERE ARE YOUUU... just kidding but if you're in Tucson or around Tucson tell me what story I'll go buy them
Digitonic1 (11 days ago)
Yea it seems every state has their own set up as far as how many tickets in a book
Happyness Within (12 days ago)
I can see my millions i manifest things in my minds and eventually what u think will lead u to reality , so.glad.i came here and id rather buy 20$ rolls than 2 play power ball or mega again....its happening i can feel it. Congratulations too u
Digitonic1 (11 days ago)
Thanks I feel it too
Joe Friszell (12 days ago)
I always feel like I'm gonna lose forever. but you just gave me hope.. That was amazing. Good job spotting a winning roll! I'm off to get some of my own now. Wish me luck!
Digitonic1 (12 days ago)
Good Luck Joe
valerie johnson (12 days ago)
Digitonic1 (12 days ago)
Jennifer Starr (12 days ago)
I am so happy for you, I love scratch off too I just won 90 bucks on two tickets heading for a jackpot now.
Digitonic1 (12 days ago)
Nice!! Congrats and goodluck
Fame1044 (12 days ago)
playr69 (12 days ago)
i think its fake. how is it that the number 27 came up 3 times? ive never seen a number come up more than once
marchbabi323 (4 days ago)
playr69 It is a "Match the numbers" game. Duhhh!
Gloria Low (7 days ago)
Mona Gibbens p
Mrs.Grant (7 days ago)
Ive had it happen and i dont play often
Lilia Villa (10 days ago)
Mona Gibbens ono
DarkMoon Goddess (11 days ago)
I have won like that 4 times
Chris PFF (12 days ago)
Seems like they put the losing tickets or the low win tickets in the innercity.
eilliw nodrod (5 days ago)
Chris PFF Can't have all these niggers winning all this money.
Curtis Smith (13 days ago)
I live in a state where the scratch off tickets suck and breaking even is about all you can do before spending more money and losing😠
Patricia Ashley (6 days ago)
Curtis Smith like casinos right? I never win.
Digitonic1 (12 days ago)
sorry to hear that Curtis hope ya find a big one soon
Yolanda Hampton (13 days ago)
Missy Elliot I Will Survive
Digitonic1 (13 days ago)
Yea me too
Steven Greene (13 days ago)
So the 20$ roll that spit out a 5million dollar winner, Did you win that 5 million or watch someone else win it?
Digitonic1 (13 days ago)
Steven Greene (13 days ago)
Lucky fella! What state are you all playing the lottery ?
Digitonic1 (13 days ago)
I wish it was me, it was a old guy who bought one ticket but frequents that store
mikefra87 (13 days ago)
Awesome Congrats Lucky You !! Hehehehe
Digitonic1 (13 days ago)
Sassy Assassin (13 days ago)
So what your saying is buy the whole roll and you will win big? Have you done it recently?
Sassy Assassin (5 days ago)
eilliw nodrod  A car payment
eilliw nodrod (5 days ago)
Sassy Assassin What would an entire roll cost?
Sassy Assassin (11 days ago)
Congrats on the win. Ima keep watching and hit you up for a few thousand when you win the BIG ONE!!!!!! ; )
Digitonic1 (13 days ago)
not exactly what I meant was that if you see alot of break evens in a row then it could mean a nice win is coming
David Berry (14 days ago)
Good for u brother always good to see a man or woman just have a good day at the races !
Digitonic1 (14 days ago)
Kimberly Ray (15 days ago)
Wow great man happy for you , Kim-n-carolina
Digitonic1 (14 days ago)
Roger B (15 days ago)
Nice win bro ....so much easier now when you can scratch the right corner and check at the store ...lol
tones kentkorn (12 days ago)
never thought to do that, takes all the fun out of a less than exciting life tho.lol
Roger B (14 days ago)
lol....gotcha ...did not see that !
Digitonic1 (14 days ago)
Ohio has the Code in the middle but wheres the fun in just doing that. Thanks for watching Roger
Oh wow , congrats man
Digitonic1 (14 days ago)
Pamela Weinberger (15 days ago)
Dude, I can't see the numbers u r scratching off? And what do you mean there are (10) wins, (on the first one).I have not played the scratch offs but maybe 20 times in my whole life. Anyway I probably spent $20 on all of em. I'm sure i spent way more on the tickets. And also, can u buy this piticular ticket anywhere, or in any state? Or are there only certain stores you can get these at?
Digitonic1 (14 days ago)
These are Ohio Tickets from 2016 there getting ready to be discontinued thanks for watching Pam
Spilled Spengler (15 days ago)
Buy 50 1$ 2000$ per months for life you are for sure to win 250+ dollars! I tried it a second time 100 Tickes I won!!!
Digitonic1 (14 days ago)
Ohio doesn't have those
Michael Williams (15 days ago)
Sweet sauce lucky tickets man
Digitonic1 (15 days ago)
Shelton Bryant (15 days ago)
Wow that was some lucky tickets man
Digitonic1 (15 days ago)
Yea it must have been a sweet book
Sekuo (15 days ago)
Digitonic1 (15 days ago)
Eddy Chavez (15 days ago)
Thomas Vee (15 days ago)
I know this is just a total coincidence, but, I watched this video and got excited! So, I went to the store and bought a $10 ticket, ...and won $110. $100 profit.
Nikki Zazz (3 days ago)
Thomas Vee its not coincidence, its law of attraction!
Teddi (11 days ago)
Digitonic1 (15 days ago)
Nice!! Congrats
T Rdz (15 days ago)
I'm so happy for you can't wait to come to Ohio yayyy congrats 🤗
Digitonic1 (15 days ago)
Amora Adore (15 days ago)
Is this real....
King Sprite (12 days ago)
Amora Adore same thing I said😂
Digitonic1 (15 days ago)
Yep 100% this is one of my vids from 2016
yungdaggerdick (15 days ago)
Where do u get these.!? Pls reply back as soon as possible🖒
Digitonic1 (15 days ago)
I play at gas stations mostly this is a very old video from 2016
TDIG COIN CHASER (16 days ago)

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