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Top 10 Countries With Highest Prostitution Rate In The World

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Support This channel : https://www.patreon.com/1MegaVideosChannel Join the Patron: this is Invitation link: https://patreon.com/invite/wvnznz Credits : http://indapaper.com/top-10-countries-with-the-highest-rate-of-pro stitu tion-in-the-world-chinas-rank-is-surprising/10/ Music : Royalty Free Music - Sxy Time Top 10 Countries With The Highest Rate Of Prtitution In The World – China’s Rank Is Surprising 1. Venzuela: 119 sx workers per 10,000 people The economic condition in Venzuela is pretty bd and this is one of the reasons that tripled the number of ex workers here. NOTICE: Some of these counties included in the list is due to the condition of very por or pretty bd economy that has tripled those huge sx workers. 2. Suth Krea: 110 sx workers per 10,000 people Despite lgal sancons and plice cckdowns, protution continues to flourish in Suth Krea, while sx workers continue to actively rsist the state’s activity. 3. Peru: 102 sx workers per 10,000 people In Peru, proution is lgal for wmen over 18 years old and that’s only if they register with municipal authorities and carry a health certificate. However, chld protution is still going on in this region (in fact, the number has doubled in the recent years). 4. Philippines: 85 sx workers per 10,000 people The Philippines offers fmale company in the form of b rg irls. The girls here are usually required to wear their “b rg irl” ID tags in well known places. On top of that, they are regularly tsted for SDs. 5. Nigeria: 63 sx workers per 10,000 people A sx tourism market for dorced older western wmen is on the rise in Nigeria. 6. China: 60 sx workers per 10,000 people According to some of the well known researchers in China, there are about 10 million active proutes in China. In other words, these proutes actually contribute as much as five percent to the country’s annual GDP (although the earnings are not taxed, it still goes back into the economy through consumption). 7. Brazil: 53 sx workers per 10,000 people Protution is lgal in Brazil, however, it is iegal to run a protution center or to employ proutes in any other way 8. Ghana: 52 sx workers per 10,000 people Proution is iegal in Ghana to some extent.Protution is huge in Ghana.But that does not deter young ldies, often under 18 years, from coming out onto the streets every night to look for ways to pleaure mn for money. 9. Germany: 49 sx workers per 10,000 people Prtution is also lgal here in Germany. It’s little wonder when you consider that organized prution in the country dates back to the 1200’s AD. 10. Thailand: 45 sx workers per 10,000 people Proution is iegal in Thailand, however, in practice it is tolerated and partly rgulated.
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Text Comments (429)
Pharpsyde Hope (10 days ago)
This list is total BS. The top 10 countries with the most prostitutes are pretty much all in the former Soviet Union.
Retro917 (10 days ago)
Why isn't the Netherlands on this list and Tijuana at Adelitas Bar other surrounding cantinas??
Geno Bobino (13 days ago)
Where is Dominican Republic
Kaiser Rahman (13 days ago)
I’m 100% sure Thailand is #1 in this kind of list and Netherlands is within top 5
Nadim Ovitch (13 days ago)
Thanks for the holiday suggestions.
Gordon Anderson (13 days ago)
Those women shown on Ghana were actually from Nigeria who thronged to Ghana to work as prostitutes...currently they’re being deported
Retro917 (10 days ago)
both countries in the picture slides were interchanged if you've noticed .. lol
abukamoon (13 days ago)
Though it's not a country, Washington DC has more prostitutes per square mile than any country. They service the Israel Lobby, the Military Industrial Complex, the big banks, the big oil companies and other special interests.
EULISS BENOIT (13 days ago)
no excuse for beeing a dirty whore.lots of woman dirt poor in the world.and they dont stupe to beeing a dirty prostitute whore
kashan arif (14 days ago)
. how are you Madam. Good Evening. add me plzzz in hangout for freindship if possible [email protected]
Manny A. Arias Chapman (14 days ago)
Thanks God we don't have prostitution in the United States !!! Or else the United States would be number ONE !!!
Ragingbull340 (14 days ago)
The women in the Ghana picture are not prostitutes. They were women dressed at a club.
Elliott Avant (16 days ago)
Come on, don't tell me that the one in the thumbnail is a prostitute!
Yaya J (16 days ago)
Why is mexico not on the list ?
Retro917 (10 days ago)
Robert Gregory (16 days ago)
ste glover7 (16 days ago)
well i wont be going to Ghana, They are all pissing fat
SnakeyK (16 days ago)
Let me get this right about sex tourism. They pay for a plane ticket, a hotel room, and some other expenses, so they can pay for sex outside of the country they live in? Wake up you idiots, jacking off is cheaper, safer and you can do it in your own home. All that money for a cheap protitute that thinks you're trash. Real bright.
Peter Hall (17 days ago)
Women have always sold sex in multiple ways, it's not always for cash. Every women on the planet has used sex as a form of manipulation to gain favors,material things and as a way to be persuasive. Your mothers,sisters,aunts,girlfriends and grandmother are all included. Mines too. The power of the pussy supersedes ANY tool of destruction or production. It has been sold way BEFORE Jesus existence. There is no commandment that state it should not be done. Pussy is the creator of all man kind. Women will always sell pussy as long as there are men willing to pay for it.
Musa2013 (17 days ago)
This video is based on street prostitutes. They are no different to brothels, porn stars, red light Districts etc because all trade thier body in exchange for money
vasantrao deshpande (18 days ago)
Poverty, Hunger makes a Man to do anything. Very sad.
chooselife3000 (18 days ago)
PLEASE do a video: the cheapest countries for paid sex?
chooselife3000 (18 days ago)
i fancy checking out Peru and China, the hooker scene
chooselife3000 (18 days ago)
So many ugly miserable women - horrible
john short (19 days ago)
What about Dominican Republic? Barcelona? Dubious list.
john byrne (20 days ago)
it is totally unfair to include third world countries in this group as sex work in these countries is the only work available and it is regarded as just 'a job' nothing more. If it wasn't for poverty, I can assure you, these girls would not be doing this kind of work.
tochi7254 (20 days ago)
Where is Colombia and Netherlands
Anye Tunez (20 days ago)
Romania is not on the list cuz, their prostitutes always work abroad. Come to the Netherlands.... €30-15minutes lol 🤦🏾‍♂️ But you will NEVER find a Dutch native as one tho lol
mrtopogigio ooo (20 days ago)
stoped the vidio after number 10 because you just cant get better than a thai girl, simple as that !
스키다 (21 days ago)
If you go to south of korea , very disappointing and very different. That list is erroneous.
REK TM (22 days ago)
it should be Filipinos omg I lived in oman every other girl Filipinos I found to be secret prostitute 🙄 I'm sorry I feel bad saying this
Brehan Febb (6 days ago)
Reza Ali research about human trafficking in Middle East, majority of the victims are Filipino and sold in prostitution..a month ago a group of men had been recruited to work in men salon, but the fact that they were sold to a secret gay Arab and had sex with them..
german m (22 days ago)
reza you forgot your country (the whole middle east in fact..on how they treat their opposite sex) practically every woman there ..even your mom is a secret prostitute. I mean they don't even have human rights. Look at saudi arabia..afghanistan..etc.. wow! Also a lot of secret hommo sexual their too! I heard many stories about rapes and killing. Enough said! If you think about it you all there are fucking cavemans! I feel bad saying this too. It's so sad :( The world you live in.
Ziggy Arbani (22 days ago)
what's a turkish flag doing in venezuela ???.
Mark Hanley (24 days ago)
thailand number 10?
OrionSentry (25 days ago)
Ghana ? Black Women are Ugly. I am going to Germany.
but you will find no German Prostitutes in Germany only Russian East European Arab and African Prostitutes wehen you want a German Prostitute you ahve to pay much Money
MEXEROS X (25 days ago)
Venezuela can be proud now lol.
al smith (25 days ago)
The U.S. Congress has more whores screwing us out of our money than any other country based on the amount of money screwed for.
Steve Lee (26 days ago)
This list is based upon uncertain source and not official at all. Stupid thing
it is Official
Intoy Jason (26 days ago)
how about US?
John Marsh (26 days ago)
Women making money way much earier than men
bengom68 (26 days ago)
And u , s , a , ,,,, ?
what a load of dicks watch this by the comments; patriarchy will always produce prostitutes, patriarchs are pimps.
benson maweu (27 days ago)
6.25 is wagwan. thats my next visit
Datsu-A Ron (1 month ago)
Many of South Korean prostitute pretend as they are Japanese so that they can get more attention from men. Shame of you South Korea.
Brehan Febb (6 days ago)
Seriously, their language are different, even their accent..how come?
Keyser Soze (1 month ago)
I definitely don't believe this list. What sources did you use to get these numbers? Thailand would probably be #1 and Netherlands #2.
Usa .5 or prolly 0
08yallvon (17 days ago)
Venesuela is #1, so we can guess where the numbers coming from
Konrad Fleming (1 month ago)
Thailand is full aids hiv aids Thailand is hiv aids capital asia lots lots lots men end up with aids hiv from Thailand dirty place
Konrad Fleming (1 month ago)
Thailand hiv aids STD Thailand is 100% number 1 Thailand cover it up Thailand also is full sex offenders sex tourists just pedos dirty sex offenders sex tourists just pedos dirty place
Jeff Wilson (1 month ago)
Where's Mexico?
john harris (1 month ago)
I'm going to Venezuela!
lol dont go you will get Murdered
Pugsley Pugs (1 month ago)
Dominican Republic - never heard of it?
Hf Gh (1 month ago)
Hhhhh thailand its the first not 10
Sagor sas (16 days ago)
I think so.sex is very common in Thailand.
lenny108 (1 month ago)
Venezuela? So this is not such a good idea when this country is invaded by US soldiers
raysmusic49 (1 month ago)
Should be legal everywhere.... What is a woman who marries for money...isnt she really just a prostitute ?
Dino Carlucci (1 month ago)
I wouldnt fuck any of them with a brush pole
nev mat (1 month ago)
What happened to all the Eastern European countries???
they are all in Germany
!` (1 month ago)
I am from Korea and this is nonsense. The photo is not even Korean girls or Korean scene.
Retro917 (10 days ago)
lol i believe that!
Gene F (1 month ago)
What ????? USA isn't on the list ? Hard to believe.
Heri Kaniugu (16 days ago)
They do cybersex lol
Keyser Soze (1 month ago)
lol. USA wouldn't come anywhere close to any top ten list. You need to travel some day.
Luis Alvarez (1 month ago)
Totally rigth they Not in the street is in the web for millions
Luke Cage (1 month ago)
Do the ghana women pay the men, well they should. nigerian women are UGLY.
khalil leo (1 month ago)
Looking for a good place to travel too , this should help
Rescue162 (1 month ago)
Prostitution should be legal and regulated. For men that are never going to get a woman because they don't have game, this is an answer for the female affection we all need.
Anony Mous (1 month ago)
0:51 Lady boys
Azhar Aurangzeb (1 month ago)
You must be a indian how made this because in india it's no 1 industry in there economic reports kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
nagaraj naik (1 month ago)
Fucking day
innnsooo joe (1 month ago)
I don't believe this list. Totally wrong. How come Japanese not in the list??
T crown (25 days ago)
+Datsu-A Ron There are many such South Koreans in America
Datsu-A Ron (1 month ago)
Many South Korean prostitute pretend as they are Japanese so that they can get more attention from men : (
Abdul Jakul (1 month ago)
Soooooo wrong,
13tisoy (1 month ago)
This is not accurate howcome thailand is ranked Last.
ABSDEFRD (1 month ago)
its the top ten !
Jack B (1 month ago)
Red street in Amsterdam no 1
Sammy (1 month ago)
Thailand is full of ladyboys so who knows you rooting ? When this Asian country comes up in name everyone knows LADYBOY !
kyzersniper (1 month ago)
Cant believe Colombia did not make top 3!
jogga singh teidy (2 months ago)
these young women r missing out on love and devotion of a proper relationship. do they feel emphty and gutted in their life?
jogga singh teidy (2 months ago)
the problem is these r highly organised societies. putting aside developing countries which may have problems of population management, what excuse could developed world such as germany have? in developed wordl, the high cost of living and over management of people by the government is the likely problem. no one can just live, u can't sit ther u can't lie there etc. if developed world creates poor area where there is zero tax like india and no council tax or other ground expenses, maybe people will not resort to prostitution to feed face?
jogga singh teidy (2 months ago)
where does UK england fit in?
MONEY GREEN (2 months ago)
Conservative Hamster (2 months ago)
netherlands is not on this list? i thought it had a popular red light district in amsterdam.
Conservative Hamster (2 months ago)
germany and south korea have so many prostitutes? gees, hard to imagine.
Sto_Karfi! (6 days ago)
From eastern Europe mainly Romania.
Shadhin Barua Nishu (2 months ago)
The video could be more shorter!
Channel Lama (2 months ago)
Mo Weems (2 months ago)
So scuzzy women are the same all over the world.
55555.กะหรี่เกาหลีอันดับ2 กูจะไปตีหม้อkorea.
Paul Jones (2 months ago)
My friend went with a prostitute in Brazil and ended up getting HIV poor fucker
hypnosquirrel (2 months ago)
prostitution would never be legal in the US on a large scale because if it were fewer women who act like bitches would have men and men would be less tolerant of unfair negotiation tactics for sex and feminists would hate to see the independence of men paying for exactly what they want without commiting their entire life for it.
Alex Angelo Di Maria (2 months ago)
Romania 1
godson johnson (2 months ago)
You left out Dominican Republic 🇩🇴, which has the most prostitute in France Spain Italy Switzerland Netherlands Portugal
Rico De Silva (25 days ago)
Here in US too
vince33x (2 months ago)
Venezuela #1, very telling since majority of women the world over vote for Leftist candidates (even in USA) which augurs in terrible economic conditions forcing women into prostitution. Just another example of how stupid most women really are - they can never 'connect the dots!'
Mr. Monopoly (2 months ago)
I'm gonna go fuck some South Korean prostitutes.
Olatunji Alabi (2 months ago)
I am sorry that the population i ascribed to China earlier today is utterly wrong. China's population is about 1.42 billion not 3.4 billion stated in my comment.
Dario Mendoza (2 months ago)
legalize SEX and Regulate it like any other Business and deseases will virtually End!!
Olatunji Alabi (2 months ago)
Considering the populations of these countries, China should rank no. 1. China's population is at least 20 times the population of most countries mentioned. Therefore dividing 3.4 billion by 10,000 multiplied by 60 gives a result of close to 204,000,000. None of the countries listed has that population. Therefore China is undoubtedly No. 1.
Keyser Soze (1 month ago)
The title says the rate. The rate is clearly per capita. It has nothing to do with total count. Your list would be useless.
maxwell ankomah appiah (2 months ago)
False Ghana is not true
Avanti2Man! Uscgsam (2 months ago)
I was stationed in Thailand for a year in the mid 60’s and there were prostitutes all over the place. Five bucks for a short time, ten for all night. A friend used to do a one legged girl because she only charged a dollar. The whores were numbered and were supposed to be checked out medically so if their number was on the chalk board they flunked that test!
Cee Pee (2 months ago)
Never tasted Ghana before might be next destination they reckon the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice
Eshu Orishas (2 months ago)
Cee Pee some FAT ASSES TOO!!
XFX Trader (2 months ago)
Anybody with a bit of good sense knows Thailand is the number one and best ever
Happy Malik (1 month ago)
+XFX Trader yes it possible
XFX Trader (1 month ago)
+Happy Malik Wow, could be true, thats why John Thompson studios produce the most sexually-arousing p*rn content ever :)
Happy Malik (1 month ago)
Johnny Toner (1 month ago)
For lady boy s
Rick W (2 months ago)
Most of that shit is nasty.
Lubega Alsaed (2 months ago)
Don’t forget,even though Germany has beautiful girls,.it has the ugliest girls in sex and Prostitution industry
Baadshah (2 months ago)
Nr 1 must be india the biggest red light in the world and biggest aids spread in the world.........
Pierre Louis (2 months ago)
Fasial Ahmed (2 months ago)
Lichan Yanthan (2 months ago)
I think India should be on the list.
dnalpu ca (2 months ago)
Where’s bangladesh, india & indonesia???
Chocolatety (2 months ago)
Thanks...now I know where I'm going on vacation
Konrad Fleming (2 months ago)
Thailand has the most 100% more than any other country by for. Thailand is full SEX TOURISTS dirty full hiv aids Thailand hiv aids capital of the world
NATT117 (1 month ago)
No PH is No1
RED GOOGLE (2 months ago)
Romania should be the number 1
Seth Gecko (2 months ago)
Most Prostitutes are from Eastern Europe and Brazil. The Top Ten Countrys where most prostitutes come from are : 1. Romania 2. Bulgaria 3. Hungary 4. Brazil 5. Russia 6. Czech Republic. 7. Thailand 8. Venezuela 9. Poland 10. Moldavia/Ukraine
Kyork Dabbagh (1 month ago)
where is Ukraine

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