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Is College Worth It? (The Truth)

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Is college ACTUALLY worth the cost? In this video, we will sift through some numbers to see whether or not a 4-year bachelors degree pays off for the average American. 9 High Paying Jobs That Do Not Require A 4-Year College Degree: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcKXxJ0XdAI Statistics from this video: https://www.bls.gov/careeroutlook/2018/data-on-display/education-pays.htm Call Me: https://clarity.fm/nateobrien Take control of your future with this FREE budgeting template: https://goo.gl/P3V2TH Listen to two audio books for FREE by signing up for an Amazon Audible 30 day free trial!!➤➤➤http://amzn.to/2DAuty0 Follow me on social media: Snapchat: nateob2 Instagram: nateobrienn
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Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
Hey everyone! Feel free to share your thoughts on this topic. Let's have a civil discussion! There are a few ways to optimize the situation: 1. Hack college (scholarships, double down on credits, community college etc..) There are many ways to significantly decrease the total cost of college. 2. Learn a trade or enter an apprenticeship (big money in some of these) 3. Start a business As I mentioned in the video, NOTHING is guaranteed. The #1 factor that will determine your probability of success is your willingness and motivation in life. If you enjoyed the video, don't forget to hit the like button to support the channel! Thanks, Nate
dashadow231 (4 days ago)
College is worth it if you can get it for free like me thanks to the airforce
Nate O'Brien (1 day ago)
GI bill is great for military!!!
Rebecca White (6 days ago)
Companies are quicker to hire and promote people with college degrees, even in liberal arts. Some prefer liberal arts, because those classes train you in flexible thinking. It's not just job training. I majored in English and Humanities and did fine in library and publishing jobs. Other friends did the same and worked their way up in corporate and government jobs. If you get a degree that is specifically training you for one job, you're only qualified for that one job. And that's what happened to me - eventually I decided I wanted to teach, so I got a master's in teaching at the wrong time and couldn't get a job in it. I should have stayed doing what I was doing, because now I have the big debt. And it's not just me - my husband majored in biology and ended up working his way up with the state, while the people working with him initially were lab techs which meant they could only ever be lab techs. I say, get a degree that develops you as a person and gives you a lot of ways to jump. And there's something else. We need liberal arts in our lives, apart from earnings. I have never regretted my BA for one single day of my life, while my "practical" Education degree I'd hand back right now if I could get that money back. I know so much better, more interesting things than just how to do a job. I never get bored. There are riches in my brain, which sounds goofy but I totally mean it. I went through a program where I learned to think, write, figure things out, know about the world and history and a little bit of everything, and I had professors to guide me and challenge me on any lazy thinking that came out. Some of it you can get from books, but a book author is going to give you their research and conclusions, not help you develop your own mind. That's what everybody needs. Is it worth $60K? If you can pay it, absolutely. But most people can't. It's getting harder and harder to get that kind of education, and our civilization is starting to show the cracks. If you can find it for less, or take a class at a time, do it.
Patt Attack (14 days ago)
I think the issue is that when the fed government stepped in and secured student loans, it basically gave universities/Colleges a blank check that is guaranteed (school gets paid right off the back, and the government holds the note). A note by the way, that can’t be removed in bankruptcy court by the borrower, and gives the fed gov the ability to garner your wages. This in turn allowed schools to raise tuition, and at the same time, a whole crop of new school are opened to meet all of the new demand from students. Primary school also started pushing students towards a college edu vs learning a trade (Plummer, electrician, welder, ect...), which also helped to over saturate the job market with 4-YR degree holders, while creating a shortage in the above mentioned trade jobs. To make a long answer short I would say NO. It would be a much better use of your time to work an apprenticeship and learn a trade. You would be earning money the entire time, and learn a skill/trade that is a little more insulated during down cycles in the economy. You would also be debt free. I’ve worked with Plummer’s who’ve made $500k+ in a year, and know people who fix garage doors for $30/hr.
Nate O'Brien (9 days ago)
You have some extremely valid points. You hit the nail on the head with the reference to blank checks
Danie Kilasi (18 days ago)
Going to community college rn . School is expensive and if you going just to go your wasting your time
Nate O'Brien (9 days ago)
I agree
John Moon (19 days ago)
Nate, stuttering is not anything I had observed in your lectures. You always present as comfortable, confident, knowledgeable, poised, engaging, focused,very intelligent, caring, even entertaining. I thoroughly enjoy watching and listening to you. You're older and wiser than your biological age!
gen suikoden (19 days ago)
I'am sure someone has mentions this but, the bigest problem is that most employers won't hire you if you dont have that degree. Even if you have experience in that field of interest. Hopefully that status quo will change in the future.
Nate O'Brien (19 days ago)
Very true!
John Moon (20 days ago)
Always soooo good! Surely you must be the perfect lecturer!
Nate O'Brien (19 days ago)
Thank you John. I have been trying to become a better speaker. I still struggle with stuttering issues
Mega Mijit (20 days ago)
Worth the money? No Worth your time? Hell no!
Nate O'Brien (19 days ago)
Most people forget to factor in opportunity cost
dont touch me (21 days ago)
Just graduated and jobs are asking for 1+5 years of experience WTF this is broken.
Jonathan 6 X (9 days ago)
I worked for 3 years got laid off and its been 3 years with no job I apply on indeed many times and get no calls from jobs. Life is hard sometimes might have to find a way to make a business but at least I'm trying I be checking on YouTube also for ways to make money.
Nate O'Brien (19 days ago)
This is a serious issue that many people face
C R (21 days ago)
It's not just about money though, college could prep you for so much more stuff like public speaking and self confidence.
Nate O'Brien (19 days ago)
Very very true
Positive Investing (21 days ago)
Nate - we need more stock videos from you! Also, I think that a degree is good, depending on the field. For Engineering/comp Sci, it's an investment that almost always pays off. For other fields, you need to have a clear path of success laid out before you pay for that education. Just my 2 seconds.
Nate O'Brien (19 days ago)
More stock videos are on the way!
Stinky Lebinowitz (21 days ago)
The world is getting around to realize that SKILLS and EDUCATION are two distinctly different things. Education gets you a piece of paper to hang on your wall. Skills, on the other hand, those put money into your pocket. If you spend 4, 5 or 8 years getting "book smart" but have no marketable skills when you graduate, you should have skipped college and just flipped burgers instead.
Nate O'Brien (19 days ago)
Real world skills are incredibly important!
RealLife Money (21 days ago)
Depends how we use it. If we have a plan to actually use it, along with your college hack of paying less it could work out well. For a lot unfortunately, I feel like they assume a degree guarantees them a high paying job and that isnt always the case. :/
Nate O'Brien (19 days ago)
So many ways to hack college
Gg (21 days ago)
Easy answer: if you study STEM, go to college. If not, do not.
Nate O'Brien (19 days ago)
You have a point
John Tocci (21 days ago)
I feel like I benefit from college. I am an accounting and finance major and I feel like I benefit a lot from the networking and hands on experience. I would say it’s only worth it if you keep your loans to a maximum of $50,000 and use the knowledge appropriately.
John Tocci (19 days ago)
Nate O'Brien Absolutely. I will say with the cost of college increasing and the value of a college degree decreasing, it’s important to major in something that gives you a marketable skill.
Nate O'Brien (19 days ago)
Network = Net Worth
Robinhood Investor (21 days ago)
Most corporate jobs require a college degree but if you're starting a business, it's probably better to learn through experience.
Jonathan 6 X (9 days ago)
Yea for some people a business is hard and not easy but not impossible if you set your mind to it.
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
Thanks for the input!
WhiteBoard Finance (21 days ago)
I was literally going to make a video on this subject for one of my first new videos back from retirement lol! Keep it up Nate nice to see you active on YT!
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
Coming out of retirement! Glad to see you back!
Mike O'Brien (21 days ago)
Nice video man. Not to plug my old videos, but there are lots of ways to hack the system and graduate with a valuable degree without paying much, if anything, at all. Hopefully, you and I can use our degrees to catapult our success and buy a yacht asap 😎
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
SO many ways to hack college & squeeze the most out of a degree
Running With Scissors (21 days ago)
College is only worth the time and money for very specific disciplines. To be a doctor, college is a must. To be an average liberal arts enthusiast, not so much.
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
I agree with you, but we still do need some economists, psychologists etc... (Just maybe not 50 million HA)
Alexis Becker (21 days ago)
college is dum dont go
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
Thanks for the input, Alexis
The Broke Investor (21 days ago)
Love the video Was thinking about discussing that same topic
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
Thank you!
I think college is only worth it if you have a set profession in mind that you want to attain. For example if you want to be a doctor, lawyer, accountant go to college. If you want to study liberal arts with no idea of where you want to go, maybe that $60k is not worth it.
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
I agree, I would be wary of dropping 100K on a degree with a job outlook that isn't the hottest
Polar Barb (21 days ago)
I personally think it's different for everyone. I currently attend the University of Minnesota in a program specific for my future occupation. I feel you should kind of know what you want do before entering college. I've also found the networking to be extremely beneficial. The school I attend has extremely smart students. I've met some in the business program and engineer school who already have their own successful businesses going. My school also has connected me to businesses in Minneapolis who are already offering me positions to work. Overall, I feel as though college can help you succeed if you know what you want to do, but you can also succeed without a degree. There are too many factors and variables in play to really answer this question thoroughly.
Polar Barb (21 days ago)
I do not regret it either. Are you still in college or are you finished? I loved your input within the video you made btw. Very well done!
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
I totally on the networking point. Although it was expensive, I do not regret going to college
Lana Carter (21 days ago)
As a transferring student at a community college, this video was immensely helpful! Thanks!
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
Thank you Lana, let me know if you have any questions. There are so many ways to reduce the cost of college
Gam3rbr0 (21 days ago)
Im in college but i think i might leave its too much money and i feel the 8+ hours i am in school i can use to make money but what do i know
Gam3rbr0 (21 days ago)
+Nate O'Brien im not even sure what exactly but i would like to be in a field involving computers and computer systems
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
What degree are you attempting to get?
Baaki (21 days ago)
Could you possibly do a video on ways to self-educate in 2018 and benefits of free/cheap self education? Education and skills are essential to working a job - whether you're at a workplace or doing things on your own. I'd like to see more people embrace the idea of self education.
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
Yes I can! Here are a few free sources of education that I have used in the past: 1. Youtube (just make sure you don't end up watching sports clips and cat videos) 2. Local Library (doesn't sound "cool" but it can make you millions) 3. Udemy courses (not free but usually under $25 and a lot of value) 4. EXPERIENCE (you can read 1,000 books about starting a business but nothing will ever beat real-world experience) 5. Attend college classes without being enrolled (I have done this in the past, most professors do not mind an extra person in the classroom.)
Rael Candelaria (21 days ago)
I’m currently a student in college however maybe my take isn’t warranted because I did receive a full ride. However, if i did have to pay i would still attend college, the knowledge and growth as a person cannot compared without not attending.
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
I agree that it's not all about the money. My #1 goal in life is to have fun and I must admit that college has been the best time of my life.
Remember 1776 (21 days ago)
Join the military and make alot while you go to free school. One of the best decision I ever made.
Remember 1776 (20 days ago)
On top of it what I didnt even know is that after you finish your active duty contract and get out they will pay you housing for 3 years while you go to school. If you do what I do and go national guard plus the housing ifs 2 grand extra a month.
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
Agreed. I had planned on mentioning that in the video but sadly I forgot!
Yovani H. (21 days ago)
Something you can do here in California get your first year in community college. Get your second year in community college for $600 and 20k for your other two years in a CSU. That’s $20,600 for a bachelors. That’s not including financial aid. If you family is in working class. You can easily get like 90% in aid. So you’d only pay like $3,000. People always want to go to the most expensive colleges and don’t want to go to community college. It’s a waste of money going to a 4 year college for your first 2 years.
guts brah (21 days ago)
Can this be done through online college? 🤔
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
Very very true
ninjasbestpal #1 (21 days ago)
What if Bob was a real hustler?
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
Then Bob could make 1,000,000x more money than Kevin. You get the results that you work for
Waynimations (21 days ago)
Thanks for your insight
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
Thanks for checking out the video!
*It's really different for everybody. If you're gonna go stoned to class and expect some kind of brain wizard to fill your brain with undiscovered knowledge it probably means you've been watching too much Rick&Morty lately.* *On the other hand if you fully use everything and everyone that is in your college to lift yourself up - YES. I have 2 business school degrees and am currently back for a 3rd. Why? Because I just found out a way that helps me with expanding my network and getting the knowledge that I personally WANT to get and not the knowledge the teachers says you "MUST" have. (+I'm on a full scholarship so it's totally free and I get a laptop and what not).*
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
Rick and Morty!
WoerthMore Investing (21 days ago)
I never went to college, I didn’t want the debt later in life.
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
Thanks for sharing, Jeff!
Investing Hustler (21 days ago)
I’m going to say not worth it . I spent 30k in college 7 years ago . If I invested that 30k at the rate I’m going now I would more than tripled that money by no. I learned a lot more from real world experience than I ever did in college 🤔
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
I agree, I've learned far more from real-world experiences than I have from college
Gilles De Rais (21 days ago)
most of the successful people i know who work for themselves didn't go to college. but of course those same people never bought the lie that you have to have a good "education" to get a job. who wants a job when you can be successful working for yourself?
Jonathan 6 X (9 days ago)
That's what I want I'm struggling finding a job and I be checking online for ways to make money on my own.
Abin Sp (21 days ago)
Bro iam from india (kerela) a im just pass higher secondary please this is may number 7561869133
Knowledge is USELESS unless you know how to apply it... Only go to college if someone else is paying for it.
Colin Kelly (21 days ago)
Not worth it...
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
It's only worth it if you're gonna fully utilize it in your future otherwise the skills & knowledge you learn can be found elsewhere online for much cheaper.
Ken Lynch (21 days ago)
Interesting topic / discussion for parents of teens & teens. Myself - I am 75+; but for, info my first college semester in Sept 1960 cost $250. My last semester in 1963 cost $750. Same college Sept 2018 $56,000 per year.
I think college is worth it if you come in with the mindset that you WANT to learn.
thomas terrence (21 days ago)
For anyone here that wants to get into the finance/banking/equity research field you are going to have an extremely difficult time without a Bachelors. CFP, CFA, and CPA all require a Bachelors degree at least.
BigBaller BruceChains (21 days ago)
Using averages for the argument is almost useless because there's so much a person can do in their life to change their situation. I think college is good depending for vast majority of people not just for the degree but also the networking, the non-academic skills, and broadening your perspective. On the flip side if someone had a plan laid out for after high school and they really are unsure of college then that's up to them. But college is a necessity to get into careers such as law, engineering, medicine, teaching, etc. Really depends on what your passion is and what you want. You have to remember though that the job you have isn't the only way you'll make money in life. There's so many options to set oneself up for financial independence. Be it investing in ETFs, real estate, business, branding, etc. So at the end of the day don't let money be the driving force because if you really think hard enough you'll find ways to provide for yourself.
Muhammad Rehman (21 days ago)
College is a case by case basis but for majority of people it's well worth it to get a college degree.
Lester Diaz (21 days ago)
I say it is only if you’re pursuing a career you’re passionate about, but the problem is kids are getting in debt going to college not knowing what they want to do, just going because that’s what you’re “supposed” to do. Which is why student loan debt has surpassed credit card debt in America
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
Exactly! Too many kids are blindly going to college
Ali Usmi (21 days ago)
Yes it’s necessary! But the cost is too much. Thanks for your video.
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
Thank you for checking out the video!
Proper 3D (21 days ago)
College, like anything isn’t a simple yes or no conversation. If you want to go to college for liberal studies to become a member of the terrorist group antifa, I say college is a bad investment. But if you want to be a nurse, teacher, engineer, lawyer, dentist, etc, college is very much worth it. Going to college without a plan is like walking on the freeway. It’s stupid. But having no plan, and not going to college is like playing with a live grenade.
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
The last section of your comment is one of the best analogies I have heard!
Financial Investor (21 days ago)
I went to college for a short amount of time while I was in the military (free), know what I remember from it? (Nothing) lol. Imagine hundreds of people going to college taking on 40k+ debt just to earn a piece of paper that doesn't mean you will over qualify over someone without one with the same work experience that it took you to earn that paper. I am a Systems Engineer (Network/Security), No college degree - Just takes some work experience and a few certs such as N+, S+, CCNA, etc. (Spent less then 1k & was refunded) and position can vary between 60k-120k+ depending on city.
thomas terrence (21 days ago)
You're not going far in finance without a college degree. CFA,CFP, CPA designations all require a college degree. It's extremely difficult to move past entry-level jobs in finance without one of those designations or an MBA, all which require a bachelors.
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
I agree with you. There are plenty of high paying jobs that do not require one to dump $100,000 into a degree. I always look forward to your input
Eduardo Cervantes (21 days ago)
It's not go to the army instead😅😂
Brandon (3 days ago)
+Eduardo Cervantes the Army is now paying for multiple degrees and certs, I don't even have to pay for parking. Guess who laughing now? Good luck
Eduardo Cervantes (21 days ago)
+Nate O'Brien I'm going to the army right after high school, planning to serve 25 years and will be investing my money along the way.
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
The military is a great option!
tech fahim (21 days ago)
How are bro I really liked it
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
Thank you!
It definitely is necessary if you’re becoming a doctor, lawyer, or engineer, but I always here how most people never use the stuff they learn in college. I do not feel I’m using my college degree 🙁
thomas terrence (21 days ago)
Its also necessary for almost any route in the finance field. CFP, CFA, CPA designations all require at least a Bachelors. I could never imagine siting for the CFA exam without some of the skills I learned in college (mostly math).
Nate O'Brien (21 days ago)
Thank you for sharing, I appreciate your opinion

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