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First time using Hashcat

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Ya Ves (1 month ago)
I couldn't do the brute force because i need OpenCl for Nvidia GPU. But i dont know how to installed, and i nither know who link is. Can anybody help me one this?
beboCo1oL (3 months ago)
man i swear u the only one here that show what a bignner need.. thank you
Bitcoin Daytrader (3 months ago)
Hey man Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it!! I wanted to let you know that I just uploaded a new video on Hashcat that you might enjoy too https://youtu.be/d1Y6TPGzVn0
Sven Ronsmans (4 months ago)
The best video about hashcat to me! well done
WinZiss (2 months ago)
mee too
desioner (5 months ago)
Good stuff! Nice to see you use it for us.
P (6 months ago)
Hello, Bitcoin daytrader guy, can you contact me on Whatsapp at this number +17209966644
Bitcoin Daytrader (6 months ago)
Hi P, I do not use my mobile phone for my channel, but I do have an email address that you can use [email protected]
Amsterdam Holland (6 months ago)
How is daytrading?
Obed Nipah (7 months ago)
Thanks for your help But I am in need of assistance in python Can i get your contact so i can reach you for assistance. thanks
Bitcoin Daytrader (7 months ago)
Hi Obed, Thank you for checking out my video! What kind of assistance do you need? You could always email me your situation at [email protected] and maybe I can help you out.
Issa Coulibaly (7 months ago)
Hello my brother sorry I can have your email thank you
Bitcoin Daytrader (7 months ago)
Yeah of course it is [email protected]
12 word bitcoin passphrase from 2048 word list =2048^12
Bitcoin Daytrader (7 months ago)
5.444.517.871. different 12-word backup phrases (Mnemonic Codes) for wallets, dividing that by roughly gives us the amount of wallets created for every person on earth. So there is no chance of ever getting an accidental copy of an existing wallet when creating a new wallet. Dawm it, that explains why I've been trying to "accidentally" generate an existing wallet for years without any result.
nion456789 (7 months ago)
Smashed the like....nice video.....:-)
social media (7 months ago)
thanks a lot for your video my question how to use hashcat for second password blockchaine
social media (7 months ago)
ah ok thank you very match i'm waiting for a tutorial on the subject
Bitcoin Daytrader (7 months ago)
Yesterday I've been trying all night to figgure out how to use hashcat on the second password, but I could not figgure out how to setup hashcat accordingly. What I did was use the btcrecover-master\extract-scripts\extract-blockchain-second-hash.py to extract a single hash for the 2ndpass, you will need the firstpass of blockchain wallet, but I could not crack the given hash in hashcat. When you run btcrecover with the following command:  C:\python27\python btcrecover.py --data-extract --tokenlist tokens.txt Because of --data-extract it will asks for the extracted hash and if the token file is right it will be able to show you the password. If I figure this hashcat out I will make a tutorial on the subject.
social media (7 months ago)
yes but i can't find my second password with btcrecover
Bitcoin Daytrader (7 months ago)
why would you use hashcat when btcrecover is the right tool to use? Have you tried the btcrecover method from my blockchain tutorial? https://youtu.be/rMtW8vIHHek

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