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Poloniex Trade Bot - Script explanation part 1

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Download the script from Github.com https://github.com/fartcoin-project/PoloniexTradeBot Download Python 3.x.x https://www.python.org/downloads/windows/ Download the Poloniex Library: https://github.com/s4w3d0ff/python-poloniex/ In a Command Prompt window: pip3 install https://github.com/s4w3d0ff/python-poloniex/archive/v0.4.7.zip
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Text Comments (4)
Lucas Lira (2 months ago)
Can i use this bot with 0.003 BTC?
Bitcoin Daytrader (2 months ago)
Hi Lucas, I am sorry to inform you, but I think it is impossible but that is because the poloniex websites has a rule of minimum transactions of 0.0001 btc.. So if the bot would divide your 0.003 among 50+ altcoins it would buy less than 0.0001 per coin. Unless you use it on lesser coins (for instance the USDT market on the website, but you would have to change some things in the bot.) I still have to change some stuff because of the delisting of several coins, which are still in the bot on github.
Richard jacobs (2 months ago)
You are superman
nion456789 (2 months ago)
Smashed the like

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