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How Much Money You NEED To Start An ATM Biz

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Anthony Vitellaro (11 days ago)
How does this make sense. Im trying to understand.So someone takes $20 out of the ATM and you only make $3 back? What if someone takes $100 out. You're only making $3 back???? how is this profitable. clearly im confused.
Lydia Avila (18 days ago)
Be clear and specific of what an LLC is and how exactly to file.
Anthony Mcarthur (21 days ago)
Keep it up bro I like your methods
Lopez toy reviews (27 days ago)
Bro best video ever Ur the first person that actually explains everything My respects 💯🙏🏻
Kayachi (1 month ago)
Congrats on the work man
Be Debt FREE (1 month ago)
None of the links work!! Ugh!
Great video; check out our channel!
Jacob Zimmerman (1 month ago)
What are the pitfalls in the ATM business?
Marvel Christiana (1 month ago)
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Jonathan Sylvester (1 month ago)
I appreciate the video bud ..straight to the point ...ty bro
A Plus ATMs LLC (1 month ago)
What banks can I get a business checking account with that don't charge much in transaction fees?
Bconnect (1 month ago)
How you gonna put your own money in the atm though? So you put 2k of your money in the atm and someone takes out $200 and you get $2 out of that. Wouldn’t that make you lose a ton of money??????????
Shanna Barker (1 month ago)
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John Lott (1 month ago)
wht if you have Ur own store or barber shop can u still have this kind business
John Lott (1 month ago)
wht the cut the store owner get how much can make realistically
Sumo (1 month ago)
What company I buy the ATM from I live in Cleveland
Sumo (1 month ago)
A man I would like to say thank for help me get into the ATM business Keep it I’m looking for more Progress thanks
Rene campbell (1 month ago)
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Nick VA (1 month ago)
Good stuff! I'd always heard about this business but never learned much about it. Thanks for breaking it down brotha
sonya griffy (1 month ago)
I really enjoyed this video, got me thinkin'. Thank you for sharing
life changer (1 month ago)
ok u got me
Yoni Haile (1 month ago)
Good shit way more specific then the other people making videos good shit
Rayhan Kareem (1 month ago)
I live in the Uk is it possible for me to pull out a loan to start a ATM business? And how will I be able to find a mentor?
Tim Fuhrman (1 month ago)
So $5,000.00 in 20 dollar bills is 250. 20's... Lets say you charge $3.00 per transaction? $3.00 x 250. 20's is $750.00 After the ATM is empty, and all your money deposited into the bank your profit is $750.00. Only, If everyone only takes a $20.00 Or less if people pull out ($100.00) 5. 20's... if so Now do you pay the business that your ATM is at? How much is your bank fees? Is there insurance and maintenance cost ? Lets say its $750.00 profit per ATM. - $250.00 for retailer-bank and maintenance fees you profit $500.00 a month? Per ATM plus runing the risk of getting robbed while restocking the cash. Even with 5 ATM's with a total of $25,000.00 in ATM money and $2,500.00 in profit a month? That sounds like a lot of work? Just sayin.
Samy Rodriguez (1 month ago)
So you said you make 1500 a month just on 1 machine now is that after taxes because we all know the government controls everything and I'm sure you need to pay taxes for your business.
Rodney Martinez (1 month ago)
just found you bro,thnx!
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Hyde Daliquor (2 months ago)
I have a good idea. Why not get an atm that puts money into card carriers. Cashless society. You still make money coz of fees.
Odin's Eye (2 months ago)
But, the power is still out bro
TheRealSlim (2 months ago)
This is a good idea
Dru Truth (2 months ago)
Good video!
D- Sean (2 months ago)
I dont see how this is profitable. Because, it cost 2500-3k to just to get a Atm. If I put 4k into Atm for ppl to withdraw, and I charge 2$ per transaction, with a limit of 200$, I will lose money. So lets say I put in 4k, but I make 5k altogether, that's a 1k profit. But then I have to put another 4k back in, and hopefully make another 5k with a 1k profit. Sounds like a slow grind. Or maybe I'm getting the concept wrong
Brittney Davis (2 months ago)
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CaptainUKnowWho (2 months ago)
Goto Cali, buy a house.
Lovedenise Locsin (2 months ago)
Crazy stock Performance (2 months ago)
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ULTIMATEMANNY (2 months ago)
Hey your videos has inspired me to do this i will try to give it a try to see if it works
delonzo83 (2 months ago)
Dam very smart 👏👏👏💳👌💰
If you are interested in the ATM Business, stay tuned to our channel!
terry waller (2 months ago)
Modern ATM's cost 20 grand or more, their legally a bank branch so you are supposed to file with the Comptroller of the Currency.
Henry Montoya (2 months ago)
I want to see what "Modern" ATM's go for 20k. Mind sending me the link?
terry waller (2 months ago)
Oh yeah, your ATM maintains a trail of transactions, your liable if a hacker or soneone steals the machine. Your liabiluty can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Michael Walguarnery (2 months ago)
Thanks for the info bro!
Chaa Ka (2 months ago)
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Cesar Niyigena (2 months ago)
I want to start that business. Can I have your contact information so we can talk about it more?
Cesar Niyigena (2 months ago)
Can I have your email?
Betim (2 months ago)
Cesar Niyigena email me
Mike Aviles (2 months ago)
Nice 👍🏼, really wanna get into this
Zachary Abas (2 months ago)
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Sam Sung (2 months ago)
So if someone wants to take out $200 and the atm fee is 3.75...they just took 200 from my business acct and all I get is the stupid fee?...I'm lost
Funding Gym (2 months ago)
Do you have compainies that you like? Who to contact for atm sales or contract templates? You should have something like that for sale?
Drake (2 months ago)
You wont ever find an easier way to make money then this. At least check it out for yourself. http://takingwork.com/?work=102323
J Rock (2 months ago)
Thanks brother
Cyclo TeChTwIsTeR (2 months ago)
So, your like a legal Lone shark....I bypassed the whole buy the machine scam and do it old school. Since I get paid upfront I have no need to go around busting knee caps like back in the day.
J Chris (2 months ago)
Before you start an atm business do your homework, not just listening to utube people who have 1 atm. You have to pay store owner a percentage monthly of your income as well as monthly router and machine maintenance, receipt paper, break, wear n tear. Also youd want insurance on your machine and money that us in atm so another $$$$$ depending on your state. After said and done 1 machine not worth the investment. Say you charge $2 per transaction and lije this dude says you put $2k in atm. Well you will be filling alot and need an additional 2k on hand to refill fast, down time is money lost. 20 people take $100 your machine is empty and you made $40 minus the store owner cut usually 40% so down to $24 then $18 a month for router down to $6 then printer paper thermal $4- your profit $2 if you put in $2k a month, not so good huh. I do not want to defer any of you but be realistic. You need at least $10k per machine to loas in order to make $200 on a 100 people taking $100 from your machine minus router $18, store owner 40% and paper plus wear n tear. Banks give u a tiny percent but so small. Be lucky to pull $100 a month on 100 transactions with 10k in machine.
If you are interested in the ATM Business, stay tuned to our channel!
J Chris (2 months ago)
RealTalk100 602 that is correct. In order to net $1000 a month you would need 10 machines that do one hundred $200 transactions at $2 per use. Thats $100k a month liquid to fill machines just 1x each. Be careful atms are also going out. UK taking them all away and america will soon follow. The atm busines is highly profitable in areas where cash is a must like dispensarys but you will have yo pay at least 3-5k just to store owner for location up front. Id recomend not joining this failing market.
RealTalk100 602 (2 months ago)
J Chris Oh hell no ! When you put it like that it simply isn't worth it at all ! Unless you have all the necessary funds to do so .
David Bryant (2 months ago)
You need to learn how to properly speak about business practices...you seem like you are a fucking idiot that had no business knowledge.
Geo Cyo (2 months ago)
Hey. Lots of great advice in your video. How much does it cost to insure your business? Does it cost per machine?
Fnaf Kitten Girl 223 (2 months ago)
Putting $2500 in ATM profit is only $15 to 20 profit..how many tis you refill that what matters.. yes
dscuff man (2 months ago)
How hard is it to find a business to accept your atm machine.
Betim (2 months ago)
dscuff man not hard at all
Andrew Velez (2 months ago)
What’s the website to get the documents ?!
marcus norman (2 months ago)
Where do you get your contracts from?
Alisha Anthony (2 months ago)
Great business venture. Who did you use to set up your LLC?
Bam Drew (2 months ago)
Why the tanner fox song but good vid
God Dead (2 months ago)
Sure dix!
nicholas hunt (2 months ago)
Atms?? Or FOREX? 🤗🤗🤔
Dennis Clause (2 months ago)
Way cool..
JJ Hill (2 months ago)
So what ever money someone takes out of the ATM, the ATM business gives you back that money plus the fee that was charged?
John Knight (2 months ago)
What company do you buy the Atm s from?
ericlogos (2 months ago)
Whatever I get from cracking open the atm at the bodega down the street.
SteveMC (2 months ago)
Im curious why all these guys are selling courses though, I mean is it because this is some sort of pyramid scheme. Can someone fill me in on this.
Betim (2 months ago)
Just your LLC
Betim (2 months ago)
SteveMC just your LLC
SteveMC (2 months ago)
Are there any fees outside of the program, LLC, and lawyer for contracts?
Betim (2 months ago)
SteveMC I’m going to open it up on the 21st to 50 people at $497
SteveMC (2 months ago)
Well how much is your program out of curiosity. And is there a way we could keep in touch because im really interested in this business but would really like a mentor.
mitchell jones (2 months ago)
the way you ended it saying get off your ass was a nice touch of motivation garyVee style lol
Christopher urias (2 months ago)
Totally called you last night 3 am bro lol info at 1:37 good conversation
ATMentrepreneur (2 months ago)
Bro seen u at Moe's
Robert Reed (2 months ago)
Keep going!!! Thanks for the awesome Message!!! Now I gotta find a way to get my own.. #ONMYOWNINTHIS
RyanGrinds (2 months ago)
how much profit after fees and such is the average per machine bro?
RyanGrinds (2 months ago)
agreed. thanks for the feedback bro
Betim (2 months ago)
RyanGrinds yes, but like I always say it’s all about the location
RyanGrinds (2 months ago)
So basically $500 would be the net profit(just averaging) every month per machine right?
Betim (2 months ago)
RyanGrinds I would say around $500
CODY DUNLAP (2 months ago)
Great video man. I’m so glad I found you. I’m seriously going to try to do this. Amazing!!!
Adonis Metolli (2 months ago)
Albanian 🇦🇱🤘🏻
Ray Cervantes (2 months ago)
Hey great content brother, how did you go about creating your contract and do you mind directing me to where you got your atm courses from( e.g. training, education, online mentorship)
Betim (2 months ago)
Hey Ray, email me [email protected]
Venelin Barbov (2 months ago)
Where can I find a mentor? Did you get one too ? Really appreciate your video and how you break it down !
Betim (2 months ago)
Chris Heering (2 months ago)
You would have to own multiple atms to make any real money. If you figure you're making $3-4 per transaction you would need quite a bit of traffic to make good numbers. There aren't many places anymore that don't have a way to use a card transaction, meaning atms are obsolete.
Chris Heering (2 months ago)
Betim well good luck to ya bud and good luck to anyone who gives it a shot. Only wish success to all
Betim (2 months ago)
Okay, Well I mean i took a course on the ATM Biz and I found it very very helpful so to some people courses can help a ton but only if you imply what they teach
Chris Heering (2 months ago)
Betim oh no don't take it as an insult just saying it's a bit misleading, you are through in your explanation, but that explanation kind of leads people who may not have financial knowledge to think that it's a full fledged easy throw your money at it and not supplement thier money in other ways. It can be a business on it's own if you had the capital for many machines, but to go and make it seem as its gonna make them a lot of money is just misleading. This is something someone who is very well off to do as like you said a side hustle. Again props to you for at least teaching them about the proper way to set them up, and thanks for not being one of those douches trying to dupe people into buying a course cause that's the real money maker these days. Making gullible people think a course is gonna give them the knowledge and drive to be rich when all they really need to do is just get out there and test the waters.
Betim (2 months ago)
Well what am I suppose to call it if your saying its not a business? Also I'm not misleading people at all.. Im telling them exactly what I know and how much they need to start if they have money sitting in the bank and they want to invest it. Im recording my journey and just trying to help people out.. And I didnt even want to make a course but so many people commented to make a course I decided to do so.
Chris Heering (2 months ago)
Betim so why brand it as a business if its just a "side hustle" seems like a lot of capital up front for chump change when you can work that money more efficiently. Not knocking it if ya have the means to do it, just advertising to people as it's a full on income. Again not knocking what you do on the side, but advertising it as a full fledged business and leading people to believe it is something any Joe schmo can do is misleading. A lot of these "gurus" talking about easy money and duping them into buying thier courses, it's a shame how gullible people are.
The Storm (2 months ago)
I was needing a Uber giftcard
alexis baez (2 months ago)
new sub here. good info pleaae share more.
Carlos Villaseñor (2 months ago)
Congrats man, keep it up!!
Fred Thomas (2 months ago)
How did you set up your llc
Betim (2 months ago)
Inc File
Michael Butler (2 months ago)
My biggest fear would be traveling with and changing the money, lol. People watch you and plot😔
Betim (2 months ago)
Watch the vid i just posted
Mass Malo213 (2 months ago)
Dre’sWay Tv (2 months ago)
Your right I need to get up and study to accomplish wat I’m tying to get at I needed that motivation
Swerve (2 months ago)
You wouldnt have had to say LLC 237 times if you hired a Registered Agent to do all of that garbage for you... only $150 more and you are far more legit in other states
Swerve (2 months ago)
I would recommend Capitol Services, Inc. (work in all 50 states and better prices/customer service) No headache with any of that binder you showed.
Swerve (2 months ago)
A registered agent is a person/company that handles all of your legal documents for LLC, LLP, INC, etc. For each state you do business, you must have a registered address, they do this for you by receiving your documents from the state and filing/forwarding them for you.
Betim (2 months ago)
What do you mean?
Noir Spectre (2 months ago)
Hmm interesting
Black Guy C (2 months ago)
Battery operated routers??? 🤨🤣
Louis Astuto (2 months ago)
Hey question brother, I'm looking about getting into the business. I'm currently looking into the LLC portion of it. I live in NYC (Staten Island). Im looking to post up a few ATMs here on the island and potentially have a few spots lined up, but i have a guaranteed spot in jersey right over the bridge in a buddies shop. When filing for my LLC, should i file it in NY, or New Jersey? I know i can file it in NY and filing for a Foreign LLC for jersey, but since i already have a spot in jersey, whats your recommendation? File for a NY LLC with New Jersey Foreign, or file in New Jersey with a NY Foreign? Thanks for whatever knowledge you throw my way brother.
Louis Astuto (2 months ago)
So realistically, it doesn't matter right? Although i plan on placing more machines in NY then in NJ, i could still apply for my LLC in NJ?
Betim (2 months ago)
If it was me, I would do New Jersey because of the taxes but you should deff ask a financial advisor he can help you out better!
Stone Christ (2 months ago)
Which ATM company, do you get yours from?
Shayne Lovelace (2 months ago)
Thanks for the positive insight brotha. Keep climbing that ladder
Tino Or (2 months ago)
So if average 3 people uses your ATM a day and you charge 3 dollars per transaction, that only rakes in 270 per month and that means you can't even break even in the first year of owning the machine. But if the rates are high or there is high traffic, that would make this more viable.
Betim (2 months ago)
Tino Or , it all depends on where you place the ATM
M Veal (2 months ago)
This wuz up
Vegan Pop Tarts (2 months ago)
Thank you so much! 😊😁👍
Leon Mozie (2 months ago)
What atm do you use?
Collin D (2 months ago)
hey man what company do you get your atm's from?
Anthony Smith (2 months ago)
What kinda deal(%)do you have with the business owner?🤔
James Baxter (2 months ago)
I liked the video Can I be entered into the give away
Richard Yu (2 months ago)
Dope video man :) Cheers from England!
Hunter Foust (2 months ago)
Quick question? If you only charge 2$ a transaction, and they’re pulling out your money! How do u make profit if your only getting around 1.40$ per transaction after paying the barber shop and they took out $20
Betim (2 months ago)
Thats good that you have money to invest! I am actually coming out with a course very soon! If you want to be one of the first join sign up here http://atmearnings.com/optin . I will be going very in depth and also going to be doing 1 on 1 mentor ship with the first 15 people that join
Hunter Foust (2 months ago)
Betim appreciate it that will help me a lot, I have the money just wanna know it all in depth before I start the business thanks man
Betim (2 months ago)
Okay, I will be making a in depth video on how the ATM biz works, did you watch all my videos? If you did then you will get it I explain it very well but I will make a video tomorrow regarding this
Marc Dela Cruz (2 months ago)
Thanks for the informative post. Where can I file/form an LLC? Online? Also, where can i get a template of the placement contract with a potential shop owner? Should I hire a lawyer to draft one up?
Ovawhelming herbals (2 months ago)
what a BOSS MOVE! Most people like to keep secrets to prosperity to themselves, brave young man, as an older man you have shown me and helped me get motivated to start investing in myself! I commend anyone out here not trying to take from fellow man or woman asking for handouts for the valuable information you give but rather just paying it forward in hopes of bettering humanity! Love it!
Betim (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for this comment, This is what keeps me motivated to keep me going.. I love paying it forward, that is what im all about!
Anthony Rodriguez (2 months ago)
What atm company do u contact

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