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Making the Footprint Chart Easy to Read with the Volume Imbalance

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In this webinar we reveal some very specific "trigger" setups for trending markets, sideways markets, and also show a bunch of examples for spotting and taking advantage of reversals. This is all done using the Volume Imbalance Footprint. The first part of the webinar is a description of the Volume Imbalance and the second part contains all the examples.
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johar Mohammad (24 days ago)
Algo traders place orders to profit from tick by tick movement. That is not real demand. How to distinguish which is real which is not ?
T F (6 months ago)
What is the set up you use for the CL, YM and NQ ? 5 tick reversal ?
Adam Duff (11 months ago)
"Don't force your ideas on the market.. that doesn't work for anybody.. unless you're the FED" Haha!
Daniel Fisher (1 year ago)
Hi, nice vid! I was just curious about one thing. At 16minutes 30seconds into the video, what % is the imbalance set to? At first look, to me it seemed like around 300% - but then i saw BAR 6 has 575 coloured red while the diagonally opposite volume to it is 409 . does the imbalance work only diagonally or does the opposite volume ( in this case 23) count too in the way imbalance values are coloured? Thanks a lot!
Jose Rivas (1 year ago)
Thanks! What timeframe do you recommend to use with footprint? Do you recommend renko or range charts?
Wilker (1 year ago)
Please, activate automatic subtitles.
georgy mathew (2 years ago)
is it one minute chart?
Ahmed DJEBBAR (2 years ago)
Best footprint presentation by far, I love it.
Larry Wilkes (3 years ago)
Best video by far on how to use interpret a footprint chart.
Gareth Carr (3 years ago)
Hi how do you get the high volume price box to high-lite in the bars you were displaying? Thanks a very useful video. 
ginx10k2 (3 years ago)
This Video is amazing.  I def want to signup with Market Delta now. thanks for Making Footprint Much easier to Read!  :)

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