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Bitcoin - What Is Bitcoin And Should You Buy It? - How Bitcoin Works

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Bitcoin, is a crypto currency that has gained massive popularity recently. So in this video I explain what Bitcoin is, how it works, the genius system behind its success; the blockchain and whether or not it’s a worthy investment worth considering. Music: www.bensound.com
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Nancy Check (2 months ago)
Very informative. Thanks.
Jim Price (4 months ago)
bloackchain? (7:15)
Betterment Boss (5 months ago)
I almost bought some bitcoin when it crashed earlier in 2018 but now I am suspect of its longevity as a viable currency. Wish I had invested in the beginning haha I'd be rich!
MasterSequence (4 months ago)
Bitcoin is like buying digital gold, however it won't be the defacto crypto currency. The network is far too slow for real time transactions, however many other altcoins would do absolutely fine as such. Hacking happens from weak security on exchanges or poorly written software wallets.
Krustter TV (4 months ago)
Bitcoin is a valid currency, if the markets crash and a financial crisis begins, cryptos will play a very important position, its value will increase again, the thing with the downfall of it at the end of 2018 is because it go up too quickly, people were too excited by the trend that it was creating, a lot of buyers, a lot of demand, and what goes up has to gone down, but the thing is that it will be a more important currency in the near future.
Practical Wisdom (5 months ago)
Me too brother :)
Sangye Ngawang (5 months ago)
Good except for the technical illiteracy - its just made from researching media who gets it wrong ... but still somewhat right. Bitcoin uses consensus rules - its not really called "blockchain technology" which is a made up shit term applied to fake scam coins. Makes no distinction between people losing their keys, sharing keys or losing them as just some kind of "hacking" but this has nothing to do with Bitcoin. It is the state of technology to make use of Bitcoin.
Air Elegant (5 months ago)
Great video
Jake Hunter (5 months ago)
Don’t invest in cryptos. Invest in BlockChain. Future of commerce. #JakeHunter88
Steven Espaillat (5 months ago)
Love the videos!!! What do you use to make your thumb nails?
Practical Wisdom (5 months ago)
Hassan Ali (5 months ago)
Shawn Afshar (5 months ago)
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