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Making a Linux Kali Bootable USB

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Using Linux Live USB Creator we are creating a bootable USB and testing it on a Macbook & Windows PC
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KC Tan (21 days ago)
Great content as always, thanks for your videos I learn a lot! Can you show how to compile a source code written in linux to run in windows10? Eg. Get the crypto cpuminer in github and compile in windows to become .exe. This is because there is so many versions of cpuminer.exe in the internet that can't possibly be trustworthy. Thanks!
Bitcoin Daytrader (21 days ago)
I could do that sure, but I suggest always download the releases from github and not from just any filesharing websites . You should download this one for instance: https://github.com/pooler/cpuminer/releases But you could also download the source code and compile it, but the developers already did that for you ;)
LOCAL STAR (23 days ago)
Best video from you #bitcoin daytrader..
LOCAL STAR (23 days ago)
#bitcoin daytrader... thanks alot my brother.... Am always Learning something new from you..
Bitcoin Daytrader (23 days ago)
I'm very glad you enjoyed it, I made it especially for you!
nion456789 (23 days ago)
Smashed the like
Issa Coulibaly (23 days ago)
Good evening my boss forgive me for the inconvenience I want to talk to you am gmail thank you
Issa Coulibaly (23 days ago)
Bitcoin Daytrader (23 days ago)
Hi Issa, You can always email me on [email protected]

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