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Better Know An Indicator: Volume

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Nero_900 (2 months ago)
I really enjoyed this video and found it immensely informative, but I still don't know what the green and red volume bars mean in volume. I would think it means that there was more buying(green)/selling(red) in that day, but in that case everything would just be red in a downtrend, but it isn't.
Oscar Hollywood (4 months ago)
I cant seem to find the obvosc_lb indicator shown at the end of the video on tradingview. Anything else thats similar to it i can use?
Josh Olszewicz (4 months ago)
it may have been removed
Rafe Jennings (6 months ago)
Hi, I'm just looking into OBV volume. What's the best timeframe for OBV for btcusd? Seems to change depending on what timeframe you look at so I'm having a hard time dragging any useful information out of it. Any advice? Thanks
Clem Clem (7 months ago)
Thanks for this vid Josh... your videos are awesome and help making me a better trader. Are you still gonna do a candlestick hangout with your trader buddies?
Josh Olszewicz (7 months ago)
will probably discuss candlesticks on the podcast eventually ledgerstatus.com
KM (7 months ago)
Great tutorial. Quick question at 09:22 what trading software are you using? Thanks in advance
Josh Olszewicz (7 months ago)
that was mt4
Jon McBrine (8 months ago)
I'm looking for an volume indicator that looks a culmination forex market volume, not tick data? (multiple brokers data) Something I can download for free. Tick data doesn't work, it's different than real volume.
Dew Dusky (9 months ago)
Thanks for the great material! Regarding OBV; is it an analysis of order books or actual trades? If it is the latter, how can there ever be more buying than selling (and vice versa)?
sonia de la paz (4 months ago)
Dew Dusky more buy orders than sell
Josh Olszewicz (9 months ago)
i dont mess w/OBV too much, too subjective for me
BK 108 (10 months ago)
how do ppl see the volume being bought or sold live while trading?
Josh Olszewicz (10 months ago)
u can watch the orderbook on the right side of the screen on cryptowatch or bitcoin wisdom https://cryptowat.ch/bitfinex/btcusd gdax places the OB on the right side
Muggis (1 year ago)
Good good gooood
Muggis (11 months ago)
Josh Olszewicz I'm understanding that more and more. Trying to learn as much as possible to create more accurate predictions of the market movements. Learnt a great deal from your Ichimoku videos! Ichimoku have been a revelation to my trading so far. Thanks for all your sharing so far, please continue the magic!
Josh Olszewicz (1 year ago)
volume is so important for confirmation of signals!
John Doe (2 years ago)
The volume is expressed in BTC @ Bitcoinwisdom Thanks for the video
Josh Olszewicz (2 years ago)
thanks, i confused myself for a minute lol
Lorenzo - (2 years ago)
at least he was drunk
Josh Olszewicz (9 months ago)
Josh Olszewicz (2 years ago)
was this an unfinished thought lol

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