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Excel 2013 Tutorial For Noobs Part 11: How to Create a workbook Sales Report & Forecast

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http://www.excelfornoobs.com http://www.excelfornoobs.com/exceltutorial.php?title=Excel%20For%20Noobs%20Tutorial:%20A%20Step%20by%20Step%20Creation%20of%20a%20Sales%20Report%20and%20Forecast In this Microsoft Excel tutorial we will walk you through creating an Excel workbook by showing you step by step how to create a sales report and sales forecast. In this tutorial you will use different cell formats such as fill color and borders, you will learn number formats, text formats and formulas. You will also learn how to merge cells and align text. Please don't forget to subscribe, rate, share and check out our website at http://www.excelfornoobs.com https://www.youtube.com/user/Subjectmoney https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Up5gJzmcjT0
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Özgür Bircan (9 months ago)
Liked the video! You can also check this one: http://bit.ly/sales-report-dashboard
J Bee (1 year ago)
for the percentage column, why is a -1 added?
Shan Shan (2 years ago)
Taha Al Ansari (2 years ago)
nina campos (3 years ago)
thank you
butterfly2013 (4 years ago)
Thanks . I am learning a lot from these tutorials.
Maggie Puddles (4 years ago)
Thank You
n3rdherder (5 years ago)
Thanks for the tutorials! Awesome!
Dhiraj K Pradhan (5 years ago)
Very precise and simple instructions. Absolutely useful. Thanks for uploading.
Agus Yustinus (5 years ago)
well done, thank you so much, looking forward the next video tutorial...
Subjectmoney (5 years ago)
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animegeek3109 (5 years ago)
Thanks man!XD
merttuw (5 years ago)
This was pretty good thanks!
Subjectmoney (5 years ago)
Hey guys please comment on this video. Any interactions such as commenting, rating, sharing and adding to your favorites increases our ranking on Youtube

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