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How To Export & Import Private Keys (Litecoin/Bitcoin)

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There are a number of reason one would want to Export a private key, here's how. 👓 Command Lines (Core Wallets): - Walletpassphrase [yourpassphrase] 60 - Importprivkey [yourkey] - dumpprivkey [youraddress] Additional note: 60 refers to the time/s of how long the wallet will remain unlocked. You can change 60 to any number 🎧 Music: ♪ The Messenger - Silent Partner ♪ Virtual Riot - Paper Planes
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Text Comments (78)
mr hcrk (1 month ago)
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aanputcha (1 month ago)
I need to do this for a Trezor MEW wallet, please let me know how
amrit sidhu (5 months ago)
Hey dude can you please make a video on how to restore bitcoin wallet with private keys how am i gonna restore it with those private keys without that dot file
Franklyn [Litecoin] (5 months ago)
I made a video a while back called ‘how to export/import private keys’ which should answer that for you. Just search on my channel.
Kemmer Glick (5 months ago)
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DumbleFam Gaming (7 months ago)
I do not have "file, help or settings " in my wallet . I'm using litecoin core wallet for Mac. Any other options of finding a privat key?
mr hcrk (1 month ago)
DumbleFam Gaming Whatsapp me to get the generator +254705854645
Ty Jacobsen (7 months ago)
Keep getting "error: error parsing JSON
linjaman (7 months ago)
Any idea how to export private keys using seed phrase from Loafwallet please?
mr hcrk (1 month ago)
linjaman Whatsapp me to get the generator +254705854645
Mad mankm (7 months ago)
Thank you!
mr hcrk (1 month ago)
Mad mankm Whatsapp me to get the generator +254705854645
David321 (7 months ago)
How to sweep from Armory wallet to Electrum. Please help me.
mr hcrk (1 month ago)
David321 Whatsapp me to get the generator +254705854645
Player 1 (8 months ago)
How do i transfer paper wallet to copay?
mr hcrk (1 month ago)
Player 1 Whatsapp me to get the generator +254705854645
I have my Litecoin on a paper wallet. How do I get it off the paper wallet and to an exchange?
mr hcrk (1 month ago)
Mountainview Off Grid Living Whatsapp me to get the generator +254705854645
Gamerffcc (8 months ago)
How do i rescan with mac?
mr hcrk (1 month ago)
Gamerffcc Whatsapp me to get the generator +254705854645
Chris Ferrell (8 months ago)
Man you were buying LTC 2.5yr ago? You're looking like a genius right about now
movietrailer king (9 months ago)
you said bitcoin import key also but in the video only litecoin
mr hcrk (1 month ago)
movietrailer king Whatsapp me to get the generator +254705854645
喔 喔 (9 months ago)
If I give other people my address for receiving litecoin,can they use the address to know my private key by using "dumpprivkey"?
mr hcrk (1 month ago)
喔 喔 Whatsapp me to get the generator +254705854645
Franklyn [Litecoin] (9 months ago)
+喔 喔 no, you can't derive the private key from anyone's address. That command will only work if you already hold the private key in the wallet.
Ernst (9 months ago)
Very nice explanation! So.. I've been playing a bit with my litecoin-qt wallet. Made a back-up a couple of times.. Also I've exported my private key and imported it on another computer with litecoin-qt.. just to see what happens and understand what my coins actually are. Turns out that I don't 'own' coins, but a key that contain coins according to the blockchain. I feel that my private keys might be exposed, because I've been exporting them and making backups which have been sent over e-mail, etc. The best idea would be to just generate a new address (a new key) and transfer all currency to that one key and make very sure to not expose or lose it.. right? Can I create a new address in my own wallet, and send all currency from my other (exposed) addresses while they are in the same wallet?
mr hcrk (1 month ago)
Ernst Whatsapp me to get the generator +254705854645
Franklyn [Litecoin] (9 months ago)
+Ernst the private key allows whoever owns it to send coins linked to it. Best thing is to send your coins to an address you haven't used then export its key to a secure location. Your wallet has a number of addresses that it generates automatically. You can also just create a new payment request and it will give you a new empty address. Then all you need to do is export its key.
chase dawson (9 months ago)
do you need only 1 private key? becuase when i click export private keys it gives me a ton of them
chase dawson (9 months ago)
Thanks for the quick reply that cleared things up :)
Franklyn [Litecoin] (9 months ago)
+Eric Cartman each address has it own private key. Your wallet by default has a number of addresses and private keys associated with them. If all your coins are in one address then you only need that private key as the rest are for empty addresses. However if your coins are spread across multiple addresses in your wallet then you will need to export all those private keys. It is easier to send all the coins to one new address then back up that one private key if you are going for something like cold storage.
Sun Kim (10 months ago)
Is private key import possible with the latest version? I'm using and I don't see the Import option. Just Sweep and Export.
mr hcrk (1 month ago)
Sun Kim Whatsapp me to get the generator +254705854645
Rampant King (1 year ago)
So i registered on one exchange and have BTC wallet there, so i want to deposit to that BTC wallet from my BTC wallet which is on hardware, but it says upload "private key" is it safe at all? Coz i don't trust exchanges
Omotola Oyeniyi (1 year ago)
Thanks, You are a live saver. I just avoided downloading 10gb of data for days to see my transaction on the wallet.
mr hcrk (1 month ago)
Omotola Oyeniyi Whatsapp me to get the generator +254705854645
Reza Darwishy (1 year ago)
Many thanks for video , cant find import privet key function what is wrong?
mr hcrk (1 month ago)
Reza Darwishy Whatsapp me to get the generator +254705854645
Izlude Tingel (1 year ago)
About the possible bitcoin fork, if we get a 2nd coin, would I just install a Bitcoin Cash Core wallet and paste my current bitcoin core wallet (with BTC) and do a transaction from the new wallet?
H M (1 year ago)
Hello. So, I have been sweeping private keys in electrum and the first time I did it, I got the message stating the sweep was successful, I saved the txn file, but I did not press "Broadcast" to broadcast my coins in electrum (newbie mistake). Then I realised I had to press it, I tried sweeping it again, but when pasting the key, I did not get the Sweep as a viable option. The button was just grey and I couldn't click it. I searched online, I found only one solution to my problem, to create a new wallet address and sweep it there, but this did not help. Could anybody give me an advice how to fix that? Thank you.
Franklyn [Litecoin] (1 year ago)
+Izlude Tingel yes, download the forked wallet software and import your private key into it.
Jessie Mo-oy (1 year ago)
that was clear and easy. thanks man
mr hcrk (1 month ago)
Jessie Mo-oy Whatsapp me to get the generator +254705854645
Master Volume (1 year ago)
This is like telling someone that doesn't play guitar, all you need to do to play guitar is move your fingers up and down the neck making sure to only hit the correct notes. Bam! Now you know how to play guitar.
mr hcrk (1 month ago)
Master Volume Whatsapp me to get the generator +254705854645
Oliver Lorenzo (9 months ago)
Master Volume I would have to agree with you. This video is only useful to people already into cryptocurrency for some time and is relatively usless for recent cryptocurrency adopters. This is 1 of the main reasons cryptocurrency will never reach mainstream.
aweebunny (9 months ago)
Poor Alan
Alan Armstrong (10 months ago)
This is nothing like that. This is more like, a newbie guitar player learning the chords to Smoke on the Water and it being REALLY fucking simple.
Dan Zed (1 year ago)
it doesnt tell me how you got the key and how you got the coin onto the key . what a useless video
tonyo524o524 (9 months ago)
Learn to comprehend what you hear. This video specifically says to use litecoin core to import the priv key. Then you would be able to electronically send your coins to what ever digital wallet you prefer. SMH.
aweebunny (9 months ago)
I agree Dan. There always seems to be a lot of "loose ends" when people give these explanations. I have moved my Litecoins from Coinbase to a paper wallet but I can't figure out how to get them back onto Coinbase. I'ts guys like Alan Armstrong who respond the way they do which stifles the growth of crytocurrency. If most people can't use it or don't understand it, It will not grow. Alan's coins will become worthless.
halim abdel (10 months ago)
Dan zed I think it is the private key from the paper wallet showed in the begining of this video.
Byron Brimstone (1 year ago)
"Import private key" is not available in the Ubuntu version. Then what? I need a way to pull Litecoin down from the blockchain again.
mr hcrk (1 month ago)
Byron Brimstone Whatsapp me to get the generator +254705854645
henry tran (1 year ago)
I recently downloaded Litecoin Core and copied the receive address in turn to send me Litecoin from Coinbase to this private wallet. I cant seem to find it anywhere. Any suggestions?
Jonathan Quach (1 year ago)
Thank you for the easy to follow video. What would happen if your computer crashes? Do you lose your wallet?
mr hcrk (1 month ago)
Jonathan Quach Whatsapp me to get the generator +254705854645
Supervivo (1 year ago)
I did exactly as you said but it it gives me an error (code -4)
Joel Davies (9 months ago)
I got code -15
Rick Breezy (1 year ago)
Nothing is working for me 😢
mr hcrk (1 month ago)
Rick Breezy Whatsapp me to get the generator +254705854645
Bitcoin & Litecoin (1 year ago)
So, I think I lost some Litecoins forever... I had downloaded the Android Litecoin Wallet App from the Litecoin Association on my smartphone. I have subsequently lost my smartphone. I think I had about 25 LTC on the phone. Not a lot, but enough. Anyway, I have the info I wrote down from when I "backed up" my private keys. I have my password and something that looks like the date I backed up my wallet with a six digit number at the end marked keys. I now have a new smartphone and downloaded the Android Litecoin Wallet App. I have been messing with it trying to figure out how to restore my old wallet. I am beginning to think those Litecoins are lost forever.
SEO Services (2 years ago)
thank you for this informative video. i have a problem. yesterday i dloaded a litecoin wallet from litecoin.com and installed the windows version on win10 desktop. I opened the wallet and sent 100usd worth of coin to the wallet. I then can't seem to open my wallet. It hangs when I load it and I am not able to start it. What should I do? thank you
SEO Services (2 years ago)
+Litecoin Association kk, i'll do this. thx
Franklyn [Litecoin] (2 years ago)
+SEO Services (Gerry) Hi, It sounds like Ike your block index is corrupted. You'll need to: 1. Search '%appdata%' in windows and open the folder 2. Open the folder named Litecoin 3. Backup the wallet.dat file (this file is your wallet so keep it safe, you can always use it to recover your wallet) 4. Delete the folder 5. Re-launch the Litecoin wallet then close it (this will create a new Litecoin folder in the same location as the old one) 6. Copy the backed-up wallet.dat file back over into the Litecoin folder overwriting the newly created file. 7. Re-open the wallet and everything should be back to normal. Hope this helps.
TheHash789 (2 years ago)
Is there a way to create new private keys for existing wallets? I lost my private keys. Please help. 😣
Franklyn [Litecoin] (2 years ago)
+TheHash789 All private keys are automatically created when you first open the wallet, so in short no. If you set a password for the wallet you can see the private key by following the video, however if you have lost the password you wont be able to recover the private key.
giannitsatown (2 years ago)
hive wallet is no longer working on iphone. how do i get the private keys from the 12 word paraphrase ? A reward of $100 will be given to the person that provides a working solution.
Franklyn [Litecoin] (2 years ago)
Go here:  https://dcpos.github.io/bip39/Set number of words to 12. Enter your 12 word seed phrase. Enter your passphrase if you had one set (this would have been a PIN or password you needed to enter when sending a transaction). Select litecoin. Set BIP32 derivation path as m/0'/0The addresses/privkeys generated should be yours, check against a blockchain explorer.Note this runs in javascript so is done client-side, on your computer, not contacting the server. If you distrust it anyway you can use the source (right click and "save as") and run the same html/js on an offline computer to generate your addresses/privkeys from your seed. Sourced from: reddit.com/r/litecoin/comments/4ctqq7/recovery_of_litecoins_from_hive_wallet/d1lgz0d The Litecoin Association have now released our own SPV Litecoin iOS Wallet onto the App Store, and we will maintain it in the long term. Take a look at it, it is called LoafWallet.
Nikola Zaykov (2 years ago)
So basically, Electrum seems easier than Litecoin core. Is that correct? What about if your paper wallet have BIP38 encryption? Where do you write it down?
mr hcrk (1 month ago)
Nikola Zaykov Whatsapp me to get the generator +254705854645
Joel Davies (9 months ago)
could you do an updated tutorial for electrum, it's changed
Franklyn [Litecoin] (2 years ago)
+Nikola Zaykov Electrum is recommended over Litecoin Core (generally). It allows you to send transactions without constantly keeping the application open and is generally easier for most people to use. BIP38 uses common words put together without adding any 'weird' characters and because of that most people should easily be able to remember their pass phrase. Just like passwords we recommend that you never write down a pass phrase that someone could easily accessed and instead keep it locked away. Hope this helps :)
stoneageman18 (3 years ago)
15,000 views by 2016 #trollin
mr hcrk (1 month ago)
stoneageman18 Whatsapp me to get the generator +254705854645
Loshan T (3 years ago)
really easy to follow...

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