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Trading with open interest , volume and interpretation chart - by trading Chanakya 🔥🔥🔥

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chart link :- http://tradingchanakya.com/open-interest-price-volume-interpretation-chart/ hello friends today video concept is how to trading with open interest , volume
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Satish Mundralkar (18 days ago)
sir how to find incread volume in chart
Trading Chanakya (14 days ago)
use volume chart indicator
Anand Mishra (23 days ago)
Jabarjast... Thank you so much
Trading Chanakya (20 days ago)
thanks a lot
Ganesh Padiyar (27 days ago)
where we get scanner of increasing volume along with increasing open interest ......because frm moneycontrol site we will get only open interest
Ganesh Padiyar (19 days ago)
Trading Chanakya Thanks sir
Trading Chanakya (20 days ago)
please click this link :- https://www.nseindia.com/live_market/dynaContent/live_watch/volume_spurts.htm
aman porwal (30 days ago)
Sir Pls make a detailed video on open interest strategy
lalit singh (1 month ago)
Sir ease make a video on open interest we all are waiting how to analyse it
injmamul haque (1 month ago)
ek 10 minutes ke under 4 bar ad just heat it
Tarun Sarkar (1 month ago)
sir kiya app open interest ko detail ma bata sekti ha plzz!!!!!
mohendra verma (2 months ago)
sir ji nice vedio.....chart pattern pr vedio bannaeye na
Raja Raja (2 months ago)
super sir thank you. Now I am understood what is open interest. super.
Rahul Agarwal (2 months ago)
what do you mean by volume decrease? with what r u comparing ? Also pls answer this. How come OI change on any day be More than Volume for the day?
anant kumar (2 months ago)
Sir please differentiate between open intrest and volume
AMIT VERMA (2 months ago)
Please help in the video with OI with options call to write.
AMIT VERMA (2 months ago)
Following you will bell on ;)
Trading Chanakya (2 months ago)
Rahul279 Gadakar (3 months ago)
Please make a video on live trading with OI for example. this way it will make things much clearer
Parth Panchal (3 days ago)
Rahul279 Gadakar Agree
sarthak tyagi (3 months ago)
agar stock ki price kam ho rhi h to iski volume or interest rate kaise badhta h ye baat samajh nhi aayi please make video on it
sarthak tyagi (3 months ago)
full video bnaye open interest pr
Sahoo Haladhar (3 months ago)
Good morning, can you please advice how can I buy today and sell tomorrow or can carry some days on the open interest increase and with volume
Mohammed Shabbir quadri (3 months ago)
Super your videos are very useful thanks
Mehul Patel (3 months ago)
Thanks ser
Parth Kalani (3 months ago)
combined open interest dekhe ya may ka
Rajnish Kumar (3 months ago)
When volume goes up(green) or down
gireesh gautam (3 months ago)
Sir how to determine a good stock in derivative segment for trading or holding upto expiry
gireesh gautam (3 months ago)
Thnk u sir
Chirag Pobari (3 months ago)
sir ji plz make a scanner who indicates increases in price increases in volume decrease in price increases in volume.
y m (3 months ago)
Volume aor market cup Ka bhi bataye ye ye Kam aor ziyada hhoga to Kiya hoga
narendrababu babu (3 months ago)
Can we take short positions on decrease in price with increase in open interest
Kaushal Kishor (3 months ago)
Sir money control me bas price and open interest ka data hai but volume ki detail nahi hai sir.sir aapke site pe jo oi+price+volume ki data live hai ya late milti hai sir.
Rahul Tayal (3 months ago)
Can we see live chart of open interest? Up and down movement like stock chart
Param Pujya Sat Shree (3 months ago)
How to check 2:1 volume ratio
ajay kumar (3 months ago)
Option chain analysis per ek video banaye........
Mahendra Lokare (3 months ago)
Sir,can we use previous day aftermarket data for finding out trend on next working day.
Rajesh Shetty (3 months ago)
Valuable information thi sir, but link nahi mila
Rajesh Shetty (3 months ago)
Thank you Sir
Trading Chanakya (3 months ago)
Tushar Ambade (3 months ago)
Sir future and option ki koi trick bataiye..
abhay shrivastav (3 months ago)
Nice. Thanks.open interest par aur videos banayen.
Jagwinder Singh (3 months ago)
Sir koi intraday / option ke good c strategy bataoo
ashish kumar (3 months ago)
Technical channel (3 months ago)
Link not mentioned in description
RAJENDER KUMAR (3 months ago)
Pc jeweller k bare me guide kro
RAJENDER KUMAR (3 months ago)

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