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Getting your Private Keys from the Bitcoin Core wallet

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In this tutorial we are going to get our private keys from the bitcoin core wallet. This only works when you created the bitcoin address in the same wallet. Because only when you create a new address you create a new private key that will be stored encrypted in your wallet.dat (your private key database)
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damilare oluneye (15 days ago)
I tried using the your sweeper website but it's saying address not utxos available I don't understand
Shehab Mohamed (1 month ago)
HelloI have an imported adress and I want it's private key and passwordHow can help me and I will give him 22 bitcoins
chocolate boy (1 month ago)
off topic : I had 0.05 btc at my blockchain wallet.. but it's very disappointing that, my btc got vanish from my wallet, and when I complaint to the support center..they refused my complain, and told me there is nothing to do.. can u help me, can I get back my btc?? tnx.
Norman Powell (1 month ago)
"Spend the money." What money? This is a free service.
Bitcoin Daytrader (1 month ago)
I am trying to get into that subject, I have heard something about Master Nodes, but I do not know exactly what that means. Apparently Master Nodes get paid to keep a node 24/7 online. If I know more about the details I will make a video about the subject.
Norman Powell (1 month ago)
I don't think I worded my remark properly. How does a person earn using Bitcoin Core, or is it possible at all. I am running a full node to keep an up to date copy of the blockchain. Beyond that, nothing.
Bitcoin Daytrader (1 month ago)
Hey Norman, thanks for checking out my tutorial. I consider bitcoin money since obtaining bitcoin is not free.
abdulsamed mohammed (1 month ago)
pls sir donate some bitcoin to this empty adderres of my:1Kmqz8pEEQHfx7t9SkLCHTYJGCGkv5gxo8
Hello, can you decrypt the password from this hash? I can not remember the length of the password and what characters I do not remember, but it seems like the following values ​​can be there: 83 & joy I personally pulled the hash from the file myself and tried, busting 2 million words but without result. This file was found in Google it was publicly available and was laid out with the goal that it could be hacked by anyone who could be hacked, there is a coin bitcoin coin, but since 2015, it has not been possible to break it to anyone. Whether you can decrypt the hash, or you can have any large database of valid passwords, then I would try to scan them myself. Well, if you can choose a password, then I'll give you 20 percent of the coin's coinage ... $bitcoin$64$9269f788d7bcecd411d95cc222c9f0cdf7ebfc6fa33847607f7b8c1338a2c3f8$16$10cb87989a39ef71$60692$96$31f40dacb48f2aae7bd601bb50f1d4ce3ef826e0307539665ac80dba7a42480dc76de571876a82af347d7a01bd3cfb6c$66$03faef628e4cc1aec8438e8459364cfd0f867500beb9bdb17383d803cd02946c01
assale ignace KOUA (2 months ago)
good evening I have a wallet of 3btc I lost any info I pray anyone who can find the private key to unlock and we share 50/50 email: [email protected]
assale ignace KOUA (2 months ago)
good evening I have a wallet of 3btc I lost any info I pray anyone who can find the private key to unlock and we share 50/50
MIND OVER MATTER (2 months ago)
This is gonna be deleted,n,ice work :-)
Bitcoin Daytrader (2 months ago)
Why do you think this will be deleted?
Rahul Soni (2 months ago)
hello bitcoin daytrader....I have other person's import wallet..... but I don't know its private key..... can you help me
Kathie Nelson (2 months ago)
Bitcoin Daytrader thanks for the information dear
Kathie Nelson (2 months ago)
Rahul Soni oh same issue but I'm happy now the issue has been resolved
FishyTrout (3 months ago)
Hi Bitcoin Daytrader, my wallet.dat started back in 05/2017. I still don’t have bitcoin coin 100% synced yet. What does this mean for me? I started interest into it last year but never figured out what I was doing. Please help a brother out. Thanks.
FishyTrout (2 months ago)
Bitcoin Daytrader I started this a year ago and never checked anything
Bitcoin Daytrader (2 months ago)
But usually you know that you have btc on a certain address when asking for the private keys of that address ;)
Bitcoin Daytrader (2 months ago)
Hey FishyTrout, I personally use the Electrum Bitcoin Wallet which can be downloaded here: https://electrum.org/#download !!!!! Only download the wallet from the official website, because there is fake btc stealing malware called electrum-pro !!!!! Create a New wallet, when the next screen asks you what kind of wallet you want to create, chose the last option: Import Bitcoin Addresses or Private Keys Press Next, in following screen copy paste the private key(s). Only in this (import Bitcoin Addresses) type of wallet you unlock the option to import more private keys. If you accidentally start with the default wallet (which has no import privkey option) do the following: Open the default wallet (which we only use one time for opening purposes and we ignore later on) Once the wallet is loaded go to File -- New/Restore ctrl + N this will popup the create new wallet screen and select Import Bitcoin Addresses option ,, I hope this helps you out
FishyTrout (2 months ago)
Bitcoin Daytrader thanks. But now that I have the private keys. How do I use them to see if there is money on it?
Bitcoin Daytrader (3 months ago)
Hi FishyTrout, Thank you for checking out my tutorial! What it means is that you probably don't have enough disk space for the entire blockchain to sync, the bitcoin folder today is around 180-190GB. This does not affect the wallet.dat file. If you have money on that wallet, make sure you do not delete the wallet.dat file. ( Give it a password and back it up somewhere, or maybe even twice) Make sure you have a hard disk with at least 200GB free, (could be an external disk) Make sure Bitcoin-core is closed, Rename the old Bitcoin folder. You can find it in C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\roaming\AppData\Bitcoin Once renamed launch the bitcoin wallet again, now it wil ask you again for the blockchain location, chose the 200GB disk. Close the wallet again (don't need to be synced) Copy your wallet.dat and replace the new one in your new Bitcoin folder. Make sure you never copy paste a wallet.dat while Bitcoin Core is open, big chance it will corrupt your wallet.dat file. Same principle if you save the blockchain on an external disk, do not remove the disk while bitcoin-core is open. I hope this can help you out, let me know how it goes. Regards
John Cabot (3 months ago)
I think you're mistaken on one thing, each wallet only has 1 private key, and addresses are generated based on the private key, not the other way around... as was stated @2:56. Also, it's easier to make a copy of the Bitcoin "wallet.dat" file(Users "username" appdata>roaming>bitcoin>wallet.dat), as it has the private key in it.
Bitcoin Daytrader (3 months ago)
Hey John, Thanks for your view!! It sounds as if you are mixing up the BIP32 Mnemonic Code (sometimes called seed) with the private keys. There are multiple different private keys in a wallet.dat file, however if the wallet has a deterministic seed than all the private keys can be derived from only that seed (A seed is in principle the 12 word backup phrase, also known as the Mnemonic Code) From these Private keys one can derive the Public keys, which will be used to generate the btc addresses. I hope you understand that my address to private key statement was just a joke ;)
nelson sindane (3 months ago)
ok i have managed to get the wallet please help me be able to generate a key for another wallet witch is not the code from the wallet core.i have a wallet code from my luno acc.and i want to get its private key
nelson sindane (3 months ago)
how do i download the bitcoin core wallet?
MzGorgeous Grier (3 months ago)
I loved this video...the best tutorial I've seen on Bitcoin thus far :) But alas, I do have one question....suppose i want to be deposit into my wallet using an atm machine....do i need an 'address' for that? :)
Bitcoin Daytrader (3 months ago)
Thank you MzGorgeous Grier, I do not have any experience with a Bitcoin ATM, I have never seen one in my life, but If you do deposit money using an ATM I expect you to need to have an address with you (or a QR code of one of your addresses), if this is not the case then maybe the ATM will generate a new address for you.
mark monera (3 months ago)
can you give me a private keys of this wallet sir 1FJuzzQFVMbiMGw6JtcXefdD64amy7mSCF
i do thit privet kay and now i wait for my coins i hope coming in few min.t
fun is Done (4 months ago)
Hi i need your help i need my wallet private key
Kamija Yaululu (4 months ago)
The process worked but it said that my bitcoin private key is unknown for my bitcoin address and it hit me with a code 4. Please help me.
Kamija Yaululu (4 months ago)
It works, but it cant find my private key for my bitcoin. What can I do?
malizec (4 months ago)
is there a master key, so you don't have to dump keys for all the different addresses you own?
Murat Arat (4 months ago)
i need to find private key on the blockchain. does it work . after entering the keyi, i will transfer to my wallet
Bitcoin Daytrader (4 months ago)
Hi Murat, No this does not work for external wallets, private keys are being generated offline and do not require connecting to the blockchain. (unless you want to spend from your privkey) This technique just shows you the private keys that are generated and encrypted on your computer. In order to see the private key you need to have the original wallet.dat file used when first creating the btc private key/address and the decryption password.
S.R.A.K Records (4 months ago)
Hi sir can you help me get my private key..i have 18.255.635 € in my account email me [email protected]
T Manohar (4 months ago)
Bro could you get my btc private key I'll pay you 0.5btc every day its not joke or scam my imported address is connected to so many sites please help me to get my private key
T Manohar (4 months ago)
Bro I don't get you please help to get my private key I'll donate btc daily please
Bitcoin Daytrader (4 months ago)
Hi Manohar, If you have an address that is created on a website, then they have the private keys and you will not get the private keys from them, because they need to make sure that their website has the full control over the wallets.
prince E. darlington (5 months ago)
i could not even get my own wallet key are you sure it's working??
Ridwane Siyass (5 months ago)
bro i have in my wallet blockchain 99,947.57434739 BTC i need solu private key if u have solu contact me in gmail [email protected] i will give u 80 btc
Paweł Sidor (5 months ago)
is someone here telling you how to generate a private key? I have no idea in which orogram and how to do it please help me to earn money by e-mail address: [email protected], how I can generate the key and receive a few btc.
Wayne Janne (5 months ago)
i needs you please can you please send me your email address i have private request for you here is my email address [email protected] i will be so much glad if you can reply my post thanks
kim baldonado (5 months ago)
aim tassawar (6 months ago)
hello sir please help me i want to recover my private key from block chain wallet
sunny Kumar (6 months ago)
restoring coins from app from mobile app of bit coins wallet
sunny Kumar (6 months ago)
how can resotre bit coins fro app for bitcoin wallet from phone android
Johnny Darko #ConTV (6 months ago)
dumpwallet "destination" list all of private keys of the wallet, also list the master private key (xpriv) This command is very usefull if you want all the private keys of the wallet bitcoin core at once.
Johnny Darko #ConTV (6 months ago)
I don't get it, what did you want to say?
sunny Kumar (6 months ago)
restoring coins from app from mobile app of bit coins wallet
Karim Dallas (6 months ago)
thanks for this toturial man , where's the link for bitcoin core wallet ?! can"t find it
Bitcoin Daytrader (6 months ago)
You can download it from bitcoin.org
FeelFree3 (6 months ago)
Good video, but if I have the private key does it mean I don’t need to back up the .dat file??
Bitcoin Daytrader (6 months ago)
It is better to use the wallet.dat backup, because it is encrypted with your password. The wallet.dat contains a list "database" of all the private keys your wallet did create for you over time. The idea of getting the private key would be to be able to get access to the same address in forked (copied) blockchains of coins like Bitcoin-Cash, Bitcoin-Gold. Most wallets create new addresses (privKeys) per received transaction, so keep the backup file.
ferndawg (7 months ago)
Good tutorial... I sent funds to a Bitcoin core wallet and cannot completely download the blockchain due to limited hard drive space... thus, my Bitcoins are stuck. Can I recover those funds by exporting the keys from my Bitcoin core wallet and using them on a different wallet?
Bitcoin Daytrader (7 months ago)
Hi Fern, Thanks for your subscription, it means a lot to me! Yes you can, whenever you have got a private key you are able to import that key in a new wallet and send the funds. I suggest you to use https://electrum.org/#download since it does not require you to download the entire blockchain and the electrum wallet has got an import privkey option.
Bitcoin Plug (7 months ago)
Online Tips (7 months ago)
Bitcoin core wallet and Bitcoin wallet is same or not??? If not same could u plzzzzz make a same video for bitcoin wallet????
Rahul Soni (2 months ago)
you have a private key break tool
Online Tips (7 months ago)
so i cant get the latest trxn private key from here? like after 2016-2018
Bitcoin Daytrader (7 months ago)
Hi Rasel, thank you for watching my video! Bitcoin-core is the wallet that downloads the entire bitcoin blockchain (that is why they call it core), a lot of people used this wallet back in 2012-2014 back when the blockchain was not 150+GB. If your wallet looks something like this wallet you can use this technique as well.
Online Tips (7 months ago)
Bitcoin vs Bitcoin core. Is here any difference or is it same??? Plzzz help me brother.....
Saqi S (7 months ago)
Jason H (7 months ago)
Does that work for litecoin a well? thanks
Rahul Soni (2 months ago)
hello Angela Zoe..... you have private key find tool
knight omar (7 months ago)
ilosed my back up file for my bitconnect qt wallet which is same bitcoin core wallet and idownload new and losed the token can help
Grace Love (3 months ago)
Bitcoin Daytrader hi bro please how can I access a watch only account
Bitcoin Daytrader (7 months ago)
I'm sorry to hear that, but I don't know what you can do now, because without that wallet.dat file or a backup it's pretty much impossible to get the access to that address back.
knight omar (7 months ago)
knight omar (7 months ago)
ok i will change the name then see wht happen and tell you thanks fr response
Alexander Rogers (8 months ago)
how do i import private keys?
Johnny Darko #ConTV (6 months ago)
this command: *importprivkey* TYPE_YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY_HERE "imported" false
Bitcoin Daytrader (7 months ago)
I actually don't know, because I never had to. But I think you can find the information here: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Help:How_to_import_private_keys_in_Bitcoin_Core_0.7%2B
mosi m (8 months ago)
hi sir i have a balanced BC address and i want this privet key
Bitcoin Daytrader (8 months ago)
Hi Mosi, You get the private key when making a new wallet and It is stored in your wallet.dat file, without that wallet.dat file it is impossible to get the private key.
Lanka Naveen (8 months ago)
Bitcoin address is the unknown code -4 is please help me bro....
Bitcoin Daytrader (8 months ago)
Hey Lanka, Thanks for watching my video! I'm sorry but I don't understand your error, I tried searching for it online, but could not find anything on the topic.
SouthAfrican Guy (8 months ago)
Awesome! Private key secured! Can you do a video on how to claim Bitcoin Cash from a Bitcoin Core wallet?
Bitcoin Daytrader (8 months ago)
Hey you can use the electron cash wallet from https://electroncash.org/ First check on https://blockdozer.com on which address there is BCH, since there was a hard fork on august 1st all BTC on that date was copied to BCH. Some info on BCH (just ignore the multibit wallet part) https://youtu.be/quxG0sqv_Io When you know your addresses you need to get the private keys from bitcoin core like in this tutorial. Open ElectronCash, make a new wallet and import the private keys like in my tutorial If the import function is unavailable you can fix it like this 1 Create a new wallet (File\New-restore Ctrl+N) 2 Give it a name, press next 3 Chose Standard Wallet, press next 4 Use Public or private keys, press next 5 Enter here at least one of your BTC/BCC private key (This will generate the BCC wallet with the import function) 6 Within this new electron cash wallet you can add private keys just like I did in the tutorial (Wallet\Privatekeys\Import)
TwoStarII (8 months ago)
Be sure to never share this code with anybody.. *shares it with everybody*
C K (8 months ago)
Great video Next video could be about drump private key with pywallet. I tried to use a bitcoin core wallet, but it did not work.
Jan Grosskreutz (8 months ago)
So do I need to get all privatekeys from all my different addresses even though they belong to the same wallet?
jpanyk (9 months ago)
Can you contact me i have an old bitcoin-qt wallet that wont sync and i do not know if i have a password i tried your system and it didnt work
jpanyk (8 months ago)
also do i need to encrypt the old QT before i get a new upgrade. i bought a new computer with 2Tb to tranfer the old QT to and then try and re-sync
jpanyk (8 months ago)
thank you. it states alert key compromised, upgrade required. i think im out of hardrive space also. ill give it a shot.
Bitcoin Daytrader (8 months ago)
Have you tried resetting the blockchain synchronizing? Sometimes that helps, or you can download a newer version of the qt wallet and restore a backup of your unsyncable wallet.
therealcraqerjaq (9 months ago)
following these instructions exactly I get "Error: Error parsing JSON:is"
Bitcoin Daytrader (8 months ago)
Hi CragerJaq, I'm sorry to hear that, most users did get it to work, so i'm curious how you fixed the problem so I can fix my tutorial ;)
Пора валить? (9 months ago)
And how to create the wallet.dat from this key?
Bitcoin Daytrader (9 months ago)
Hi mate, The key is encrypted in your wallet.dat, so you don't have to make a wallet.dat from the key, it is already on your pc.
Toxic Farts (9 months ago)
Wait but which is my address if i want to transfer money onto it? Or give it to someone else so they donate?
Toxic Farts (9 months ago)
Cheers mate! I have it it said address with a code.. im guessing that is my address people can send to
Bitcoin Daytrader (9 months ago)
If you don't know which address is yours, just click on receive in the wallet, and then on the request payment button, just like I did in the tutorial. I hope this helps you out my friend, Regards
Sparkly Sparks (9 months ago)
+Bitcoin Daytrader and how do you get it from blockchain.info?
Bitcoin Daytrader (9 months ago)
Hey Sparkly, Thanks for watching my video. A couple of days ago I uploaded this tutorial on blockchain .info online wallets: https://youtu.be/rMtW8vIHHek I hope this will answer your questions Regards!
kamila amnowicz (9 months ago)
No work
Hari haran (9 months ago)
15:25:02  dumpprivkey 1HT7xU2Ngenf7D4yocz2SAcnNLW7rK8d4E 15:25:02  Error: Please enter the wallet passphrase with walletpassphrase first. (code -13) 15:25:33  dumpprivkey 1HT7xU2Ngenf7D4yocz2SAcnNLW7rK8d4E 15:25:33  Error: Please enter the wallet passphrase with walletpassphrase first. (code -13) 15:26:53  dumpprivkey 1Ctm6uYSgJcSXnSCUzDdzSYP89DqQD48KC 15:26:53  Error: Please enter the wallet passphrase with walletpassphrase first. (code -13) i am getting this error
Bitcoin Daytrader (9 months ago)
Hey Hari, It seems that you are forgetting to unlock your wallet first write dowe this: walletpassphrase YOURPASSWORD 1200 remember that the 1200 number is the amount of seconds you are able to get the private keys. After this you can write down: dumpprivkey 1Ctm6uYSgJcSXnSCUzDdzSYP89DqQD48KC Thanks for using my video, Regards
Diego Fernández (9 months ago)
espectacular !! gracias bro !
WE TALKING TRUTH (9 months ago)
I do thr steps and see error walletpassphrase. What does that mean please help
C K (8 months ago)
Does this message appear?Even you typing the right password Assertion failed! file: wallet / crypter.cpp, line 198
Bitcoin Daytrader (9 months ago)
Could you email me a screenshot of the error in the debug console window? [email protected]
WE TALKING TRUTH (9 months ago)
Bitcoin Daytrader yes sir i did
Bitcoin Daytrader (9 months ago)
did you type the command: walletpassphrase YOURPASSWORD 1200
Raja S (9 months ago)
Superb bro
great video i learned something new
Bit Poppa (9 months ago)
Awesome video! Bitcoin Day trader is the best!

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