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[Streamed] - Working on the Fartcoin-Project

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Bitcoin Daytrader Channel Live Stream || Today I am working on the FartCoin-Project || We are rebuilding a wallet from the LiteCoin Source Code || Linux runs on a Virtual Machine in Windows || We are using Linux Ubuntu 16.04 to edit and compile the source code || For the windows wallet we are cross compiling in the Windows-Ubuntu app || To compile a Mac wallet you need the Virtual Machine - Linux Debian || Did you know I'm working on the Fartcoin-project? || www.github.com/fartcoin-project ||
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erik eberhard (3 months ago)
Do you have uploaded you sets somewhere? cheers mate
erik eberhard (3 months ago)
..the good old days.. I see your point, in the end you have to deal with multinational lawsuits..
Bitcoin Daytrader (3 months ago)
Yo mate, no problem, we have produced this music but it has been unheard for years (except for a couple of local DJ'ing gigs) Considering the Hard Disks, my pc has an SSD.M2 capable of 500mb/s the reason why compiling takes long I think is all about my CPU: 8th gen Intel i5 Core 8600k I do not like to make daytrading video's these days is because I think it is too hard nowadays to make a good profit. And accidentally giving bad buy/sell advise is not really my thing. It is impossible to know the btc future, I make a lot of mistakes while daytrading in a bearish (price declining) market and I am afraid that viewers might copy my actions and lose btc.
erik eberhard (3 months ago)
Bitcoin Daytrader thx mate, hope it wasn’t too much hustle. Realized the setconfusion thing when I was rereading my post. Another question: do you think the new harddrive Cobcept by intel, much faster than ssd, could come in handy for some of your activities?!? Ceep on going with your content, perhapsyou can show some trdingcontent too, upcoming season.. peace
Bitcoin Daytrader (3 months ago)
I'm uploading a big list of tracks as we speak, you can find them on https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1uDsk7CfMq_86JwXAdsS2Q7w3yiK_hICU?usp=sharing These are basically unMastered files, or at least we tried to replicate mastering (the CD Hellow Æther and EP Shock DIvision are the only real mastered tracks)
Bitcoin Daytrader (3 months ago)
Ohhh haha you were talking about our music never expected that ;) We call it a set too, but at first I was thinking about my source code or the notes I used in my steam... The MP3's are not yet shared, I can do this today if you would like it.. If you want to hear some songs right away without my narrating voice you could always check out our CD, EP and a couple of tracks (all dnb) on our Shock Division youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=UUUJckngtAOjvHIbPv1oXP1g The Cannibal Monkey Songs (Dubstep) I cannot share, because I promised Scotty not to, but you can find most them on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/cannibal-monkey/tracks Maybe Ill create a folder in my google drive to share the files, I think my colleague (Serge Bosman) would not mind.
DragonBallForever (3 months ago)
nice job man! keep it up, I set my own LN noode on Home cloud server its so funn to use it and speed its from difrent planet:) just fund whit 60k satoshi min to open at least 1 channel

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