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How to export the private key in Bitcoin Core wallet

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Need the private key for a Bitcoin Cash wallet? Go this way. walletpassphrase "passphrase" "timeout" dumpprivkey "bitcoinaddress" Want to support this channel? Searching for a gift? https://www.redbubble.com/de/people/S-p-a-c-e/portfolio
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Text Comments (11)
Zero Watts (9 months ago)
Tell me for blockchain watch only wallet
bear northpole (10 months ago)
1st. walletpassphrase "hello an example" 60 2nd dumpprivkey "mywalletaddress"
Tadas Talaikis (11 months ago)
This is wrong. First, commands should be lowercase. Second, normal complex passwords should be enclosed with single quotes.
Black Indian (11 months ago)
where i can get the address ?
Crypto Anders (7 months ago)
Thanks for answer. !
3MinutesOrLess (11 months ago)
Bitcoin address? File->Receiving addresses
lingxi jin (11 months ago)
Thank you very much! What the"600" means? 600是什么意思(Chinese,My English is Poor:P)?
3MinutesOrLess (11 months ago)
Time the wallet will be unlocked in seconds. 600 is just an example, 120 might be enough
Simon Sillz (11 months ago)
will it work 100% of the time? do you have an alternative if its not working ?
MrTomyTop (1 year ago)
The best YouTuber ever. Thank you very much!!! You made my day.
3MinutesOrLess (1 year ago)

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