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The Basics of Trend Trading

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A video tutorial designed to teach you how to spot and trade the trend. Subscribe To This Channel For More Technical Analysis & Stock Trading Ideas: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=PSAadmin Follow Us On Facebook Here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/PerfectStockAlertcom/254535414596023 Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/PerfectStockA Follow Us On Google+: https://plus.google.com/b/110720095461885269213/110720095461885269213/posts
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Brian Carter (2 months ago)
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Dante Pearson (8 months ago)
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King Kong (8 months ago)
At 8:40 he says "the trend is still in effect as long as it doesnt breakout" (paraphrasing) even though it changes directions from an uptrend to sideways and then down trend. But earlier into the video he talks about uptrends being higher highs, higher lows n downtrends, lower highs, lower lows and once the trend changes direction, the trend is no longer in effect. Can someone please clarify what im misunderstanding? Thanks :)
King Kong (8 months ago)
what does he mean by tight stop?
Alfred Crandell (1 year ago)
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krishnazee061 (1 year ago)
u dint say about level 50 of willam's percentage line.how does it works in same strategy?
krishnazee061 (1 year ago)
excellent video, can we trade 15 min gold chart using 10 period william percentage oscilliator??
Gara Ameer (1 year ago)
Toni S. Lett (1 year ago)
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Zane Corrigan (2 years ago)
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Zane Corrigan (2 years ago)
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Nick Smith (2 years ago)
Awesome thanks.
Alex Lawrence (2 years ago)
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Aaron Webb (2 years ago)
Probably a dumb question but can I short sell with online brokers like Options House?
orbi w (2 years ago)
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Ashfaq Sheikh (2 years ago)
Over bought and over sold indicators don't always work. In fact, they are a distraction and keep the trader into false comfort zone. Lord Keynes said that the insanity of markets can outlast your pocket book.
【CN】幽灵 (2 years ago)
I want to learn English well in the study deals with you
Carvani leyko (1 day ago)
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Christina Larson (3 years ago)
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Timothy Sykes (2 years ago)
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Rich Wohlbier (3 years ago)
Great thanks
Stephanie Roberts (3 years ago)
I really like the speaker.
Jesse Jackson (3 years ago)
Excellent video.  On your William % R indicator, did you modify the parameters? Also in Trend trading, are you using Fibonacci Retracement?  
Ashfaq Sheikh (2 years ago)
If you really want to make moolah, abandon all oscillators.
Xiao Theobald (3 years ago)
+Jesse Jackson from when ANDY LANK TOOLS is in my hands it is absolutely easy to run my binary option as well.. but some times it broken down when i use.. have a good ofer for you..see you later..
Jesse Jackson (3 years ago)
hmm ok..let me check him out
Teri Quesada (3 years ago)
+Jesse Jackson I think ANDY LANK TOOLS is better than this.
毓基吳 (4 years ago)
Depend on any indicator  is swing trading not trend trading
interests10 (4 years ago)
I don't think swing trading is trend trading, I just got stopped out in a position, any type of trading isn't easy though.
Bryan Nanez (5 years ago)
what if the candlestick chart is showing signs of a bullish reversal but the Wm%R is just above -80 slightly angled upwards? even though it is not oversold yet can i go ahead and buy or should I always wait for it pass -80 to indicate the security being oversold?
Scott Kehn (5 years ago)
Great videos! I've heard mixed opinions in regards to the dependability of WmR% in a trending market. I've heard it suggested that it's only suited to predict sideways markets, but it looks to be accurate, more often than not, in the charts on your site. What are your thoughts?
zeusvalentine (5 years ago)
would love to see a video on 3X etfs
Thomas Wessel (5 years ago)
I went through a lot of videos. But I recommend everyone to watch yours. A complex stuff very easy explained and always highlighting the major points. For me as a foreigner it's easy to follow and after applying about half of your attention marks my trades drastically move into plus. I recommend again making notes and watch the videos several time.
Akash Desai (5 years ago)
too much impressive where can i find u r other videos
Rick Calvin (5 years ago)
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Safwat Shehata (5 years ago)
Could be helpful, thanks
Ling Ling (5 years ago)
Thank for the video. I enjoy it.
bj0864 (5 years ago)
thanks for this video, I learned alot!
Secret Vision (6 years ago)
WOW! great video Thanks a lot!
Perfect Stock Alert (6 years ago)
@MrRynnie Thank you.
MrRynnie (6 years ago)
Yes, I found the video very helpful. Others should watch it as well.
Perfect Stock Alert (6 years ago)
@getbo Thank you.
getbo (6 years ago)
excellent !

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