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Descending Triangle Chart Pattern

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A tutorial video designed to teach you how to spot and trade the Descending Triangle Chart Pattern. Subscribe To This Channel For More Technical Analysis & Stock Trading Ideas: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=PSAadmin Follow Us On Facebook Here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/PerfectStockAlertcom/254535414596023
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Anthony Wike (1 month ago)
Your fukn funny man. Cheers. I dont think it needs to be to the penny though.
Lord_Trumoo (1 year ago)
"or I'll hit you in the face with a brick" Oh my god lol
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Anatoly Mazi Moore El (2 years ago)
Great Job Buddy!
Bora Yagiz (2 years ago)
is the steepness of the slope important at all?
Anatoly Mazi Moore El (11 days ago)
+David James Generally, you want to have at least a 1/3 of the movement retract to give you an indication that the currency pair is reversing. From what I've observed over the last couple of years Descending Triangles tend to reverse in a Bullish Direction once the pattern has completed. There are always chances for a Consolidation period before the Bears begin to push the pair down even further. This year specifically I've seen this type of action on several charts for longer and more durated time periods. For the last couple of years, I've been a strong advocate for Technical Analysis, however, recently I've been having Bigger Profits, and More Consistency by incorporating Fundamental Analysis, and Trading On The News! Grab your Phone and download FX Calendar, (Orange and Black Logo) so that you can have all the Financial Reports hit your phone before they hit the News Media. Giving you and Edge on the Direction of the Currencies. There's a countdown to the second when reports are being released and you can see the level of Importance. There's' Reports coming out Everyday, every week, Big Events, and when your In The Know, you know which direction the Big Money will be trading in, and you can coast your way to a Safe but profitable level of Resistance or Support. So for example, this past Wednesday USD had 11 financial reports come out all at the same time within a couple of hours, early in the morning. Reports ranging from: Wholesale Inventories, GDPPI, PCEP, GDPA, Goods Trade Balance, Core Personal Consumption Expenditures, New Home Sales, etc, with 8 of those reports in a Negative, going against the value of the USD. 6 of the reports were rated High in value, and 3 of them Medium level. When I saw all these negative numbers against the USD hit I knew that the Euro would be the best pair to trade against the dollar. I do a quick chart analysis, discover the projected Trading Range, and start looking for points of Resistance where I know the EUR/USD will more than likely hit, based on the range. Sure enough by the time I woke up again 11:10 I was then making a $57 at the start of the morning. This is just one example, but I trade on the news and use Technical Analysis collectively. Peace!!
David James (12 days ago)
+Anatoly Mazi Moore El On a triple bottom descending triangle that is steep, what am I looking for, for a reversal?
Anatoly Mazi Moore El (2 years ago)
The Steeper it goes the greater chance for a reversal.
Spencer Faith (2 years ago)
Where is he getting these charts I'm newwer to stocks and was looking for good places to find charts I use big charts right now.
Ali Abbas (3 years ago)
Great Video
Master Trader (3 years ago)
Good day sir, nice video, these patterns are also applicable in Forex, is that correct???
Anthony Shannon (4 years ago)
Hello, Christian   Simply reaching out to you to say Thanks for your educational videos. I discovered your channel about 2 years ago now and have learned much. Your videos are very well planned out and I find your style of teaching very effective. Also I want to encourage others who are learning from your videos to persevere…trading is a great way to liberate your self financially…
Pratik. T.J (2 years ago)
yes really nice videos

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