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Brute-force your Android Spending PIN with btcrecover - for the Schildbach wallet V5.39

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In this tutorial we are going to brute force our Schildbach Android Bitcoin Wallet V5.39. We are going to create a token file and run btcrecover using python2.7. To run btcrecover open CMD and type to change directory to btcrecover: cd C:\btcrecover-master Then run Python 2.7 on the btcrecover.py file with token, wallet and android pin arguments: C:\Python27\python btcrecover.py --tokenlist token.txt --wallet wallet.dat --android-pin
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maluw325 (18 days ago)
I can not remember the password from the recovery file. Can i take it over?
Wai Moe Lwin (8 months ago)
I forgot that password (the beginning password) how can I do it
Max Swed (11 months ago)
btw if you think your computer can crash or somethink you can add autosave in the line and threads count look like this "btcrecover.py --wallet "your-btcwallet" --android-pin --tokenlist tokens.txt --threds (count of threads what you want to use) --autosave save" for example "btcrecover.py --wallet bitcoin-wallet --android-pin --tokenlist tokens.txt --threds 3 --autosave save" and for use this file just put "btcrecover.py --restore save" and programm will continue work
Max Swed (1 year ago)
for faster serch you can also type %4, 6d if it betwin 4 and 6 numbers, sry for my poor english and thanks to that bro for recover my funds
Bitcoin Daytrader (1 year ago)
Thanks for using my tutorial max!! :)
i keep getting IOERROR: [Errno 2] No such file or directory 'token.txt' but i do have my token file as token.txt
forget it, just had to make ita file and not a txt file
Games and Stuff (1 year ago)
Can you please copy and paste the commands you used for this in tje description!
Bitcoin Daytrader (11 months ago)
Same here, I've added the command I used.

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