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How do you encode 2 bananas?

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Amsterdam Holland (17 days ago)
Great vlog
nion456789 (20 days ago)
Yea btc was having a bug...but got solved....
nion456789 (20 days ago)
Having trouble looking at ur reddit username....
nion456789 (19 days ago)
+Bitcoin Daytrader new account is cooler
nion456789 (19 days ago)
+Bitcoin Daytrader UVJJCCY2798
Bitcoin Daytrader (19 days ago)
Thanks for reminding me my username sucked :P I created a new account with the username: u/Bitcoin-_-Daytrader
nion456789 (20 days ago)
+Bitcoin Daytrader bie bie....:-)
Bitcoin Daytrader (20 days ago)
Thanks man!! I will try some tomorrow, for me it's late now ;)
nion456789 (20 days ago)
Nice info from reddit about hashing bananas lol...;-p
nion456789 (20 days ago)
Smashed the like

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