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Breakout Momentum Trading

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A video tutorial designed to teach you how to spot and trade the breakout momentum trade. Subscribe To This Channel For More Technical Analysis & Stock Trading Ideas: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=PSAadmin Follow Us On Facebook Here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/PerfectStockAlertcom/254535414596023 Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/PerfectStockA Follow Us On Google+: https://plus.google.com/b/110720095461885269213/110720095461885269213/posts
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Text Comments (42)
The Floogiel Trading Co. (6 months ago)
You explained breakout momentum trading really well Christian... I'll remember this for next time! thank you
Pavan Wilfred (8 months ago)
what if its a false breakout? how do you trade that? please help!
George Jones (8 months ago)
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Gregory Collins (8 months ago)
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Josh Molina (1 year ago)
Great video! To the point! Thank you.
Furyy Night (1 year ago)
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Ernest Brown (1 year ago)
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Neolinn Joy (1 year ago)
Great help. thanks.
Reginald Walsh (1 year ago)
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Otha Machelle (1 year ago)
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Primoz 8 (2 years ago)
Thank you so much
Aziz Bassim (2 years ago)
what is the time frame for daily trader with this method
The Floogiel Trading Co. (6 months ago)
Hi Aziz... I like using the 5 day 5 min time frame.... Have a great day sir!
Joe Evans (2 years ago)
Please post some more videos, Christian.
The Floogiel Trading Co. (6 months ago)
I agree Joe... Definitely post some more videos Christian...
George McCorkle (2 years ago)
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Ganikaa Chahal (2 years ago)
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salma A (2 years ago)
Matthew Stuart (2 years ago)
Is your website still yours? I get on it and its just bunch of links to sign up for newsletters. in another video you said to refer to the site to find out what the 4 different types of gaps are but couldn't find it. thanks
Zurab Chikhladze (3 years ago)
super video thank you.
Jesse Jackson (3 years ago)
Nice video, but I think i'm more of a trend trader. i don't think I could wait that long on a breakout of consolidation.
Marla Heyer (3 years ago)
+Jesse Jackson I have personally used this before. But i loose my money trading on this. Now i'm satisfied with ANDY LANK TOOLS.
CO Paul (3 years ago)
I luv your videos!!!!  Very easy to understand.
The Floogiel Trading Co. (6 months ago)
I agree Paul....
john palma (3 years ago)
Thank you for a very well done video.
Minalover100 (3 years ago)
Thank You...Very well presented.  Now I understand breakouts.  Thanks, again...
Martin K (4 years ago)
This English is Hillbilly like. Speak clear!!
ramsareit (3 years ago)
+Green mkay No speaky english as first language?
Peter Piper (3 years ago)
Also, he is speaking perfectly clearly.   And btw. it's "speak clearly", not "speak clear". 
Peter Piper (3 years ago)
Perhaps you could show some appreciation for someone taking the time to make and post a video like this, instead of criticizing the way they speak. 
Damon Jones (4 years ago)
great video. thanks
Nice Trade (4 years ago)
Definitely not recommended for Currency day trading, Currencies run side ways 1 cent up/down for 15-30 days all the time, when a currency finally breaks out, lets say UP many times it last's for about 1 day & is followed by a dramatic crash the next day & vice versa
毓基吳 (4 years ago)
increasing volume and tighter price range are two great points in this pattern 
Prateek Sharan Lall (5 years ago)
yes mam. most of the people are losing their money in penny stocks without much guidance. just listen for now, my father making lots from penny stocks with the help of these professionals. i found it here --> bit.ly/1e9wQrR?=jyjxfp
Ling Ling (5 years ago)
Ylla Lim (5 years ago)
What charting software are you using here?
bonec120 (5 years ago)
clear and easy to understand!! thank u!!
Perfect Stock Alert (6 years ago)
You are welcome.
Diego Rodriguez (6 years ago)
Your videos are fantastic...!!! Very helpful...!!! Thank you sooooo much..!!
Perfect Stock Alert (6 years ago)
@mikethemoneymaker Thank you for that valuable input.
mikethemoneymaker (6 years ago)
@Walhei960 In my 30+ years of trading, I find liquid stocks trading above 400K shares per day which are Optionable and trade above $5.00 in price are the most reliable for not only Momo trading but also respect S/R better which can prevent being stop hunted. Also in general when dealing with bases or Bull/Bear flags during formation many times the breakout will fail but leave higher upper tails/shadows than the one before: this is good sign that the Breakout will eventually occur.
Perfect Stock Alert (6 years ago)
@Walhei960 I have also noted stocks under $1.00 tend to be near impossible to predict based on candlesticks alone, but a good set up with candlesticks and volume will work on any stock at any price.

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