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Financial Statement Analysis #6: Ratio Analysis - Market Value Measures

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http://www.subjectmoney.com http://www.subjectmoney.com/articledisplay.php?title=Financial%20Statement%20Analysis%20and%20Ratios In this financial statement analysis lesson we cover ratios know as market value measures. Market value measures need the stock price to be calculated therefore they are useful for publicly traded companies. The ratios we cover are market to book ratio, book value, the pe ratio or P/E ratios or price to earnings ratio, the eps or earnings per share, enterprise value, market capitalization and enterprise value multiple. Please be sure the subscribe, rate & share our videos. Please also visit our website at http://www.subjectmoney.com and http://www.excelfornoobs.com https://www.youtube.com/user/Subjectmoney https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUVbPr88rOA
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Text Comments (17)
Muvea Stephen (9 days ago)
it is good but how are getting $90/share?
Bharath J (4 months ago)
Good one
Veronica Ramirez (5 months ago)
I have to say thank you for your explanation. I was struggling to understand how to get the market to book value and you completely made it clear.
Tunatasteslikechicken (10 months ago)
I wish my exam in accounting came with a ratio formula sheet....I cant remember all this lol
Chen Su (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Raja shekaR (1 year ago)
how to calculate 90 in the given example
Hedi Bouhlel (2 years ago)
Best presentation in the financial market ever came across. Thank you.
Wendy Jiménez (2 years ago)
Really good!!!
Chris O (3 years ago)
Autumn Giang (3 years ago)
Very well explained!
Amna Yousaf (4 years ago)
Splendid!!! Thank you :)
Darryl Clarke (4 years ago)
Very, very detailed and extraordinarily helpful. Thanx once again!
Subjectmoney (5 years ago)
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akshathabhat2 (5 years ago)
Very well explained
Subjectmoney (5 years ago)
Hey guys please comment on this video. Any interactions such as commenting, rating, sharing and adding to your favorites increases our ranking on Youtube
Soni Bros (5 years ago)
extremely well explained! i have a similar video, it'd be great if you can check out my channel! keep the videos coming!
HARRISON SOKO (1 month ago)
i watched your video but you confused me, BV and Equity. looks like you explained them as equal values

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