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ETF Trading Tactics in the QQQQ

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http://ifiredwallstreet.com Trading ETF's is becoming more popular among smart investors. Knowing the correct ETF Trading Tactics to use is what seperates the winners and losers in this game. Those who know the right ETF Trading Tactics pull money from the market with ease, those who do not know the right ETF Trading Tactics continue to use the wrong ETF Trading Tactics and as a result lose money. Learn to Profit using proven ETF Trading Tactics in this Video, ETF Trading Tactics in the QQQQ.
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rimfa123 (8 years ago)
@12 seconds, quite amusing:) Good video anyway.
john sirvisions (8 years ago)
Very interesting.. We use a propietary blend of technical indicators and have been killing the markets. Only one losing week since November. Its a purely mechanical system - no emotions. All results are posted!

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