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How to Enter Large Numbers/Credit Card Numbers Into Microsoft Excel Tutorial

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How to enter large numbers in Excel How to enter credit card numbers in Excel How to enter numbers larger than 15 digits into Microsoft Excel http://www.excelfornoobs.com http://www.subjectmoney.com This is just a quick Excel 2010 tutorial that teaches how to enter in credit card number into Excel. You wouldn't think that there would need to be an Excel tutorial made on this subject but the problem is that if a cell is not formatted correctly then Excel cannot handle a number as large as a credit card number. Watch this tutorial and hopefully it will save you some trouble in the future if you have to enter in a number that contains more than 15 digits or is larger that 9999999999999999. https://www.youtube.com/user/Subjectmoney https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEroTcfM0vA
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Text Comments (59)
bhushan jadhav (1 month ago)
nice information buddy
Ajay aju (1 month ago)
thank you very usefull video.....
Ganesh dada (2 months ago)
Thanks, it's very useful
Daivik Mahamuni (2 months ago)
Thank you!
Sridhar Goud (2 months ago)
thank you very much......
Dpd Ct (3 months ago)
Charles King (4 months ago)
thumbs up!
Sam K Panicker (4 months ago)
Hiren Raval (6 months ago)
thanks so much
Dattatray Sutar (6 months ago)
Karthik Chezhian (6 months ago)
thanks man
RBSK Pauri Garhwal (6 months ago)
Thanks Dear......
Parag Raut (7 months ago)
Can anyone tell me... While.impoting xml how we can enter more than 15 digits
Christian Sayson (8 months ago)
Thanks mate its exactly what im looking for
Victor Ponce (10 months ago)
This was sooo useful!! thank you very much!
Saiyed Sadiq Ali Golewale (10 months ago)
I have changed 20 Cells into Text format then entered the 19 digit long no's, when i saved as this excel file as *.csv and reopen the csv file it shows the same 2.01127E+18 not 1234567890123456789, please help me on this
njr bhavesh (10 months ago)
thanq so much
Every thing (11 months ago)
You are cool bro
Yash Mittal (1 year ago)
Maxim M (1 year ago)
Rintu Nayak (1 year ago)
naiym islam hridoy (1 year ago)
Tnk uuuuuuuu
Ma Masum (1 year ago)
Thanks you very much sir.
jawahar sahana (1 year ago)
Sanjana Sanjana (1 year ago)
This is helpful for me thank u very much
DEVARA SURESH (1 year ago)
Antony Joshva (1 year ago)
thank you :-)
thnq 😊
Kushal300 (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot!
kanu maggu (1 year ago)
this is Text Format but we asking in no format
Carlos Menstealia (1 year ago)
Thank you for this video, it was very helpful!!
Manikanta K (1 year ago)
your video is helpful to me Thank you very much sir.........
Britney Ellis (1 year ago)
Charis Bischoff (1 year ago)
Thank you SOOO Much. I was trying to enter in 22 digit tracking numbers and have wasted the last hour of my life trying to figure it out. I did search this and this is the only thing that actually helped. THANK YOU!
LALIT SATVIK (1 year ago)
thanku sir
yogesh thombare (1 year ago)
Jack Wall (1 year ago)
thanks, just what I needed.
NicoZ8 (1 year ago)
Thank you, I had the problem of placing the numbers before changing the format to text and it was not working, but thanks to your explanation I could fix the problem.
izhar kamar (1 year ago)
Simple but super helpful. Thanks.
Sujatha Ramakrishnan (1 year ago)
this was really helpful thank u
Selva Kumar (2 years ago)
it only works when I change format then I type manually. Whenever I tried to copy it it won't change to text, even I changed it to text it shows as 2.155E+2 like that and I reedit it it shows full number but after 15th digit turns as 0
Umer Mehmood (2 years ago)
very useful..thanks for posting this video:)
Lokhande Bro. (2 years ago)
2.18932E+27 not Showing excel Fully Orignal 2189/32245/00980 01/08/2016 11:24:22
Anthony Shital Gomes (2 years ago)
sir, how to make a series of sequence numbers of 16 digits in excel. Suppose the number starts with 1023456754216930, then 1023456754216931, then 1023456754216933 and its continues till 1000 times. Please suggest urgently. Thank you
ameen siddiqui (2 years ago)
Thanks! it was helpful
Saurabh Patel (2 years ago)
friend how to fix set only 10 digit in one sell?
Mannu Bhatia (2 years ago)
+Saurabh Patel Use Data Validation...
Hilda Castillo (2 years ago)
This was really useful. Thank you so much :)
Brigitte Guz (3 years ago)
Thank you so much !
Kimberly Babcock (3 years ago)
Thank you!!
Anbu Anbu (3 years ago)
how to solve 1.11125+27  saved data
Angela Faison (3 years ago)
That was useful. Thanks!
ALINSHA TVS (3 years ago)
Fadi Abdel Maseh (3 years ago)
thank you alot it helped me few hours before sending my files
MIKE TAYLOR (4 years ago)
Thanks! Seems like Microsoft would implement a format where you could just enter a long damn number though!
sangram moharana (4 years ago)
thanx you very much... regards sangram moharana
narsimha k (4 years ago)
thank u 
FuKa ToKi (4 years ago)
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Jennifer Palmer (5 years ago)
How do you change the number afte the fact? I got a spreadsheet with the numbers aleady in the scientific notation and I do not know the real numbers.

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