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Time Value of Money

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Present Value and Future Value explained from TeachMeFinance.com
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Bo Manry (5 years ago)
Great video!
Dinesh Kumar Takyar (5 years ago)
To the point. Thank you!
Alina Awards (6 years ago)
Amazing video!
HotFlakes (6 years ago)
thank you so much :)
RemyMust (6 years ago)
globalfinanceschool (6 years ago)
What an awesome video! Kudos!
Michelle Admin (6 years ago)
can you talk a little slower you talk tooooooooooo fast. Great post
Abdulaziz Mohammed (7 years ago)
Nidhi Soni (7 years ago)
how to solve (1+0.5)^5
Nidhi Soni (7 years ago)
how to solve ( 1+ .05 )power 5
Mark McCracken (7 years ago)
Mahege1. You are correct. It is a rounding error.
Creolebway (7 years ago)
@TheMEK3 just get to know how to use that damn BA 2 Plus calculator and you are golden. could be use for ammortizations, bonds valuation ,its nice.
Creolebway (7 years ago)
@smokenfly514. means(1) the internal rate that the feds charge banks for lending them $. and (2). the going rate in the market of a product . so you can use this rate to find its "present value " or "future value" if you know the rate. if you do not know the rate, you can easily solve for it using a texas instrument BA 2 Plus calc.
Creolebway (7 years ago)
@U1t001.. it is apparent you do not understand money and how it is used to value things such as wine. its not just some made up stuff. i guess since you have all this conspiracy theory stuff on your channel, i could see how you believe that.
Salamat Azam (7 years ago)
too fast ... reduce ur speed plz
AriGolden (8 years ago)
Very clear and concise explanation. Once you understand the methodology just remember that the wonderful BA ii plus financial calculator takes out the algebra part of solving for these FV or PV questions. There are 5 variables on the calculator, and almost all the time you get 4 out of the 5 variables and you have to CPT (compute) for the 5th variable or the x (unknown) variable.
Yoshiku Lee (8 years ago)
He talks just a little too fast.
Mohammed Abdelmoety (8 years ago)
thank u very useful tutorial.
MEK (8 years ago)
Im in a finance class and my professor said to check out these videos. Very informative.
Soran Awla (8 years ago)
Just amazing so easy to understand. great explanation 5*
Chris Deville (8 years ago)
Great teacher! Very clear. Thank you.
CyclingMagician (9 years ago)
Thanks, I finally get this!!! YEEE HAH!!!
Abhishek SINGH (9 years ago)
brenee135 (9 years ago)
Simple & Quick. Easy to understand.

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