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How To Spot Smart Money Activity On Your Charts

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Mister Q (3 months ago)
Could it be possible that the large volume days are from triggered algos, panicking people selling, bears opening short positions? I thought smart money distributes on the way up? Those big tanking days looks like the average guy~
Rui Yang Ling (3 months ago)
Sure you don't know what are you talking about
Richard Evans (5 months ago)
el Cess (7 months ago)
Where have you guys been as of late... These are great video reviews of the market 👍
Mr Bailey (1 year ago)
IF you click on the link above it hijacks your computer.
Mr Bailey (1 year ago)
In 2011 it was reported that 40% of the 'smart money' took positions in "Dark Pool's' Dark Pools do NOT reveal itself in the volume of a chart, trades are made outside the general market behind the scenes. The Smart Money does not want the public to know about them taking positions until THEY announce something a buy or sell. Doing this causes their profits to multiply and helps them sell their services to those who invest but don't trade. IF they let us know what the where doing the general public would not need to pay for their service but they would simply follow what they do and make $$ too. This report was in 2011, imagine how many use dark pools now 6 years later. Something to think about.
TCReesie11 (1 month ago)
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james kelly (1 year ago)
Thanks Richard. But don't they have to report the volume at the end of the day ?
hish vasco (1 year ago)
I block you waste of time videos
hish vasco (1 year ago)
Sure you don't know what are you talking about
Rui Yang Ling (3 months ago)
Sure you don't know what are you talking about x2
Alex I. (1 year ago)
Thank you, just learned something!
Simple Mind (1 year ago)
LOL you are hilarious
Vahe Hovhannisyan (1 year ago)
Come on - if you traded your strategy on that stock - you would lose . Volume suggests you should close the position in May whereas you chose to close at the high. How would you know thats the high? I am so annoyed by people who pretend to see trends when there are none. And you encourage other dumb people to go and gamble and lose their money.
Ralson Lewis (2 years ago)
You are superb!!! God bless !
Brandon Williams (2 years ago)
so you're telling me that HUGE volume candle created only a small move to the upside? What is the advantage of looking at the volume? You have just proved that a big volume spike means nothing, because the market did not make a huge movement.
Nik James (2 years ago)
Tango down
Zanaya Sade (3 years ago)
looking great 
Alexander Tatsumaki (4 years ago)
actually if you think about it "smart money" are not the guys with the big volume, that is mearly their hand making the joke for you. notice rejection in volume negating the singlas following the big volume. this is what you need to look at, they make a joke for the market. it is pure vsa.. look into it, i promise u :-)
jack gleason (5 years ago)
the volume you are showing 5:30 into the video does not match the price your talking about.
Charith Weerasekara (5 years ago)
My family laughed when I told them I was going to earn more money faster with Smarter Money Maker, but then they saw the results. Google Smarter Money Maker to see their reaction. (It was epic!)
mike vermeer (5 years ago)
i dont get it, if it is going down and you have big volume you sell? but it goes up?
OfficialTribe (7 years ago)
This is not correct..COMPLETELY WRONG. A high volume up candle shows WEAKNESS, and traps the herd long..that's why there was a big sell off.
joshua schmit (11 months ago)
OfficialTribe Totally false statement. It's people like you that enables people like me to make money.
fucktardspotter (8 years ago)
What's your take on using tick vol in spot fx to id professional money activity? Nice vid btw...
Perfect Stock Alert (8 years ago)
@LondonCrusader Thank you.
Perfect Stock Alert (8 years ago)
@cosmicguerilla1 Agreed.
LondonCrusader (8 years ago)
As ever..fascinating commentary.
Perfect Stock Alert (8 years ago)
@mnaddour1969 Thank you.
Perfect Stock Alert (8 years ago)
@jdrobinson81 One of us is wrong, and time will prove it.
jdrobinson81 (8 years ago)
Smart money, as defined here, is always late to the game. Truly smart money is buying on downticks while retail, hedge funds and institutions are selling. The reality is that the bulls are going to win here, because of the mad dash into bonds, record high put/call readings, etc. All point to a major low in the forming, meaning that the market will easily exceed the old highs of 1220 on the S&P.
Perfect Stock Alert (8 years ago)
@maoii They do try to hide it as best they can by setting up fake moves as well and many people get burned on the fake and avoid the set ups alltogether... Smart money can't hide the signals, they are simply moving too much money to not make a ripple in the pound.
Perfect Stock Alert (8 years ago)
@sunnykfd I'll see what I can do. Thanks for joining us!
Sandeep Singh (8 years ago)
Great video again from you, thanks. I am holding energy bears stocks (ERY). Could you please give an advice about it, I am thinking to hold it for couple more days. I will appreciate your help. Thanks again Christian.
Perfect Stock Alert (8 years ago)
@cosmosgato You are welcome, glad to have you with us!
cosmosgato (8 years ago)
Thanks for the volumes analysis. I know a lot about price action from FX but always wanted to know how to use volume which FX doesn't have or use. The two used together should be a monster..
Perfect Stock Alert (8 years ago)
@terminator007007 lol
Perfect Stock Alert (8 years ago)
@elantra11 Thank you!
elantra11 (8 years ago)
Love your work ! Keep it up !

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