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Stop Mountaintop Removal

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Mountaintop removal coal mining is destroying Appalachia. http://www.stopmountaintopremoval.org Thousands of acres and hundreds of miles of streams and rivers are being permanently demolished while state and federal governments look the other way. The culture and history of Appalachia is disappearing with each mountaintop that is blown away. Mountaintop removal mining is the worst environmental disaster our country has ever known, and it's time this destructive mining practice ends!
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Gammareign (1 year ago)
If retards hadn't fought nuclear energy, this may not be a problem.
Andyity (4 years ago)
Coal is an obsolete from of energy there are technology's out there like the Searl Energy Generator that pulls ions out of the air and will put out 15KW of energy to "keep the lights on" but government would rather keep you a slave to their coal and oil and it is an obvious fact that their agenda is to rape and pollute the Earth until biological life can not be sustained. 
bigapple2625 (6 years ago)
kayleeKase...you have much worse problems than worrying about Coal Mining. Denying and Tempting God and wishing cancer on someone is dangerous territory. Whether you choose to believe in Jesus Christ or not, does not change that " For it is written, As I live, said the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God". I urge you to find out more about Christ's Gospel Message and what its all about. While my response is not what you wanted to hear, it is correct.
ChiefBigTits (6 years ago)
WRONG! what is MORALLY RIGHT is caring about your fellow man then how much something is going to cost you! It is clear from your ignorant response that you have some vested interested in coal mining but VERY LITTLE interest in the health or well being of others. I don't care what you say, I would pay almost anything to live a healthy existence and not be threatened by pollutants, clearly you don't feel that way.
bigapple2625 (6 years ago)
Wrong! I sold my soul to Jesus Christ and live for him. If coal mining is killing us, why is our life expectancy at an all time high? Providing jobs and economical electricity is morally right, not forcing high cost (4-7x more than coal), erratic wind and solar power before the technology is sufficient to exist without taxpayer subsidies. I reiterate, this is a free country, if you want to stop a mountain from being mined, buy it. God put natural resources here in order to improve our lives.
ChiefBigTits (6 years ago)
you are a fool. Speaking of corporations, you would sell your soul and your health for a dollar that the corporations who want to mine the mountains would give you. You have no morals or ethics, clearly.
ChiefBigTits (6 years ago)
just reading this lets me know that you are an idiot. I did not even need to take a look at your name to know that you are a coal miner who has blinders on. There are other alternatives to getting electricity. . but beings how its your source of income I assume you would prefer the most destructive way. figures. Forget about the health of your community, forget about the beauty of nature. money trumps it all.
Ruben Lee Sims (8 years ago)
Coal kills when and where it is mined, when and where it is burned, and when and where its waste is disposed of. The destruction of public housing is in large a result of coal ash waste used as fill dirt, dumps, and landfills from coal-gasification plants that operated throughout this country between 1880s and 1960s until natural gas put them out of business. Now coal-gasification plants are resurfacing as "clean coal." MY video shows coal waste in public housing.
sandyjo55 (8 years ago)
@EastKyMiner21 To me it sounds like you're a strip miner. So what else can you say because you're trying to protect your job which is blowing up,tearing down & destroying forever some of the most beautiful mountains that God put on this earth.You don't know what you're even talking about - you're just being defensive because you know the type of work you're doing is WRONG! I wonder what kind of job you'll get when all the mountains & coal are gone smartass!
ZackHamel07 (9 years ago)
its too bad that bad situations lead to even worse ones... we should have started trying to find new sources of fuel a long time ago....
ZackHamel07 (9 years ago)
actually many people that post comments on here are working individuals as well. you must stop being ignorant and see that mtr is destructive and irrepairable.
zappamannn (9 years ago)
I love how all these comments assume that all people opposed to destroying Appalachia are collecting welfare. Do you think Daryl Hannah, Ken Hechler, and James Hansen collect welfare? I suppose they are dirty hippies too. Grow up.
Tim Bassford (9 years ago)
No Mountaintop Removal. Dig coal like a man -- mine it. Don't destroy our communities. Don't put miners out of work. Don't level our ancient, beautiful mountains. Don't pollute our streams.
fizzybgood (10 years ago)
Tell me, where would they get the money to move? Most of the folks affected by MTR are extremely poor, and telling them to move is ridiculous. Even in the best of times, they've never had much in the way of money through most of these areas. Not only that, but why should they have to move away from the land they love so much, and allow these mountains to be torn down? If these companies would work with the communities, I believe they could find a better way to go about getting the coal.
Cris Vieira (10 years ago)
this is sick. destroying that beautiful landscape, uprooting trees, polluting bodies of water and sacrificing the lives of people who've been there for many generations. when is it going to stop?
Licmycat (10 years ago)
ThX you. I'm used to these kinds of people on the net. This is no place to be sensitive....u need a whip and a chair, cyber of course! LOL!
Lori Ellis (10 years ago)
Very intelligent reply!!!!
Licmycat (10 years ago)
GOD can stop you.
Licmycat (10 years ago)
You are sick. Go get counseling, you don't even sound [email protected]!!
Licmycat (10 years ago)
Why don't YOU drink mud you murderer!!!
exahtahtor (10 years ago)
they complain about them romoving it but those mother fuckers still need coal
Lori Ellis (10 years ago)
these are just a bunch of old bats that don't work anymore and need to take up knitting or something. Move to Monroe Co or any other county if this upsets you so bad. I would live where I hated it no matter how many grand daddies have lived here before me. It's like Dupont plant or any other strife you carry in your life move some where that you can relax and not have to argue all the time. I live in chemical valley, smog I hope to move one day I don't idolize my house that much
Andy Price (10 years ago)
I know these people I've played baseball on that field
bucklaw (11 years ago)
It is not strip minning. They are blowing mountain tops off. How are those Unions doing for you?
topshlf (11 years ago)
Oh my, those poor defenseless mountain tops. It's a massacre, it's a genocide, it's the worst tragedy ever! LMAO! What a load of crap! These people act as if moutain tops have feelings too. LOL!
Sarah Moon (12 years ago)
Mountaintop removal is a crime against the people, nature, and God. It must be abolished.

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