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How to make a strong password - Easy trick to protect yourself

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How to build safe program dependent passwords to protect yourself from a brute-force with btcrecover. Always use the same random generated Main Password, and add a program dependent part that is never the same. This will guarantee a new password every time you create a new account anywhere. Main-Password could be something like: [email protected]$ Program-Dependent-Password: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat SafePassword = Main Password + Program Dependent Password Example Strong password for Facebook = [email protected]$Faceb0ok Strong password for Twitter = [email protected][email protected]^m Strong password for Instagram = [email protected]$Tw!t73r Strong password for Snapchat = [email protected]$Snapp Now you only have to remember [email protected]$ and add the name of the program you are using.
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