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Trading with the Volume Profile (Advanced)

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This video showcases the second level to using the Volume Profile. In this video - the Volume Profile is used to identify price breakout areas before they occur: so that a trader can be trading ahead of the curve. Timeframes: Simple Method for Trading the Volume Profile: 0:53 Simple VP Strategy: 1:40 Trading Breakouts using the Volume Profile: 4:02 Get Tradingview Pro for next-level charting: https://tradingview.go2cloud.org/aff_c?offer_id=2&aff_id=8388 Suggest a video on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/BitcoinTradingChallenge The Platform I use to Trade - https://gdax.com/ The Website I use for Analysis - https://www.tradingview.com/chart/ My Discord Chat: https://discord.gg/MSrNkbg _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Disclaimer: The content covered in this video is NOT investment advice and I am not a financial advisor. The material covered within these videos is for educational purposes only. Always do your own research and only invest based on your own findings and personal judgment. Happy Trading!
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Text Comments (94)
Homaira Khalidi (19 days ago)
abhishek shah (1 month ago)
How to create this kind of vol profile ? When I use it it just shows green red bars and not this kind of histogram ? Can you share your tradingview template ?
abhishek shah (1 month ago)
Are you providing paid teaching services ? I need it actually, you are legend for sure
Check out the mentoring section of my website.
abhishek shah (1 month ago)
Should we need any other indicator in combination with this ? Or its just support resistance self made drawings ?
Fibonaccis are a good compliment to the VP
Deepankar Kapoor (1 month ago)
thanks for sharing this! If one has to do a deep dive in Volume Profile strategies, is there a book (bible) one can refer to? TIA
Svetoslav Chilingirov (1 month ago)
Great video man! This is a great indicator, I didn't knew of its existence till now...
junjun tian (1 month ago)
how to select time slot?
stef batjoens (2 months ago)
Master! Crypto's finest. many thanks keep on going i follow you where ever you go. btw not a stalker ;-)
Marco Thamm (2 months ago)
It is only tick volume
Asar Qwertzky (2 months ago)
i really dont understand what is volume profile?
Nick Walsh (3 months ago)
Well thought out structure and great skill sets taught, made a difficult subject easy to understand for noobs to volume profile like me thanks a lot
Rob Stone (3 months ago)
Thankyou again.. love it.. very very good explaination again.. very eye opening thanks very much :)
taihemedctr (3 months ago)
The columnar section wharf are the pink color and green color mean? and samethingswith purple and green color
Marco Vettore (3 months ago)
Very useful and awesome videos. Thank you! I cannot understand how to consider Low Volume Nodes: e.g. If price is approaching a LVN from above will it support price (go long) or price will quickly fall through it (go short)?
Typically price moves rapidly through LVN's with either high momentum or a price tail. One may want to position themselves before price cuts through a string of LVN's.
Mou San (3 months ago)
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Sol Hu (4 months ago)
Glaring weakness is the interpretation of trend recognition. Otherwise, a very strong tool when trading with price action
Mike Menzies (4 months ago)
Great video man. What time frames do you recommend for day trading and week/month trading? ie 5m or 4h or 1D charts? And how should you stretch or zoom in on these charts across the screen for most accurate VP readings?
Mike Menzies (4 months ago)
Found it eventually, thanks man! Got a lot of learning to do here.. For week/month trades would you recommend setting 4h timeframe and using Fixed Range? Cheers
That is because to access Volume Profile (located under indicators tab), one has to upgrade their account. https://tinyurl.com/ydb5spb6
Click fixed range under the volume profile section on Tradingview. Then select the endpoints that you would like your volume profile to cover, would recommend drawing your endpoints depending on the current market state (draw from beginning to end of a trend).
Mike Menzies (4 months ago)
Ok how do I do this ( fixed range )? Also if you zoom out to see entire history of BTC, it shows a very different VP, is this accurate if trying to do longer trades ie. weeks/months? Thanks man
I would recommend using the fixed range volume profile, so that the scale does not matter. Additionally, you can apply the VP to any timeframe that suits your strategy (I use the 5M).
Park Mentalec (4 months ago)
The content materials are not that hard but the fact that u keep saying that it’s going to be complicated makes us think that it’s hard. More viewers would smoothly have understood if u haven’t said that. But u did explain it really well. Thanks.
M F (4 months ago)
Brilliant. You have a very good way of teaching things.
Ronald Tambio (4 months ago)
I was gonna suggest use session volume instead not visible range. That's why the volume profile changes in relation to the visible bars in your chart. but do cryptocurrencies relate to the session timeframes in the stock markets?
I would not recommend using session VP for crypto. The Crypto market does not have official hours of trading, so the session volume will simply plop down a Volume Profile on the start of every day (which only tells us so much). I would instead recommend using fixed range.
Transformation Mechanism (5 months ago)
you are doing excellent job youngman, keep it up.
André Mariano (5 months ago)
I can't find the volume profile indicator, weird
André Mariano (5 months ago)
ah then that's why. i'm on free mode haha
Hit indicators, then if you look on the left tab section of indicators: you will see a tab that says Volume Profile. An upgraded Tradingview plan is required to access that type of data however.
Raf Child of God (5 months ago)
Hi, where do i get the VPVR you got there in tradingview? i cant find it in my tradingview search feature, is it because i am using it for free? thanks
You have to get a PRO account to get the VP.
Jirka Sedlacik (5 months ago)
Hi man, thanks for the vid. Do I need to purchase premium version of TV to use these volume indicators? Thanks.
Jirka Sedlacik (5 months ago)
youre awesome. Thank you.
I use ticks per row, row size of 100. Simply plot the fixed range in the same manner as you would for long term Fibonacci drawings when price is in a trend. If price is in consolidation, plot the fixed range volume profile from the beginning of consolidation (either the first support or resistance level).
Jirka Sedlacik (5 months ago)
OK so what range to use for 1H chart for example-, Thanks
Try using Fixed Range Volume Profile instead.
Jirka Sedlacik (5 months ago)
Thanks for advice. Ive tried to use volume on TV, but I cannot setup timeframe, cause if I zoom out little bit, the profile completely change. How do you suggest to work with timeframe and Volume profile setup? thank you very much.
Abdul Wahab (5 months ago)
Hi Its good to come across your channel as its been pretty helpful and you elaborate things in a great manner. I have a confusion in using volume profile How do you select that which area to select at end points? From last trend high/low or swing or time period. I mostly trade on 4h. How should i use time span to elaborate/end points for fixed range?
Abdul Wahab (5 months ago)
Got it
Fixed range should be placed at the beginning of a market stage according to your timeframe. That would mean placing the fixed range endpoints at the first level of support/resistance during consolidation with the second endpoint placed at the most present candle (if price is still consolidating). Within a trend, place your endpoints at the minima and the maxima of your timeframe.
Torey Thompson (5 months ago)
What time frames do you trade?
I use the 5M and the 1H with occasional use of the 4H and 1D in order to do an overall market analysis.
Suf Lau (5 months ago)
Ken James (5 months ago)
Very happy to have found your channel .In your earlier video the VP was visualized as an overview bar setup. Now that has changed to different color shades. Can you explain why the change and what it represents? Thank you .
There are two different types of Volume Profiles. Fixed range and visible range. This video uses visible range for examples but for actual trading I always use fixed range (as you get to pick the endpoints).
Crypto Harmonics (5 months ago)
Great stuff man. Really clear and concise explanation!
Crypto Harmonics (5 months ago)
btw..do you have suggestions for settings with the profile?
Antoine Byrd (6 months ago)
finally a good explanation on VP.... Subscribed
Kevin Chin (6 months ago)
Could you post your VPVR input settings? keep getting a histogram too large message
Kevin Chin (6 months ago)
I tend to use fixed range instead of visible range - as you get to select the endpoints and there are fewer errors. I use ticks per row and a value of 10.
Pedro Araujo (6 months ago)
unable to find the volume profile indicator on trading view?
Pedro Araujo (6 months ago)
I've got it now and have been playing around with it for a bit, but its bot very clear to me or wether I'm setting it up properly. Perhaps another video idea.
Pedro Araujo (6 months ago)
Bitcoin Trading Challenge Ah, thank you for that. I’ve been meaning to set up my pro account but trading keeps me to busy to do so. Will do. By the way, you should know, I like the way you set up your instructional content. Very systematically. Good on you.
Volume Profile requires Pro Tradingview for that type of access. If you do have Pro, hit indicators and then hit the volume profile button and select fixed range.
Edwar Castaño (6 months ago)
Thanks from Colombia
NoFasesNoCases Cash (6 months ago)
Great video!! How do you change the columns to histogram for the volume data ? On trading view i can not find where to change the data columns
NoFasesNoCases Cash (6 months ago)
Bitcoin Trading Challenge Thanks! Yes i have the premium already.
In Volume Profile settings, go to the inputs tab. Then select rows layout: ticks per row. Then you can change row size to 10 if you would like. Also, to use the Volume Profile, you need to get Tradingview Pro: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/?t=102c49d87e7bdee52c88836b2491e3
Louai Major (6 months ago)
those poc and va. are adjustable so its subjective entry
erikirl01 (4 months ago)
Nevermind. I was using the wrong version of the indicator. For anyone wondering you add it by going to Insert Indicator > Volume Profile > Fixed Range
erikirl01 (4 months ago)
Bitcoin Trading Challenge where is the option to change from visible to fixed?
Louai Major (6 months ago)
would it be more accurate if you draw the fixed range further back to capture more orders, immediate trends are more relevant? thank you
Louai Major (6 months ago)
thank you
I have had success using the fixed volume profile. Simply draw it from the beginning of an uptrend to the end of an uptrend if price is moving upward. If price is consolidating, then draw the fixed volume profile from the beginning of consolidation to the end of consolidation. Yes, everything works in 20/20 hindsight but the VP gives great information about where large/small amounts of volume are located within a price chart.
jack reacher (7 months ago)
do u have a trading signals group
Check out my Discord: https://discord.gg/MSrNkbg
Heinrich Froneman (7 months ago)
Thanks again - Its great to learn from you
Brandon (7 months ago)
Thanks for your content. Is there a reason you prefer short term trading as opposed to holding for a little longer term?
Prime_s550 (7 months ago)
I been going through most of your videos which strategies or strategy would you say is best for day trading with $1000 being a new trader and what time charts should i stay in cause im kinda all over the place with times and strategies lol...
RylandsMusic (7 months ago)
I'm fairly new to the crypto space. Do you know if there is a way to view volume profile without paying for a trading view subscription? I like to trade breakouts/reversals but i tend to use the depth chart. I buy and have a sell order ready just underneath a large sell wall. Typically after the wall the price then goes down which you can then re-buy just before the sell wall breaks or at the lower buy wall.This looks much easier and would help identify larger increases in price rather than minute to minute trades like I've been doing.
RylandsMusic (7 months ago)
Thank you so much! :D Love the channel
Yes - check out Bitscreener.com. They offer a free volume profile on their site for all coins.
Gordon McCormack (7 months ago)
This is not a criticism I am trying to understand. In your first volume video you said we aim to buy at an LVN and target a HVN but in this you say when we hit the LVN the price will most like shoot down. Am I wrong in seeing this contradiction?
Matthias Koopman (3 months ago)
Another question: in the Clearance example 2, the price went from an HVN to a LVN during consolidation. Why don't you recommend to buy again at the LVN (was one of your tactics in the previous videos). Thanks in advance
Gordon McCormack (7 months ago)
Got it. Thanks alot :)
No actually a great question. The answer is that it depends on the market state. In the first video I had said that during consolidation we aim to bounce from LVN's to HVN's and so forth. However, when price breakouts of consolidation it typically will tear through weak LVN's. Hope that makes more sense.
Gordon McCormack (7 months ago)
Hey great content as usual, really appreciate your insights. What settings do you have you VPVR and PRS at? Thanks :)
My VPVR is this : Inputs: Ticks per row Row size 10 Volume Up down Value area volume - 68 Style: Width of 25% Devoloping POC Devoloping VA Black Green Red Purple
Matt R (7 months ago)
Really interesting video. I try to just concentrate on volume and price action so Volume Profile is an interesting addition. I notice you are using the 5 minute time indicator and the levels of Volume profiler, HVN and LVNs change when I use larger time spans(1 and 4 hr). Is it safe to assume that as you enlarge the timeline the older points which make up HVNs become less relevant?
Hernan Carbone (1 month ago)
Hi, I like to ask you what are the criteria to select the range using the fixed range VP?, how much time in the past do you take into account or do you select Higher highs or what?, if find that definition quite difficult to identify. Thank you for your videos
I would stick to one timeframe when using the Volume Profile. Also, I would recommend using the fixed instead of visible range so that you can select the data you want to incorporate.
Jason G (7 months ago)
great video as always
Termination Shock (7 months ago)
Awesome video. Love the new channel logo. Your production value is improving so much!
Thank you!

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