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[Streamed] - Working on my coin

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Today we are going to work on compiling wallets || You can find most cryptocurrencies source codes on github.com || Did you know I'm working on the Fartcoin-project? || We use the Oracle Virtual Machine with Linux Ubuntu-16.04 for editing the wallet || In Linux Debian-8.10 we compile the OSX wallet || Windows 10 has an Ubuntu Terminal app that we use to compile the Windows wallet ||| Bitcoin Daytrader Channel Live Stream || Background music by Cannibal Monkey: https://soundcloud.com/cannibal-monkey/tracks
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Text Comments (12)
ganesha wicaksono (5 months ago)
You got me crazy Ma. I love You full.
Bitcoin Daytrader (5 months ago)
I'm glad you enjoy my videos ;)
Jaroslav Kapetan (5 months ago)
Great content! Love the videos! Subbed!
KC Tan (5 months ago)
hi I enjoy your videos very much! keep up the good work! subscribed =)
Bitcoin Daytrader (5 months ago)
Thank you!! I appreciate that a lot!!
Bongani Sindane (5 months ago)
i understand what aprivate key is.please help me get a private key generator Mr Bitcoin daytrader please email the app to me or the zip.just that please
Bitcoin Daytrader (5 months ago)
If you already know what a private key is then you should know that what you are asking me is 100% impossible, there is no such thing, and if there was then everybody would use it to steal the big wallets ;)
4 j4m4lud1n (5 months ago)
My friend please help me, I m losse my wallet
Bongani Sindane (5 months ago)
and hey bitcoin day trader.everytime i import bitcoins into my blockchain wallet using a bitcoin address they dont apear on my total balance.but the amount shows why is that happening?
Bitcoin Daytrader (5 months ago)
Because that is not the way to get bitcoins, what you do is not import an address you simple watch an address. You have to own the private key to be able to spend coins. If you don't know what a Private Key is I suggest you watch one of my latest videos on the subject https://youtu.be/hCQzE9ovJdc
Bongani Sindane (5 months ago)
hi im nelson from south africa,can you please help me with the bitcoin private key generator.please help me.my email is [email protected]
zakir hussain (5 months ago)

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