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What did I do?

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The market did something unexpected.. Results of my Trade Bot..
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Bot have good profit?
Bitcoin Daytrader (23 days ago)
That is not exactly how it works, all it does is: You input a btc value (like 0.05) that you want on your altcoins and it buys or sells the altcoins to get a total of 0.05 when you run the script.. When all the coins are bought or sold the script stops, so I only use the script to help with making the orders. It is not running 24/7, I have not created that it just does the orders for you, instead of going through all the coins yourself.
cool, then I start the bot I give him the API and he independently buys and sells, 3% a day is super, I do not currently trade on the exchange, but if the bot is automated it would not be bad to use it
Bitcoin Daytrader (23 days ago)
The bot is a buying and selling tool, the bot helps with placing the orders to buy or sell quickly, but it does not think or decide to trade for me. Every action the bot does is because I start the bot and input a certain btc value I want to have on all my altcoin on poloniex. I do have a small profit, of around 3% but that is mainly because of the trading technique (buy when prices drop - sell when prices rise)
LOCAL STAR (29 days ago)
Good bro.#bitcoin daytader..am Always waiting for your valuable videos...
nion456789 (29 days ago)
Smashed the like

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